'Flirtatious Form…'

6 Nov 2023

'Flirtatious Form…'

'When we finish tonight we're going to be putting the whole show to bed for nearly a month — three weeks', said Bono, who was in 'flirtatious form' throughout the show.

During 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World', he was down in the crowd and serenading them with the Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black'. The three War album songs performed Friday were replaced by three from Rattle and Hum, ( Desire, Love Rescue Me, When Love Comes To Town') and snippets included Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic', 'Landlady', 'Gloria', and The Beatles' 'Blackbird' to close the show.

What Bono Said

'We've had an amazing time here. We'd like to thank you all but particularly the hard-working people who look after after the not-so-hard-working people like us, 24 hours a day, to give us a fun time…. I'm still banging on about the fun night we had in Bahama Breeze, last May….I was three margaritas in and feeling extremely close with our team. I wouldn't say the team got married in Las Vegas. I would say the team got married to Las Vegas….'

'I told the waitress, 'Ya know, we're not gambling men, but, we have bet our whole lives on this band, even before we could play.' And this very clever waitress looked at me with some kindness and I think pity, and she says, 'You could argue that faith in each other is kinda like luck.' And I said, 'I have to tell you this, U2, we're the luckiest band in the world, but I don't believe in luck, I believe in the people that gave it to us.'

After 'putting the baby to bed', he explained what would be happening for the next three weeks before the band returns to Sphere on December 1: 'We're giving Las Vegas back to Formula 1…  a sport where lean, mean men and some extraordinary women climb onto rockets and try to stay on earth and not achieve orbit…. a little like rock 'n' roll, actually. Less dangerous.'

He introduce the band as Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen (Bram), Lewis Hamilton (Adam), Charles Leclerc (Edge), and Daniel Ricciardo (himself)' adding: 'I'm at home with country music and with metal. And I am the right person to bring peace between Formula 1 and NASCAR?'

Shout Outs

To the staff of Bahama Breeze, who were in the house Saturday: 'Thanks for the three margaritas!'  

On the Socials

'It's only my opinion but these boys are simply the best, thank you #U2 @SphereVegas' — @MachineGun1967 on X

'Maybe it's because of the upcoming break that Bono is looking for more contact with the audience in the last shows... Either way, we like it. #U2 #U2UVSPHERE' — @U2Tour on X

'Wonderful U2 concert tonight in Las Vegas. The Sphere is an amazing venue and the visuals were out of this world. My birthday celebrations have completely knackered us though! Need to sleep for days now #U2 #thesphere #lasvegas #achtungbaby' — @peterdav2000 on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'That reveal in With Or Without You NEVER gets old' — Sherry

'Guhhhh, Viva Las Vegas is extra shiver-inducing when he whispers it like that.....' — Canadanne

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.

Photo credit: Ross Stewart


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