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9 May 2015111

It's almost here.
On Thursday, in Vancouver, U2's  iNNOCENCE & EXPERIENCE TOUR goes live.


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Can't begin to say how excited I am!
I will be at the July 25th show in NYC! My biggest wish on my bucket list will come true! It's also my Birthday, so Bono, please make this a great one!
Ready to be swept off my feet.....
AGAIN!!! ⏳⌛
So Sad to be missing this, but it's gonn
From a Sunny South Africa warm feelings to all those attending this (once again) phenomenal concert by the best band in the known Universe. Love U2
Shame, I can't be there ....
.... here in Poland we are ignored again - guess you can't play everywhere! And I'm not booking tickets plus flights/hotels with risk of another bike accident. :) Will be thinking of you all who are lucky to have local events. Maybe next time?
The Unforgettable Fire - so amazing
please play that timeless classic The Unforgettable Fire. It's amazing. unforgettable fire u2
Eclatez-vous bien !!
Je n'ai pas pu avoir de ticket pour leurs concerts en Europe, et je voudrais trop avoir la chance de les voir !!!!! A ceux qui ont cette chance d'avoir pu acheter leur billet d'entrée : Have a lot fun (éclatez-vous bien) !!!!! Je pense bien à vous, et je vous envie ...
Just arrived in Vancouver
Arrived last night at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel stone throw from the Rogers Arena overlooking Vancouver Harbor After 8 360 tour shows I truly can't wait for the opening show tomorrow, will be there the 15th aswell Love the new album,the best band in the world by far Love from UK J&C
Toronto July 6 and 7
can't wait till Toronto - 2nd row on the floor - both shows-best birthday gift ever-love The Troubles
9 Days of Torture, but it will be worth
If my Doctors didn't put kabosh on flights longer than 3 hours I would be in Vancouver! Cannot wait till the 22nd and 23rd in Phoenix, Friday my BFF is coming in got the room booked and I am taking my 9yr old nephew to the show ( his 2nd). Saturday is just the girls and it will be amazing! That's a given, merely reiterateing it.
Loving U2 from Colombia
Hello Hello!!! I´m so excited!! I really want to see U again, I´m doing my best to do it. Can´t wait!!!!! Love U so much U2 Colombian Project!!!
New Zealand to New York
3am Tickets went on sale this side of the world ! Concert tickets were cheap compared to plane tickets !! Will be worth it !
Will be there Thursday night!!! Can't wait! Hoping for 'Bad'. Love the new album!!
From Brazil to Germany to celebrate my b
I'll be flying from Sao Paulo to Berlin to attend the concert on September 24h - my birthday! Couldn't have a best present! And I hope the boys come to Brazil for a 2nd leg gig next year. Love you guys!
Hoping we don't jinx the band again ,3 times they have cancelled the show's we were attending in various places on the planet See u in Van in the red zone hopefully
Bono, jugón!
can't wait!
I am going to 3 shows and hoping they add a Detroit show!!!! Best Band EVER! Please please play Electrical Storm!
From Harare
See you in Berlin in September. Third time in the last 3 tours that I will trek from Harare to Europe to watch U2. You guys are the greatest band EVER. Thank you for your music. Bono, get well soon. Larry, my condolences. Adam, you're such a cool cat. Edge, you are so gifted!!!
U2 Tour
First and foremost, very sorry to hear the passing of Larry Mullen Jr's Father, our thoughts and prayers to Larry and his family. We just bought tickets, for Chicago 2 July-Have seen all but 1 tour since Joshua Tree and this time bringing our teenage daughter and son! Just missed seeing you on the streets of NYC-we were there last week.. All the best setting out on the road Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam!
Last thoughts pre-tour
White night-time lights pierce the brain like shards of shattered crystal while the drum beats in time to an ever-increasing anxiety; roses bloom and flourish in new colours under a scalding sun and the lost girl keeps them nourished and watered. And summer hasn't even arrived yet...good luck for the tour dear U2
U2 Vacay
Like so many heading out of town (country actually) to see another U2 show! Cannot wait for Toronto. During 27 years of marriage, my husband and I mark the years with special U2 moments. This looks like it will be another. Warm them up well, Vancouver!
It´ll be an EXPERIENCE
I´ll be flying from El Salvador, Central America to NYC to enjoy with a lot of iNNOCENCE!!!
No Pride
Still can't believe there was no Atlanta shows scheduled. I really, really hope the rumors of a 2nd leg stadium round in 2016 are true. Can't wait to hear what the set list is gonna be like. Break a leg!
show HAS ta open wit CALIFORNIA! u can't get a better opener! also PLEASE play full version of EVERY BREAKING WAVE don't waste a great song by playing a boring version of it can't wait until Thursday!
Welcome to Vancouver!
Welcome and make yourselves at home - Hope the rain holds off! Can't wait for IE!!! xoxo
Looks great, doesn't it. Just when I thought the guys couldn't possibly shift gears and outdo the last tour, looks like I was wrong.
will end my years of waiting
the waiting years will soon be over at the last show in NYC, will be flying half the world for it, from Indonesia to USA only for U2, hope dont faint on the spot seeing them live...
3 obliged songs in the tour
1. New Year's Day, 2. The Unforgettable Fire, 3. ONE
LOVE U2!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
been waiting forever! so excited!!! Love U2! Happy Birthday Bono!
A Great Opener
I think An Cat Dubh would be a great first song. Such a crowd builder song!
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