Happy 20th Birthday

30 Jul 201524

Now this was a surprise....

Adam Clayton on bass, The Edge on guitar... playing with U2 tribute band Unforgettable Fire and celebrating the 20th anniversary of fansite atU2.com.

Couldn't put it better than site founder Matt McGee on Twitter: 'So right now The Edge and Adam Clayton are playing at my U2 website’s 20th anniversary party. No words for this. #atu220'

 'I picked the right band.' added Matt. 'Can’t imagine what life would be like if I’d not heard “I Will Follow.” '

On stage with The Unforgettable Fire, captured for U2.com-ers! #U2ieTour #atU220

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Thank you U2!
I was in the city with my 18 y/o daughter and decided to swing by the @atu2 Anniversary party on a whim. I don't think anyone was expecting the surprise we all got. When I caught a glimpse of my daughter (and a bunch of other fans, myself included) crying real tears of joy at the sight of Dallas, Edge, and Adam walking on stage, I just knew that had to be the highlight of my year. It's been almost a month, but this experience will stay forever in my heart as a truly unforgettable one! Thank you Matt and the rest of the @atu2 crew, as well as Unforgettable Fire, and U2 for the incredible night! There is no end to love.
Adam Clayton & The Edge with Unforgetta
That's okay that I failed at getting noticed at three U2 MSG concerts last month by holding a sign that said, "My name is Iris", lol. The whole experience was life changing as it was a first for me to be remotely that close to them (thank you, U2, for playing the smaller venues). But then THIS happened to me and I cried pure tears of joy!! Definitely the highlight of my year!!
Well deserved!
I, like many have been visiting atu2 for years... thanks to Matt and the team, I'm really happy that you've stuck with it for 20 years, it takes a lot of work so I raise a glass to you and thank you for your service ! Cheers - Jim
lisa peterson
Out. Of. Control.
This was truly Out of Control. My cousin and I were thrilled to just hang out with fellow U2 fans, listening to Unforgettable Fire, but when Dallas showed up, followed by Adam and Edge, we were ecstatic! Once again, U2 blows us away with their love and generosity. Amazing time at the Cutting Room. One I will never forget.
This band loves their fans....dreams do
For me, atu2 has been "the bible" of documenting U2 shows and the band's performances over the years. I drove 8 hours from Toronto with Gvox (singer in Acrobat) to see the last two remaining MSG shows. We knew we HAD to come and celebrate the 20 years of atu2 as well as see the awesome Unforgettable Fire. We almost missed this gig as we were going to "rest up" for the MSG shows. When I saw Dallas I figured he was going to play some songs......and then the old switcheroo! We were bamboozled! What a treat...what a delight. I'm so happy for the boys of UF. So happy that Adam and Edge graced us with their presence. This band loves their fans. Peace and Love U2BROTHR
U2 coming out.
It's great to see these guys venturing out and interacting with the fans!
I've been part of the atU2 community since the Elevation tour, it's a great fansite! Congrats Matt! Is there any other band in the world who would do something like this, so up to a fansite celebration and play songs? Amazing, wish I was able to be there.
Best Band Ever!
Talk about reapplying for the job! U2, I love you...now more than ever! Edge and Adam...y'all didn't have to do that. This was a total dream come true! I wasn't there, but after watching it on the Periscope feed, tears were running down my face. Dreams do come true! Bless you! Thank you! And Matt McGee totally deserved it!
A million Thank Yous wouldn't be enough.
First, thank you to everyone in this comment thread for the kind words and praise for @U2. We have a wonderful crew that works on the site, and it's feedback from fellow U2 fans that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you, thank you. Obviously, we owe a million more Thank Yous to U2 -- the band members and the organization behind them (management, crew, publicity, security, etc.) -- for deciding to come out and surprise us like this. With all the planning and logistical groundwork that had to take place so this could happen, and with the tour only days away from finishing and everyone going home, it would've been a lot easier for them to say "No, let's skip this one." But they didn't. And that means the world to us. First class music from a first class band backed by a first class support organization. It was an honor and a thrill to experience all of that at our 20th anniversary party. Thank you. A million times over. Matt M.
This is why I love this band. The U2 community is just that....and for the guys to step in, and do stuff like this....ahhh dreams do come true. So happy for the @U2 website, Unforgettable Fire tribute band...and those lucky b@$tards who got to see that all go down. LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!
Much Gratitude
I was there on Wednesday night and was blown away! Thank you, Adam, Edge, and Dallas, for making us fans so deliriously happy! I am still hoarse from all the screaming. :-) So awesome that it was a surprise for atu2.com (great website) and UF (great tribute band) as well. Love, love, love U2!
Wow...our band is awesome!
Wow! I have been a follower of atu2.com for sometime now...it's great to see the band recognizes the great fansites that are out there(especially this one). I wish I was there in New York I had thought about making the trek out there to celebrate the 20th anniversary with @u2 and also close out the tour, we couldn't afford it after the five Chicago shows. It doesn't matter it was great to see The Edge and Adam Clayton crash the party and play with one of the great tribute bands that supports one of the great bands in the world! I hope to see U2 again next year and please try to do some of these fun things in Chicago! The Park West?
Oh wow!!!!
I think my brain would have exploded if I'd been there! What a thrill for all of you guys that were. Can hardly wait for you to swing back through the states.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer websit
Matt was one of the very first U2 fans I ever found on the internet (along with Joel @Interference) and I'm so happy for all the folks involved, atU2 team, Unforgettable Fire and all those that got to be there!
Wow ! Thrill of a lifetime !
Thanks for dropping in guys! I wasn't there, but enjoyed it via periscope.The thrill went all the way across the country ! Enjoy your upcoming month off to rest and recharge.
Watched it on Periscope. Wish I was there. What a treat for those fans. Thanks to Edge and Adam for making those moments unforgettable for so many that night.
Thank you!
I just want to thank you! Unfortunately I wasnt there but it meant a lot to our crew.
Can't believe this happened! What an amazing surprise!
Mind blowing!
Thank you U2! Best band in the world loves it's fans! Watched on the atU2 Periscope! Even the atU2 crew didn't know this was going to happen!
Loved listening to the drummer playing on this actually - he certainly knew what was the real thing! Congrats to UF and all involved. Bonus points to Adam for the shirt.
Real U2 plays with fake UF2!!
What a fantastic surprise & very exciting moment when The Edge & Adam unexpectedly walked on stage in a small NYC club!
Many congratulations to Matt, and Mick and the band. This is excellent. 20 years of the best (unofficial) fan site and so great to see Edge, Adam (and Dallas) giving it the support it deserves. Wish I'd been there. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!
This site is so great! They have helped me love and follow the band more than I ever could have without!
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