Introducing… the 'Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp'

7 Mar 202312

Introducing…  the 'Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp'

'Perfect for Both Gigging and Recording Bassists, the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp Offers Warm, Harmonically Rich Tube Tones in a Portable, Classic Fender Package'

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the launch of the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp, the brand's first signature all-tube bass combo for over 40 years.

'Over the last four and a half decades, Clayton's melodic playing has laid the foundation for some of the most seminal albums and popular tracks of all time, inspiring countless bassists in the process. Offering both warm, rich tube tones and pure Fender® tube-driven thump in a compact combo with classic Fender® aesthetics, the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp is a tribute to these achievements, as well as to Clayton's instantly recognizable sound and harmonic style.'

Adam first picked up a bass guitar when he was 14, whilst at Mount Temple School in Dublin. It was here he met Bono, Edge and Larry and his bass playing has remained a steady driving force throughout the decades and myriad genres and styles of the band ever since.
Adam said: "I've worked very hard with Fender on the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp and I'm immensely proud of our creation. I always found when I was starting out that it was very hard to find an amp that offered the mid-range distorted sound that I liked. This amp offers it in spades. It's also very versatile, and if you're moving around a lot or if you don't have much space where you practice, then this is the amp for you."

Featuring two distinctly different channels – a classic Fender® sound and a more modern hi-fi, flat EQ tone, the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp achieves all the sounds needed in any musical situation and is the perfect companion for any bassist, whether they're playing in a studio, a club or on an arena stage. Classic Fender® cosmetics: black textured vinyl, chrome panel, chicken head knobs and an aged silver grille cloth give the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp a look that players around the world have come to love. The Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp includes a lightweight Eminence Neo 15" speaker that helps accentuate its fat, powerful sound and features an XLR line out to send that great tone to your home recording rig or front-of-house.

"Adam Clayton is a true icon and working with him on the Adam Clayton ACB 50 Bass Amp has been an absolute privilege," said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President of Products at FMIC. "This is the first signature bass amp we've ever done and the first all-tube bass combo Fender has produced for over 40 years. We are extremely excited by the project and we've worked tirelessly to make it extra special. Designed for the pros, by the pros, the amp has a unique combination of that classic Fender® look with contemporary style and features like the dual channels and the lightweight Eminence speaker that we're sure are going to make it incredibly popular with bassists."

More info about the amp here.

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This is amazing!
I have never seen Adam, by himself, just playing the bass. The reason I took up the bass, the best I could do is listen intently to every song. Just seeing him play in this video is really special treat.
“Chicks Dig Bass”
Adam is a legit kind and charming dude. His sobriety and commitment to mental health causes has been an inspiration for me (13 years sober) and this bass looks badass. Happy birthday Adam, you’re the best. - Adrienne
Will be looking for this Amp in Vegas!!
Great interview! Rare to hear Adam speak after all these years! Can't wait to see U2 at the Sphere this fall. I live in Vegas and have been following the "residency" of U2 intently. I have seen it written that the dates may begin in October and just yesterday read November. It all depends on when the Sphere is finished and ready; it has been beset with cost overruns and multiple delays. Regardless, I plan on attending as many times as I can. I first saw U2 in 1983 at Chrysler Hall in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I've been a lifelong fan ever since!
Much success with this new endeavour and much joy on your birthday. The number 13 is a powerful one with many positive associations in gematria. May you be inspired to accomplish more creative ideas and projects!
Right On!
Light weight screams at me as I have the CRATE BX-50(she no light weight). I've had it for 30 years. I've revolved my bass playing around your tunes and that of John P. Jones. This shoulda been done a long time ago Mr. Clayton. Anyhow good to see you on the screen and slapping some chords. See y'all in Vegas and when the next tour arises. keep it going Bro. Last time I seen you front row was in Uncassville, CT. last N. American concert for SOE. Remember the Twin Ladies you seem to come back too at Mohegan Sun Arena? hahaha. Be Good Peace.
Happy B-Day!
Congrats and... Happy B-Day, Adam!! :)
Happy Birthday Adam
Monday 13-3-2023! Thanks for this little movie about the Bass player and sound. The Jazz man of U2 and The Red Butler. Go on Adam, We? will met us in the near future and be yourself. Happy Birthday from Oldenzaal town. The vertigo Hunter, Detlev Lassche. Miss You Sugar.
Dear Fender…
These look very cool, can you send us a couple to give away to fans? Thanks!
… it goes to “11”…
Well done!
Adam has been my favourite band member for many years, his suave yet confident manner has always shone through, despite his personal demons. Oh and he's a great bassist too!
Congratulations, Sir.
Well deserved!
Congratulations, Adam! You deserve an amp in your honor! You should have a whole line of basses too!
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