'In full flower…'

18 Apr 202412

'In full flower…'

'I think the garden tells you what it needs…you just have to pay attention.'

This Friday, April 19,  Adam is a guest on an episode of the BBC's Gardeners World.

He takes presenter Adam Frost on a walk through his garden at home in Dublin, where  'his precious collection of camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons are in full flower.'

'I look at gardens the way that painters do… shape, form, colour, perspective, depth…I let the garden lead me.'

Friday 19 April at 8pm on BBC Two.

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Love Magnolias
This was so wonderful to watch! I share a love for gardening too. It makes for a great escape as you are immersed in nature and surrounded by peace. I wouldn't mind a tour of the garden in person ;)
Ultraviolet Paul
Watching Gardeners World on a Friday evening with a glass of wine is always a perfect start to the weekend. Adam with Adam made it even more perfect. Enough to shed a tear.
Camelias & Co.
thanks U tube for sharing this Beautiful program i love gardening too Love how Adam remembers his Mum's flowers
What a gem
What a lovely surprise to see Adam on Gardeners World. His garden is incredible and shows a true love of nature. What I would give to have a little meditation by the running water! Thank you for sharing.
A beautifully creative connection to nature, Adam! Congrats!
It is so beautiful to see the beauty of the garden. I love gardening too. It is so beautiful to see different colours of the flowers and everything in perfect harmony.
The garden is like paradise, so beautiful
Very fitting...Adam in the Garden
Love these kinds of snippets; small insights into the humanity of the individual members of U2. Adam seems like such a gentle soul. Adam and U2 may you continue to blossom and grow!
I'm looking forward to watching this episode, I don't garden but I love walking through them and looking at all the beauty! Adam is a beautiful heart and mind!
Rock n Roll.and Spades
Love gardening and Adam Clayton!Wish we could watch in the US!
Perfect combo
I love gardening nearly as much as U2. What a treat. Thank you Adam xxx
So nice
I knew we had something in common outside of music...so nice to see it is gardening.
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