Going 'Crazy' Tonight

1 Sep 200963
You might have heard it on the road, the remixed version of 'Crazy' was one of the highlights of the European leg of the tour. Listen in to Redanka's remix from the new single - and to three other seriously groovy mixes.

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Download the single from iTunes in the UK and in the US.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, is released in the UK on September 7th by Mercury. The CD single includes a live version of Magnificent, recorded at the Somerville Theatre in Boston in March 2009. The single will also be available on 7" vinyl backed with the Dirty South Remix, and as a maxi single with the Dirty South, Fish Out Of Water and Redanka remixes.

The US release includes an iTunes Digital EP exclusive, as well as a maxi cd and 12" vinyl released on Sep 22.
US Digital EP - iTunes EXCLUSIVE
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
4. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
5. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
6. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Instrumental
Includes David O'Reilly animated video plus Alex Courtes live action video and digital booklet.

US Digital EP
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix

US maxi CD - available 9/22
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
4. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
5. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
6. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Instrumental

12" vinyl - available 9/22
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
1. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
2. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
The single comes with two videos - one of which was created by Irish animation filmmaker David O'Reilly, and is the first animated clip for the band since 1995's 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me'. The second is a live-action video filmed in Barcelona on the 360 Tour and directed by Alex Courtes, who also directed the music videos for Magnificent and Get On Your Boots.

Watch the live video now: click on the window in the middle of the home page.

Watch David O'Reilly's animated clip below.

Buy the single in the UK and in the US.

Download the single from iTunes in the UK and in the US.

More 'Crazy' news as we get it.

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Brussels September
Be there with my second son, We'll have a father & son Crazy night,...
I danced like a lunatic when the remix came on Live in concert ! Cant wait again in July,,,see U then ** Muah**
Comment on PAISDANNYAL from 9/1/09
PAISDANNYAL said it well. The Redanka Kick Darkness single is nothing compared to it live. I LOVED the live version. I also have to say I really hate the people dissing it. The band you supposedly love has made the choice to share that version of that song with us on this tour. Shut up and enjoy it! Dance to it! If you want the original whip out your CD and listen to it but stop complaining about the band's choice. It just baffles me!
I love R. Kick Darkness version...Just marvelous!
Well I do have to say the remixes are much better than they were during the POPMart era. Yeah definitely.
great!! In holland how to buY??
This Mix version was the highlight last july in amsterdam arena for me. I live in holland where can i buy this version? Anne
I love it! The great remix!
Not good
I remember a remix 'Golden Years' of David Bowie I was sooo dissapointed I just could'nt believe howe a great song turned into trash. Sorry guys, don't like it at all. What's the story with 'Stand up Comedy' how come this song is not taking into the show? It's a great song. No matter what, U2 remainse in my heart!
If you are going to the concert...you wi
I heard about the remix before the concert...and wasn't too excited about it. But we were in the red zone in Chicago last night...and it was ROCKIN!!! This was my favorite song of the night...it was original and so much fun. And it probably helped that The Edge was 3 feet away during this!!! If you are going...have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!
An awesome surprise!
Before seeing this live, I was skeptical about out remix of such a great original...but this was a real highlight for me at the fantastic shows in Dublin - especially Larry strutting around the catwalk with the djembe! Love it madly.
I like this version because is very near to me......I'm a Nurse infact and I like it very much. When you come back in Milan.... Thanks for all guys. Kisses....
Not so magnificent...
Please can you stick to the real U2 songs don't follow the trend, stick to what your good at. Its not absolute rubbish but please remixes just ruin it so stick to good old U2 anthems please :( Didn't like it much sorry...
You will go Crazy...
The remix version worked really well at Wembley. With the 'bopping heads' video screen to accompany the live action I really found myself jumping around to this one.
I love it
Although, I have to agree that the live version is far, far superior. PS FuzzeH: "... can't dance to a U2 song? Have you heard the 12" of "Two Hearts Beat As One"? I danced my litle socks off to that back in the mid-80s! *showing my age*
Usually I don't like the remixes much but this was such crazy fun live. I loved it. :-)
Usually I don't like the remixes much, But this was just CRAZY FUN live 360 ;-)
Crazy One Two Three
1. album version: least favorite of the whole album 2. remix: it's ok, but forgettable... 3. same remix played live: YEAH!!!!! GREAT!!!! Unforgettable!!! :-)
You had to be there...
This is a fantastic remix, but it just isn't the same as the live version at Wembley... I think the guys here are right - it's missing a beast of a base line! PLEASE bring out a '360 live' CD or DVD of the tour - we can then re-live it all over again!!
Souds Good!
But like the original version better
Crazy in a not so good way
This song, in my mind, is not made for a techno-remix. The original verion's lyrics, tempo, and real drums are all distorted in the remix to the point that the song itself gets lost. I know the European crowds loved this live but I don't see this version working well in the US. Also, I'm just guessing, but I bet Larry hates playing the congo on stage. I saw videos from some of the shows and the remix didn't seem to fit with the rest of the concert. Please play the album version in the US!!!!!
Good but better in live
In live, I danced like crazy with this song. So, I prefer live version!
Love it
I can't wait till monday, we danced in Berlin to the remix. (It's better than the original Version, and I hope the Remix'll be on the live DVD....)
Sounds great
I hope to hear this live in the Detroit.
This is good - live is even better!
This remix is awesome, the live version is even better! Whoever said you can't dance to a U2 song should be eating their hat about now lol!
Serena Sinden
Crazy single
The Live version was far superior - this has no drive to it! Where's all that energy????
We are wainting for it
Since I've heard it first in London Wembley 1, I've waited for this remix version.
The only thing an awesome U2 song needs to make it even better is an awesome remix!!! Can't wait for Toronto-- 2 weeks!!!!!!!
I Love this Redanka's version! I got more than 100 remixes and extended versions of U2 and this one is one of the best (probably with ''Beautiful Day'' Quincey and Sonance Remix) Good job. Grettings From Spain!
Lazy Tonight
C Mon' U2 You've said that you have 60 songs but now b sides only remixes I don't want even to listen anymore remixes, U2 that is Lazy
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