Gloria In Amsterdam

9 Sep 201511

'I try to sing this song
I, I try to stand up
But I can't find my feet.
I, I try to speak up
But only in you I'm complete…’

Like 'Two Hearts’ last night, Gloria got only its second performance in Europe in a quarter century tonight - and it sounded like it was made yesterday.
The same was true for another, even older song.
'Can you believe it?’ asked @U2tour on Twitter,’ I Will Follow has been played at 779 shows before tonight, and it still is so fresh..’

And then there were seven songs which were celebrating their first anniversary tonight - all of them from Songs of Innocence, released a year ago tonight.
None was more powerful than Iris.

'So many attachments to this city…so many wonderful nights I remember walking these streets with Hermann Brood on his birthday …
In this great city, the port of Amsterdam
I remember the night Larry Mullen turned 21 when we were playing in the Paradiso Club, not so far from here
So many of us are still the people who grew up on the streets of our childhood...
All shaped by first experiences
because all of us are formed by our first experiences…our first love… our first fights in the playground..first losses…'

Were you at the second show in Amsterdam ? Add your own reviews and photos here.

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Greatest show on Earth
We flew all the way to Amsterdam from Texas to see the greatest band perform. U2 did not disappoint! Great blend of classics and new songs. Already looking forward to their next album and tour!
I so hope they play Gloria in Berlin. My Mums name was Gloria. She passed away this year. Will be there for the first two nights with my husband. So excited I can't wait.
U2 , more then pride and Joy.
It was our second night in Amsterdam. We loved both nights . An amizing show with lots of lovely old and new songs. Thanks for giving us zo much Joy into our life. Till Antwerpen, on the 14th october to celebrate also the birthday of my girlfriend. The two of us were connected by the love for the music of U2
U2 brought me to tears!!
Gloria right in front of me. Wow ... i don't know how to describe the feeling I had when it was played on this night. Goosebumps, tears and I never felt sooooooo happy when this song was played. I was blessed with seeing the men 4 times in Amsterdam. 4 times front rail and I will never ever forget this particular song. Wow wow wow. I will never listen to Gloria again like I did before it was played live. The show was awesome. See ya in Cologne and Dublin!
inspiring concert
What a great experience and what an energy! We visited the second concert with our son of 13 . U2 also inspires the new generation. Thank you U2 !!
Chris Tax Wanssum
What a great show. Fantastic visual effects.
Roy T
So great
Amsterdams second concert was so great! I went there with my ladyfriend W. (it was her first U2-concert) and now - a few days later - she still didn't return to earth... By the way: can I apply as a roadie (or whatever) for the rest of the tour...?
Amsterdam 9-9-2015
I was there with my son (14 years). I visit the concerts since the late eighties, but this was one of the best shows ever. My son was also very very impressed. What a show, what a spirit. Thank you for this great father - son moment! Gloria!
Amstrdam 2nd
Amazing show. Wish i could see more on this tour. But when they play every show like this nobody wants to sell their tickets
Great Night
The band is in a vey good shape! Enjoy it you all!
We where there, it was unforgettable!
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