From The Ground Up

30 Sep 201272
From The Ground Up, the official photo book of the U2360° tour, is set for publication in just a couple of months.

This handsome hardback title, featuring photography from Ralph Larmann and text by Dylan Jones, will be published in October and is available to preorder from this weekend.

For anyone who treasures their memories of the extraordinary tour that was  U2360°, this book captures the period like no other.

If you're a subscriber (or considering it) we're delighted to announce that we'll be including a special edition of From The Ground Up as part of our 2012/2013 subscription offer.

Featuring the same text and photography, this edition of the book comes with a little something extra...  more exclusive live tracks from U2360°.

That's all we can reveal for now - full details of our new subscription package will be announced in October.

In the meantime, if you haven't got a copy of the limited-edition double live CD, U22, you've still got a few more weeks to to take advantage of the current subscription offer.

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Been a U2 fan since the Eighties but was always to much of a tight arse to pay the subscription to be a member, but succumbed this year. From the ground up and more live tracks from 360. .... looks like I'll be joining again. Should have done it years ago. Hope more of the rare tracks make it this time instead of the usual popular songs. Mind you it has not stopped me playing U22 to death. Thanks for the awesome music. Any news on the when the new album/s is coming?
My U22 just arrived today (on a monday morning), making my whole week worthy, and now i enter the site and read about "From The Ground Up"... Boys, you´re the best and really know how to make the fans happier than ever. Surely i´ll renew my subscription!
Just when u thought it couldn't get any better!!!
worthy of consideration
For all they represent, for us as well as the band it would be worthy of the bands consideration to include "40" and "Amazing Grace" on the additional U22 future releases. We all have a lot to be thankful for, not the least is such a wonderful concert run. The "40" track should be the highly emotional recording in Muncton, and the "Amazing Grace" track should be that which was preformed at the Dallas / Ft Worth show. Both are etched in my mind for life. Thanks in advance ! Philip and Carol
the rest...
....of the live tracks please!!!. Electrical storm, 40 etc...
Wooo Hooo more stuff from U2 i keep thinking it cant get better then bang IT DOES.... no prefrence of tracks there all great...... ROCK ON..
I have not received the offer U22 ...
I do not have my copy of U22 (must go sail the oceans: D), but I'm in fleas with the offer of subscription renewal for 2012/2013 ... may receive two offers at the same time :))
2013/14 fan club
Please let it be all of the remaing 24 tracks that were voted out last year!
Goose bumps!
I'm already getting goose bumps just thinking about getting such a great gift! What an appreciation of the fan community!!
We want the unreleased tracks
360 tour was by far the besst concert i've ever gone. i want to hear the new songs you have played on the tour like north star, every breaking wave, glastonbury, mercy. that would be great. i can't wait any longer for album
Just can't enough of U2
This may hold me over until the we get more information about the new album thank you for a early birthday present. It pays to be a member will definitely renew memberhip for 2014.
Great offer
Thank you for offering this great subscription package! I love my collection of U2 books and the photo book of the 360 Tour will give me another wonderful opportunity to remember a groundbreaking tour. Also can´t wait for more live tracks. I would love to hear more songs from NLOTH (Breathe, NLOTH) and gems such as Electrical Storm, Mercy, Glastonbury and Every Breaking Wave.
U22 and Now This!
Wow this sounds really great, I wondered how you could follow up U22 and you've come up with this - terrific! I can't wait.
Book Signing
Really do hope they have a book signing for this one....check out this video for U2byU2
from the ground up
well done!
The greatest gift on earth!
Thanks you'll make many fans very happy! Harry
M Wincek
U222,is by far the clearest cd i own........great......tracks.....thanku U2.......! mike from pa,usa.
Yeah !!
Amazing !!! I will definitely Resubscribe !!!!!!
Very nice
Very nice. Thank you. Keep up the good work! Any music news at all on the band? A wee update on what they might be up to in the studio or when another album might be on the horizon would be more than welcome. Or have they stopped work for the summer?
Return Of The Stingray Guitar can't wait and all the other rare stuff GREAT
subscription 2013
Yes, our guys did it again! :-) Who thought the 2012 subscription with the U22 set could be overclassed?? Just the same as with every new tour: still new surprises!!!!
I love U2
Honestly, anything's fine by me, but this does sound really great.
And thank you! As always, I'm in! <3ed 360
Unreleased Songs
I will to totally renew for this! Please include some of the new songs that are not out yet. North Star, Every breaking wave, and Sting Ray :)
Iconic tracks needed: Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, Vertigo, No Line, Crazy Tonight, Breathe
I really wish 40 could be one of the selected ones, as well as Crazy and No Line on the Horizon...and... well, every other song they've ever played...
This song has got to be one of the exclusive live was a crying shame that U2 chose to omit it from the DVD.
Whoot WHOOOOT!!!!
Bring it on, I cant wait for this one! another great gift from the greatest band to stroll the earth! Cheers boys!
I'll look forward to it!!
I will also recommend the 23. number, which you can download from this site here. It's really good!
Very Good Idea
Great, but please don't let us wait so many months as we did on U22, because i would love to have the book as soon as it is published
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