'It's here…'

5 Nov 201941

'It's here…'
'It's here!. Thank you #U2 for this amazing CD set - sounds great in my living room. Bass on 10! How fun seeing three shows I attended on the track listing.'
The limited edition double CD 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE' is now arriving with U2.comsubscribers across the planet. AND ALL 22 TRACKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD. (When  you're signed in, click Account Info on the tab at the top right of the page.)
'This has to be my favorite U2.com subscription gift EVER. So many memories attached to each of these songs, being 6 of them from concerts I actually attended. Good job guys…'
Check this thread in Zootopia where people are posting images and video as they receive their copies in the post.
'Got mine today.  Happy to see a song from a concert that I attended.  I've been listening to it non-stop today.  Awesome package with the pics and sound quality. of the tunes.'
'This is a great gift. The set list for both Cd's is amazing. It follows how the songs were performed during each tour, with the exception of The Little Things That Give You Away. But this song is still toward the end which mirrors how it was performed during JTT 2017. Plus, the accompanying booklet of images from each tour is a nice touch too.'

'Well done guys. You topped the U22 gift.'
There's more comment on social media, like this on Twitter from @tillDecember.
'Just listening to the U2.com subscriber's gift downloads. They are brilliant and the Iive versions especially...'
Got your own copy yet? 
How do you like it? Bring back some memories? What about the track listing or artwork? Tell us all about it by adding your own review of 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'  in the comments below - and then joining the conversation on Zootopia.

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wow Mamma mia !!!! e-mail arrived last Friday. today the news that all the songs available for download. a double live album that demonstrates the power of this band. simply magnificent, now I wait for my copy to arrive but the wait will be lighter. THANKS GUYS FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT! AND EVERYONE MUST UNDERSTAND AND REMEMBER THAT ANOTHER ROCK BAND LIKE U2 DOES NOT EXIST !!!! ALWAYS U2, THESE BOYS HAVE STILL HAVE A LOT TO SAY!
Thanks so much, U2!!! I love live tracks. Now we have all 23. "I've been waiting for so long..."
Great CD but the booklet could be better
Great CD tracks. Well done! Love the Crystal Ballroom. The booklet, I was expecting more. Seems average. Hopefully, someday we will get better quality products as a subscription gift. Luckily no more vinyl's.
wow!!!! Great Songs and Great Sound
I have my subscription gift: U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE the sound is amazing!!!!, Great songs selection. The artwork is pretty good, one more to my U2 Collection.
Thank you!
Release a "Best Of" classics from these two tours please. Even if it were only in a digital format. A live Acrobat needs an official release. Many thanks for these live releases over the years. Cheers!
u2 ka
Thank You!
What an amazing gift from the lads! As a long time fan going back to the propaganda days I really appreciate this beautiful looking and sounding gift!
Love the live cd's!!
The Cd's are great. I loved seeing 'Love is All we have left" from NYCB Live in Uniondale, NY. My 11 year old son and I went to that show and it was amazing. It was his first U2 show and he loved it. I am so glad this was the U2.com gift this year. U2 really come to life in their live shows and it is great to relive those moments!
Good morning everyone! today I'm a little sad, because I can't see the new tour. and also because I have not yet received my e-mail confirming the shipment of the double cd. but I hope my copy will arrive soon in Italy. but I'm also happy because finally all the tracks are downloadable. and in the meantime I can still listen in full to an absolute masterpiece. beautiful songs and great sound. thanks U2 TO EXIST. I LOVE YOU
Love it! any chance of a bonus disc being the next gift? you guys played a lot of different tracks from the past that hadnt been played in years or ever, like acrobat. please release that as the next gift? with downloads?
Waiting Patiently
...for my copy to arrive. It looks absolutely great. When should it be hitting my doormat?
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