'It's About The Songs...'

21 Jun 20118
'It's about the songs,' explained Larry, calling in to Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show last night. 'About a band being able to get up and play the music...'

Larry sounds in great form and dropping some clues about how the band are thinking ahead of the Glastonbury set.

Listen in to the whole of the interview here  -scroll forward to just past 1:03.
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Out of the comfort zone
What a great interview from Larry!!! I love listening to his beautiful words about how U2 step out of their comfort zone to do something that is different from their regular concerts. After such a long and incredibly successful career U2 still look for new challenges to prove their relevance and grandness again and again. Instead of resting on their well-earned laurels, they go the uncomfortable way to develop and expand both their music and possibilities of presentation in order to keep their art fresh and contemporary. That is the reason why this band still makes us experience new exciting adventures full of surprises and creativity. Yes, it;s a musical journey! Talking about possible set lists, Larry gives us an insight into the band;s earnestness to choose their songs carefully. Without the "bells and whistles", as Larry puts it, the band will get another great chance to concentrate on the essential thing U2 is about: the exceptional chemistry between the bandmembers and the audience. Having delivered such an incredible amount of outstanding and groundbreaking music and live shows, U2 would not have to prove anything anymore, but they still want to prove so much! With Glastonbury the band will encounter a new and maybe younger audience. May many of them leave the festival as die-hard U2 fans!
Why is Glastonbury not in Denmark Larry
Great to hear you Larry. Give the drums all U can....
I hope some more fans can be made after friday
Lazmundo :)
Brilliant interview, I know that the setlist will be perfect and I am jealous of everyone who will be there to experience it!! Lift Glastonbury off the ground :)
Loved every minute of this interview, Bang Bang. :P I think the band and the fans are going to have an amazing time. I hope those of us outside the UK get to see some footage on here.
No pressure
Presence is everything. Nice to hear the percussionist ringing in.
Good to hear from you Larry!!
Great interview from Larry. So good to hear you are fired up for this gig and think you have something to prove! I think the band plays their best gigs when there is some pressure on them!! Go get it...........blow Glastonbury away!!!!!!!!
goo Larry!
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