'Ghost Blues'

9 Jun 201012
Coinciding with the fifteenth anniversary of his untimely death, RTE will screen a definitive documentary on Irish rock guitarist Rory Gallagher tomorrow night.

'Rory Gallagher is the musician who, without question, is one of the greatest torchbearers of driving, effusive rock and blues world-wide. Directed and edited by Ian Thuillier, 'Ghost Blues' examines Rory's musical stature and the special influence he had during his short but prolific life on international blues and rock guitarists, including contributions from Slash, Bill Wyman, The Edge and Johnny Marr.

'Unprecedented access to the artist's own archives and rare audio interviews tell the story of how a talented young musician from Cork City battled his inner demons and became one of the most respected blues and rock guitarists in the world. The film evokes unforgettable concert experiences for those who were lucky enough to have seen Rory live...'

'Ghost Blues':The Rory Gallagher Documentary Thursday June 10th 2010, RTE One, 10.15pm
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First time Stella House Stillorgan. What a Saturday night. Working in The Goat Pub and then on to the gig.Happy times. Thanks Rory RIP.Kind Regards to ALL lester
Rory Gallagher Corner - Dublin
For any die-hard fans of Rory Gallagher, if you ever come to Dublin, you should visit the "Temple Bar" district in the city. There is a street corner named after him. "Rory Gallagher Corner". There is a Guitar Sculpture stuck up high on the wall of the corner, right beside the Street sign. It's on East Essex Street, at the back of the IFI (Irish Film Institute). It's a nice dedication to him, but you have to look up, as it's not at eye level. Of course it being Dublin, there will be a busker there to play you a tune as you check it out. Did you know that he turned down the chance to be in the Rolling Stones? Wasn't for him. Legend x
Rory the genius
Rory was an absolute muscial genius ... its a shame that we lost him at such a young age especially when he had so much more to contribute. Its no wonder Edge views him as an major influence ... RIP Rory
Rory Gallagher
Of course U2 supported Rory at Slane if I remember correctly '80/'81 I think? Without a doubt Rory's influence is still strongly felt in rock/blues. From my perspective Rory gave me a freedom to appreciate innocence. His music was often raw and energetic whilst at the same time it had an aura of purity. So many things in life seem to glamorize the cruel and harsh aspects of this world, whereas Rory, for me, made it seem 'cool to be square', sort of giving me back some of the lost innocence of childhood. I was relatively young when I saw him first, 12 or 13 years old. I do remember thinking that this guy was playing blues like Hendrix, but looked nothing like Hendrix! He looked like a typical 'working class Irish man'. I went home and drew Rory Gallagher's name in large letters on the back of my canvas schoolbag, this schoolbag remained with me until I left school at 16. Of course I wore the check shirts and the denim also! None of my friends really knew who Rory was then, many people in Ireland and Britain still do not know who Rory was. Rory, he was the evangelist. I feel his constant touring was like the travels of the apostle Paul, establishing churches as he went, Rory preached his own different version of the Gospel! It was the gospel of the blues...
I am so lucky to have seen Rory G live in derby at the asembley rooms, Now it's a very long time ago but I remember the concert so well. Crest of a wave is one of my favourite tracks, from the brilliant Deuce album. I have the 'Irish tour 1974' DVD A really great film
mike doran
i saw rory about 3 or 4 times in liverpool and manchester in the mid 70s ,a great performer and my fave guitarist. still have and listen to a tape i have from bbc sight n sound in concert .i remember how he would between songs at shows get into conversations with the audience and he came across as such a down to earth guy .he is still missed!
Checked it out
Wow... just Youtubed Mr Rory G... now that's the way to wake up in the morning... Thanks for the intro twice. : ).
Thanks for the intro to Mr Rory G... I'll check it out. : ). Happy Trails...
Remembering the "Bull Frog Blues"
Rory was the best,I was only 17 when I saw him the first time,never realizeing I was so lucky to have seen Rory play live a half dozen times. It was in Seattle, Wash in the 70's and 80's I think!!! Things are getting fuzzy at 53 years...lol He has been forgotten by alot of people and deserves to finally get the royal treatment he deserves, hat's off to those responsible. My favorite was "Souped up Ford" but there were so many others.......Rory's keepin heaven entertained playin "Bull Frog" blues till the wee hours I'm sure.......
Mountain Dew Festival
Hitchhiked from Kells to Cork to see Rory at the Mountain Dew Festival in Macroom back in the 70s . Bullfrog blues is still ringing in my ears.
Rory Gallagher was a god when I was grow
Perhaps ?, you have to be close or in your 50's to have seen some of the kick ass shows" Rory Gallagher" did in sleazy bars and crummy clubs and a few nice places in "Seattle,Wa" .He was the bomb.... you could yell for more and he'd play his gut's out as if he could feel your need for his playing. Alot of young people are getting to hear him at my house at least. Hope you show the documentary here in the states or would luv a dvd of the show.......Cheers and Hears to "Rory"thanks for the memories!!! Rest in Heaven you deserve it. Mick
When I was about 16 years old I totally freaked out with the music of Mr.!! Rory Gallagher. Whenever we were going out and the DJ played Going To My Hometown I was in a kind of trance and forgot all the rest around me!! Rory Gallagher...thanx!
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