For The Simon Community

17 Dec 20206

For The Simon Community

It's over ten years since Glen Hansard first took to Grafton Street with an ensemble of well-known musician friends to support and raise money for those in Ireland without a place to call home. 

But this annual Dublin tradition, with Bono usually in the mix, is different this year.

Instead this Friday's broadcast of RTÉ's The Late Late Show is devoted to raising funds for The Simon Community and Bono and Edge are among Ryan Tubridy's guests along with Hozier, Danny O'Reilly, Róisín O, Declan O'Rourke and Kodaline's Steve Garrigan.

Imelda May joins from London for a very special performance of 'On Raglan Road', with John Sheahan, Finbar Furey, Lisa O'Neill, Hansard and Shane MacGowan joining in from The Late Late Show studio.

Host Ryan Tubridy said: "This will certainly be a night to remember with the best of Irish talent in one room coming together for some incredible performances.”

The Late Late Show Busk for Simon, RTÉ One Friday, 18th December at 9.35pm.

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Thank you
Sorry, I am so late in posting this comment. I just wanted to thank you for letting folks from around the world be part of the solution. I have watched the busk on Christmas Eve from America on my phone via videos from fans and always loved the spirit of true Christmas I saw exhibited. It was always on my list of things to do! I truly appreciate everyone who came out in the pandemic to offer us entertainment and a way to be useful to our brothers and sisters suffering through this pandemic. God Bless u all ---miss u! The set was beautiful.
Walk On
Great evening of music. And a brave performance from the two boys. Some times it's hard to be seen to care. A great song reclaimed and some big buckets filled.
eric doran13
You don't like the sound of your own voice, I thought you "love the sound of my own voice". Not many people like to hear themselves talking never mind singing, but don't ever underestimate the effect your voice has had on the world. For me personally it has had an enormous influence on my life, the sheer emotion and feeling that you convey in your singing outweighs any misconceived perception of inferiority that you may have about your singing or your lyrics. You are the voice of a generation, a once in a lifetime force of nature and a truly great singer. Don't ever doubt yourself or the effect you have on the millions of people that listen to your music, from U23 to Songs of Experience you have captured the exact feelings and emotions of growing from a boy to a man and handling love and loss. I can't thank you enough for that .Keep on singing. Eric.
We need the band
Great to see/hear something from the band in these hard times. Don't underestimate your influence. Your music brings hope for for a better time to a lot of us. Hopefully we see a little sign of a new U2-chapter the next year. Bring us something new guys!
Soooooo good to see you guys again!!!! This year is horrible in many many ways. But you guys brings the light back in many lives! Your support to the "Simon Community" is amazing!!!! Love you guys too much!!!!!
So Proud of you four
Best wishes tomorrow on late late , you are fantastic people , it’s so nice to end a terrible year with a nice show and you guys are contributing, as always YOUE A CREDIT TO THIS COUNTRY heisting you and your families a happy and healthy new year Love Niall xx
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