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19 Jun 2012708

'It is FANTASTIC! It's a GLORIOUS, HUGE photo book, with AMAZING pictures from the tour, and 2 CDs containing LIVE recordings at various venues. Bravo, U2, on yet another BRILLIANT subscriber-exclusive CD set. I LOVE IT!'

'U2 has really outdone themselves with this fan club gift! I had no idea that it would be LP-sized, so I was taken aback when I opened the package... '

'LOVE IT! This a grand slam for fan club releases. Excellent mixing of one song into the next. The songs flow seamlessly. The LP sized packaging was great. Picking a favorite song off of it is near impossible.'

'... beyond excited! Looking through the pictures took me back to the shows I saw during the tour and listening brought back some amazing memories. '

'Incredible! We picked the songs - you picked the most amazingly unique renditions for each one! U22 is a masterpiece. Good luck trying to make a better album! You've set a pretty high bar for yourselves.'

'I just got U22 and it's freaking awesome! Like being there!'

Got your copy of U22 yet ? Surprised ? Highlights? Bring back any memories ?

Let us know in the comments below... and tell us where you are in the world.

(Still waiting for your copy? Check out our  competition, U22 Unwrapped.)

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Received it in The Netherlands
Finally received it in The Netherlands. It was worth the wait; this is amazing! Thanks guys
It's very very fantastic! Thank you U2!
Not yet....
Haven't received it yet, but I keep listening to the show from the Rose bowl and the downloaded tracks. Can't wait!!
Fred Hermes
The Netherlands (Part II)
Arrived today....... Worth the wait........
How to top this release next year?
i am curious how they will top this release next year, maybe a dvd from various concerts? i would also like to see a double cd-album of the remaining 24 songs, i think they would make an even as good album as this one, they should include a live-recorded intro too, with David Bowie's Space Oddity (i bet David wouldn't mind to be included on it) and the song Soon
The best U2 album ever!!!
I'm from San Luis Potosí, México and one week ago I got my U22 copy. What can be said about this album?? The most amazing I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great it has two songs recorded here in Mexico. Until The End Of The World was recorded on 14 May 2011, the concert I attended to. It almost brought tears out of me (It did but I hid them hahaha) to remember that day... and even though I was at the other shows, it almost feels like I was there because of its great quality in sound. I am very glad that my favorite songs are in: Even Better, The Fly, Stay, The Unforgettable Fire, City Of..., Zooropa, Ultraviolet and Out Of Control. I would have loved Your Blue Room on the album but with everything else... it doesn't matter. Enjoy the best album you'll ever have!!!!
pons-09 jully ,2012 hallelujah
hallelujah,u22 just arrived in mallorca spain i remember the first show in barcelona in june of 2009. thank -you .
Ally A
One year on
Mine arrived Saturday almost a year to the day from a magical night in Toronto! As the British summer continues to find new ways to disappoint I can gladly let U22 transport me back to that warm, balmy night a year ago. I've read the guys commenting on the logistical difficulty of stadium tours but, please guys, stick with it! Already 3 years since you played at home, 2013 a must!
New Car and Incredible Stereo
I was out when mine arrived and had a letter to pick it up. I was expecting a number of parcels so did not think of this. What a surprise, I have a new car and put it on instantly. I then drove to a secluded spot and played the whole lot at full blast, no one around, just incredible. First saw U2 at The Hammersmith Palais or Odeon (went to one venue in 1981 and the other in 1982)in 1981. Never cease to amaze me. This was the best show on earth
Happy Okie!
U22 arrived yesterday, July 5th! I was so excited, I went home and listened to it right away. I've continued listening to it all-day today as well. I saw the boys in Norman, OK on October 18th, 2009, and again in Denver, CO on May 21st, 2011. Anyone else in Norman, OK?
Brings back so many magical memories of Glasgow, Chicago and Sevilla - Thank You :-)
U22 in Holland!!! Just arrived!
Thank you very much! Its Fantastic...
My baby was delivered on Tuesday :-)
And even though it (in my opinion) was overdue was so worth the wait! The only issue are my upstairs- and downstairs neighbour who apparently do not share the same joy as me for the late night (rather loud) sounds. Thanks for giving me U22 - it is perfect and sends shivers down my spine when I listen and think back on the concerts/moments over the past 3 years.
Pure Gold
What a magnificent surprise to have U22 waiting for me on return from a holiday to the Whitsundays in June. So hot, it took away the shock of returning south to a chilly winter in Newcastle, Australia. An amazing and classy compilation - especially love The Fly, One Tree Hill, Zooropa and Ultraviolet. U2 sure know how to look after their fans!
My copy arrived today - I squealed with delight when I saw it sitting by my front door!!!! The book is fantastic, photography brilliant! Definitely worth the wait - U2 you are the best!!!! Playing it loud right now....
U22 arrived to Santiago de Chile!!!!
We got u22 yesterday and i don´t have words to express all the emotions. We are recalling the amazing shown in Santiago. Thank you very much and congratulations to the U2.COM Team.
got mine from valencia spain
always is a pleasure received the u2 stuff, to remember my shows in barcelona sevilla san sebastian and dublin. Now guys we will wait for the next record and hopefully the next tour . thanks to for this fantastic gift fernando cuesta
THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE GIFT U22, THANKS YOU...THANKS YOU VERY MUCH U2 TEAM, the quality of the presentation of the book of photographs and foremost, the choice of music is wonderful, lacking only a song of Chile, but they appreciated the public comment in Santiago
u22 Zagreb
I was so happy to get the U22!!! I was on a road trip and Dancing, Singing, Smiling, Loving!!! Thank YOU!!! Robbie
Superb. Sublime. Stunning.
Perfectly captures the magic and energy that went into the 360 shows. Especially the later legs of the tour.
The recording is amazing and also the book...
Thank you for U22!!!
It's like reliving the show! Just hearing the opening Even Better than the Real Thing gets my heart racing. Thanks so much U2!!!
worth the wait
I got my copy of "U22" back in June but set it aside until the July 4 holiday, so I would have all day to enjoy it. After listening to this double CD, I think it may be the best thing the fan club has ever done. I don't believe I've ever heard a better live album by ANY band. The performances are stellar, the sound quality is excellent, and the tracks blend together so seamlessly that if I didn't know differently, I would have assumed the whole album was from one live show. And the LP-sized photo book is pretty cool, too. Listening to these CDs made me relive the excitement of the U2360 tour, and also gave me the opportunity to hear some great performances that I was not able to see in person. Thanks to for putting in all the work on this amazing project.
Very happy, awesome package, just sublime!
Still waiting!!!
I'm here in Paraiba/Brazil still waiting for my copy! ... =/ :S
I still haven't found what I'm looking f
Hopefully U22 will arrive soon at the end of the world, still waiting for U22 in Chile. I'm so jealous to all the people that are blowing their speakers out with U22
Nothing here still...
waiting below sea level
Woo Hoo!
After the weeks of watching everyone else say how good their U22 was, and me getting more and more frustrated at not having my own copy, I can now join with the rest of you and say - WOW! My copy arrived yesterday in sunny Brighton and ever since my day has been even sunnier!!! Great recordings and the packaging is amazing!! Can't see how they can top this one!!!!!
U22 arrived in Oulu Finland!
I just got my copy yesterday and it's awesome! All I want is you/Love rescue me, Unforgettable fire and Ultraviolet are my favourites. Brings back beautiful memories from Helsinki show 20/8/10. Even better than the real thing!
When all I want is U22...
Can´t wait to get my U22!!!! Is there anybody here in Florianopolis/Brasil got it yet/?
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