'I think something's going to happen tonight.' predicted Bono, just a few songs into tonight's opening show at Wembley Stadium. It did too. First The Hours and then Elbow, with a particularly winning set, had caught the mood on a balmy summers evening and from the moment Larry opened up Breathe, the momentum barely slowed.

Too many stand-outs to list but our highlights included: a stomping version of 'Crazy' turning the neighbourhood into a disco; the joyful stadium karaoke of Unknown Caller; some breathtaking new visuals in Sunday Bloody Sunday and Walk On; the opening of 'Still Haven't Found' when 90,000 people took over the vocal; Bono reminiscing about his first visit to this city ( 'I slept on Waterloo Station as an 18 year old with a demo of our song Out of Control, the city's been good to us.' ) and a moving dedication of With or Without You 'For Beautiful Eunice Kennedy Shriver', longtime friend of the band who died earlier this week.

London shows are usually good and this was a great one - but what did you think? Have you caught your breath? How was it ? Add your reviews below: what was your favourite track, the moment you'll never surrender?

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of)
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
Mysterious Ways
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender


Ben Hur
15 August, 2009
Hello Wembley!
This was the second time my fiance and I have seen U2 and they were bloody brilliant! My friend came along to who hasn't seen them before and we all agreed that it was one of the best things we've ever seen. That stage, wow! Only downside was that disco themed "Crazy". A great song that turned into the worst bit. They played "One" though and as that's quite possibly the best song in the world you couldn't help but forgive them and go off into the night beaming with joy that you'd just seen something really special!
15 August, 2009
The stadium show brings a different dynamic to the bands ability to involve the crowd. The sound echo's throughout; a chorus of fandom...unbelievable. Still Haven't Found's opening by Wembley took my breath away. Great show ranking high amongst the others I've seen over the last 17 years.
15 August, 2009
My first ever U2 gig... my first ever rock concert... (I'm 40 this year and this is my year of firsts) So happy this was one of my firsts. I loved the atmosphere during the concert and the unique feeling of calm uphoria when we were leaving. I'm very new to U2 (ex bf introduced me...) so I didn't know all the words but I shouted all the phrases I did know and danced my broken body off till it couldn't take any more! Thank you U2... I have the feeling this might be the last tour. Sorry I missed out all your others but better late than never! (would love to go to Dublin...)
15 August, 2009
A night to remember
This is the best concert with U2 I ever been to and the best concert at all.... great show. Thanks guys! Worth travelling all the way from Denmark.
15 August, 2009
I'm still lost for words. A concert that I shall remember and say is was there on that summers evening on the 13th August 2009.
15 August, 2009
Amazing / Depressing
I have wanted to see U2 for years. They were AMAZING!! I have the live DVD's which make you feel like you're there and I thought that was good. Really Moved me!! Depressing because I am a struggling musician, wanting to do the same thing as all the other bands in the world, but It seems it might just not be.... Thank the Lord U2 made it!!! J
15 August, 2009
Am still buzzing from last night, what an amazing show. Had a tear in my eye and felt on top of the world.
AJ Riegler
15 August, 2009
London Calling
Second show for me, Barca 1 being first. Took my wife and 8 year old. Baptism of fire! Too many highlights, but ISHFWILF was incredible with crowd singing first verses, souless Wembley Stadium was turned into a spirit filled Cathedral. Crazy, was crazy tonight. Everybody was on form, although sound was poor at times. Bono sounded like Mickey Mouse on a few songs! Roll on Sheffield and Cardiff. If you are heading to town tonight, enjoy!!!! AJR, Cheltenham
15 August, 2009
We never forget
My wife and I were in Wembley for the first time and we will never forget this wonderful gig. Thank to U2, thank to all the people in the stadium for the night
14 August, 2009
Wembley on a friday
Wow,Wow,Wow...This was top draw,my legs are still shaking,This show was awesome,everyone was up on there feet.I still get hairs standing on the back of my neck,and tonight was no different.The sound,the lights,the revolving 360 tube was simply brilliant.The boys never cease to amaze me,with one cracking show after another,and this was the best I' have ever seen.I love you boys,no one can touch you on live,Im happy as larry sitting here.I hope you bring the dvd out of this show,simply magnificent.
14 August, 2009
23 Years
Its been 23 years since I last saw U2! The whole show was amazing and the songs from 'No Line...' really came into their own live. My wife said it was the best day of her life! My favourite bit was the video for 'I'll Go Crazy...'
14 August, 2009
Amazing - Simply Amazing!
Just going to bed after one of the greatest nights of my life, my head is still thumping and the tracks reverberating through me, i can still hear the sound. This was an amazing night for me on so many levels. "Stuck in a Moment" was released just before my wife died, so it has always had a very special place in my heart. To hear it played live was a very emotional moment, and brought more than one tear to my eyes. Absolutely beautiful. It was my sons first U2 concert, and he admitted on the way home, that he had been a bit apprehensive, not knowing what to expect - now he cant wait for the chance to see them again, despite the sore feet, and the sorer throat. Apart from Moment, my personal highlights were "Crazy" and "Unknown Caller" - first time I have ever seen a U2 song with subtitles! To all involved, thank you for a great, fantastic, fabulous night.
14 August, 2009
best ever U2 gig
Tonight's gig was the best I've ever seen the band. So good to hear Unforgettable Fire live (one of my all time favourite U2 tracks), I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight was just that ... crazy and superb. I loved all of it, wish it hadn't had to end and more than that wish I was going again tomorrow. Love you U2 xxxx
14 August, 2009
awesome as always
cannot believe how over the last 22 years every concert has got better and better, introduced my 12 yr old godchild to them tonight.....her words "AWESOME".....need to go calm down and rest my legs after all that dancing singing and cheering, brilliant.
Ralph Woolford
14 August, 2009
I have run, I have crawled
What was it about "I still havent found what I'm looking for" tonight? It felt like it was a tour first judging from the response of both band and the crowd. In fact I thought it wasn't until I checked the web site and saw it was a reguar player.. For some reason there was an infectious moment when the crowd just wanted to carry the song as if we had waited years to hear it. It certainty caught me by surprise and I am the last person that would normally even want to hear this in their set. (too many other cooler tracks waiting in the wings). Sonically the music was awesome for such a venue ( a bit trickier to pick out Bonos conversations with the crowd though). Thanks for a great night in London..... When I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head Your love was a light bulb hanging over my bed.
14 August, 2009
U2 Mania
That was a great show tonight. I had never seen them in London before. Roll tomo's gig. It will be gig number 11 on this tour. My last on the european leg will be cardiff. I go there with no accommodation. Should be alot of fun, John (Ireland)
14 August, 2009
What a great mix of songs-such a treat to hear unforgrttable fire live again after so many years, amazing atmosphere, pity sound was a bit dodgy, still buzzing -can't wait for Sheffield!!!-Thanks guys for a great gig-love you!xxxxxxxxx
14 August, 2009
wembley 14th
just got in...what a night! was a great show..thing that stood out for me was when we sang..stilll havent found what i am looking for...and the band was in shock and listened!! was in the pit! bring on cardiff!
14 August, 2009
Best concert ever!
The show tonight was just awesome. The crowd were amazing & the band seemed genuinely touched by the reception. For me the highlight has to be the crowd singing the first verse of I Still Haven't Found..
14 August, 2009
what a night never seen anything as breath taking as this sent shivers down my spine at some points.. LIGHT MY WAY!!!
14 August, 2009
really great!!!! every single second were even better than the really thing!
14 August, 2009
Great show, great crowd. Wembley was jumping! The Edge plays such a mean guitar. Loved it.
14 August, 2009
London 1
I really enjoyed the show tonight. the sounds was a bit ropey in parts, it was really hard to hear what Bono was saying but the atmosphere was great - really friendly and fab lighting etc as ever from Willie. I loved the mirrorball moment, it totally shrank the stadium, I want one! Fave tracks - there were so many but 'walk on' always moves me. It takes me back to a sad time of longing and waiting and I remember Aung San Su Khi (sorry about spelling if wrong) and her amazing faithfulness and witness.
14 August, 2009
Amazing Gig Once Again
Magnificent show! Not as crazy as Dublin but still enjoyed it 100%! Tomorrow attending my last gig this tour! Cant wait..again! :)
14 August, 2009
Always Deliver
U2 always deliver a fantastic show. My son (12) got to see them for the first time, and we were up front on the barrier! Now on to Sheffield!
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