It’s This Friday...

8 May 2017

#U2TheJoshuaTree2017 opens at the end of this week in Vancouver.

Pin back your ears and you might just be able to hear the band rehearsing.

Is it really thirty years since these songs first arrived? If that 1987 tour was special, this one could be even more so.

We’ll be running a live social feed on the site as we build up to opening night - and every day for all the shows.

Follow below to share the experience of other fans and, if you’re in Vancouver or on your way, use #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 for all your photos, comments, selfies, and videos.

Stay tuned - it’s all about to kick off!



    30 Sep, 2023

    Opening night for U2:UV at Sphere in Vegas and here's what went down.

    30 Sep, 2023

    Overwhelmingly positive response from media, fans worldwide.

    28 Sep, 2023

    'A love song to our audience…' 

    28 Sep, 2023

    Dance party at Zoo Station with Pauli The PSM at 7pm tonight.