It's No.1

11 Mar 200959
From Australia and Canada to the US and the UK, 'No Line On The Horizon' has shot to the top of the charts all over the world in its first week of release.

The new album has debuted at number 1 in 30 major territories around the world: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland.

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I cannot believe that now that I have a second favourite band they will be teaming up with my fave - oh to be in the US for the U2/muse combo. Please replicate in Australia
what a work of art
It takes some attentive listening to fully get into this album and discover its sophisticated composition, different layers of music, heavy lyrics...and brilliance. Maybe one of the best albums the boys have ever delivered. Can't stop listening to it! Well deserved, completely new, completely different, but always U2. That's what I have loved these guys for 27 odd years now. Can't wait to see them onstage performing the album.
N # 1
Hello ! Hello ! This album will be number one for a long time. I am very happy that right here in my country the album it is already number 1. Right now al the brazillian fans are waiting the tour dates. Keep on rockin boys. Cheers from Brazil, Luiz Fernando.
Glad to see its number 1. Like many I was a little disappointed in GOYB but it grew on me. The rest of the album is inmy humble opinion their best work since AB. Magnificent is now one of my all time favorites and I believe if released as a single could actually get played on top 40 stations.
the story goes on!
Great album! excelant renewd site, and honest ,good organised system of pre-sale, can't wait for show number 16 - stil no end to this superbe rock&roll story-stil no line on the horizon in sight : YES!
What can you say, U2 MUST go down as one of the most powerful influences in music history. It is the third masterpiece in this brilliant band's discography. HTDAAB tried to achieve it but fell short. Magnificent and Unknown Caller are the new U2 anthems for ever, massive spine tingling songs. Moment of Surrender and Fez. - Being Born are among U2's greatest songs too- inspiring and moving. those 4 are the big four. There are some funky tracks like Stand Up and GOYB. White As Snow Breathe and Cedars of Lebanon are somewhat removed from the normal U2 formula and probably the songs that need further listens to be really appreciated. The last two songs - NLOTH and I'll Go Crazy are workmanlike U2 songs that complete one of U2's greatest album.
from Slovenia
I Think the best album after achtung baby. I think "boys" still have something to say in a loud kind of way. I welcome new tour and finaly after 20 years my dream in Berlin will become wishes on new album and you still havent found what are your looking for. Future album will be even batter than the real thing :)
Album is great, I love Stand Up Comedy =). Unknown Caller is then again not so great, but WOW!!!
After reading the lukewarm reviews and not being overly impressed by GOYB I was blown away by NLOTH.Spiritual,ethereal and filled with gems that get better with every listen.Dont worry about singles to appease radio stations this album must only be heard in its entirety. Please please please bring the tour to Australia!!!!!!!!
Magnificent album !
Magnificent album: between JT and Achtung, certainly the album of the balance! Balance between the riffs of the Edge and the voice of Bono, the balancewith therhythmic part. Fan in the debuts of U2, then disappointed by ZOOROPA and POP, I returned towards U2 thanks to ATYCLB and HTDAAB. I find a very very great U2 with NLOTH, my 14-year-old daughter also likes this album and we hope we can obtain tickets for the concerts of this summer in Europe.
They've done it again
Tell me another band in the world that has been doing what these guys have been doing and for as long. This album has echoes of Actung Baby and I love it for the positive, hopeful messages that U2 always bring. Refreshing when it seems so many artists think the way to sell music is only to focus on the dark side. These guys continually give me magic and soulful escapism - which is what music should be. They've been doing it for me for nearly 3 decades. AWESOME and RARE. Martynne
very good
Very good album, i think it would have been better with a different running order tho. I think 1. No line on the horizon 2. Magnificent 3. Moment of Surrender 4. Get on your boots 5.I'll go crazy 6. Unknown Caller 7. White as snow 8.Stand up comedy 9. Fez 10. Breathe 11. Cedars of Lebanon wud have gone much better. I also think they should have gone for another killer track and left Fez off the album. Excellent album tho.
Excellent piece of work!
Number 1 in Portugal too, of course! :-) No doubt that this album isn't made to be loved at the first listen. IMHO that's great. Every album U2 made that took time to grow on me, stood the proof of time. No Line on the Horizon, Magnificent, Moment of Surrender, Unknown Caller (took most time to grow), Fez-Being Born, White as Snow, Breathe and Cedards of Lebanon are great songs. Theremaining songs are good, with I'll Go Crazy... being the least appreciated by my ears. U2 are still able to make me cry and shiver while listening to an album... no more comments...
No 1 in Timbucktoo
It's even No 1 in Timbucktoo !!! They're the best !
I just don't get it
I think they're just trying too hard to be different and relevant. I'd go see a U2 show no matter what, but this album didn't jump out and say: "YOU GOTTA PLAY THIS LIVE". Boots is fun... Cedars is decent... Fez is alright. I've listened a bunch and I just don't get what everyone's peeing their respective pants about.
Hungary No1  U2 No Line On The HorizonUniversal Music   Wow!!  great album!!
Magnificant Album
After hearing track by track and taking in the vibes of each song I felt a feeling like when The Joshua Tree was released. It has abit of a mixture of The Joshua Tree and Zooropa blended together and I have to say that the upbeat songs like "Get on Your Boots","Magnificant", "Breathe" have strong driving basslines that only Adam Clayton could come up with and again strong lyrics from bono and mysterious guitar riffs from the Edge and hard pounding drums from Larry make this album another masterpiece for this gifted and if not the best rock goup of all times.People might not agree with me becausethere was"The Beatles","Led Zepplin", The Who","The Rolling Stones" just to name a few. My point I'm getting at is that this band has been around for more than 25 years and have racked up 22 Grammysand have never broken up or hada replacement musicians. Thisgroup has to be thebest of all time.My 7 year old son John Michael Loves U2 and is so excited about going to see them on the360 Tour. Thank you U2 for giving us great and inspiring music.Regards, John and John MichaelGonzalez : )
No. 1 - agreed!!
Like magsieboy, I waslukewarm when I heard Boots on the radio before No Line was released. But Ibought the album the day it came out; no worries!!!!! Incredible work!!!! These guys are still at the top of their game after 30 years.
An Cat Bob
I wanted to hear that classic U2 sound & I am overjoyed that they have delivered - esp on Breathe / Magnificent / NLOTH + Moment..... Edges Geetar brill !!!
It's what they do!
I have listened to U2 since 1982 and I have enjoyed the different albums over the years. The new one, has given a new feel to a veteran band. I believe that Magnificent delivers to the listener what a true U2 song is all about. It has the sig sound of The Edge and the vocal ability of Bono. The build ups of Larry and the Dynamic bass ranges of Adam. Good job guys and I will see you in Dallas.
In Spain too
It's no.1 in Spain too and you totally deserve it!!
What could have been......
If U2 had of persued the possibilites of the title track and Fez-Being Born for example, the album could have really broke new ground, not just for U2. Lanois and Eno where once avant-garde but have now out stayed their welcome.NLOTH is new but not fresh. Ilike it, but play it back to back with POP or Achtung Baby and then comment. BTW, does any one thinkthe title track NLOTH's riff is The Fly?
Great Album
It's a cracker, I hear bits of AB, I hear bits of UF... it's a record thats just not off my turntable.
Magnificent Grammy
With its haunting bass and poetic lyrics, No Line results in what might be the greatest set of works since Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum and Actung baby. U2 continues to focus on the whole album....not just radio releases, to complete the process of making a great collection. I have always been more impressed with how the entire album comes together rather than the sustainability of a couple of songs. This will be album of the year and Magnificent will be song of the year.
Common Loon
It's No. 1
And so is this band. Congratulations, all of you. No more silly comments from me. Your hearts were on this album, bruises and light, and it's truly beautiful in its honesty, humour, and pointedness (in parts).This achievement is well-deserved and I wish you a successful tour. Time for me to fek off to get some of my own work done now. Peace always....
the album is something out of this's simply brings magic in my HEART!!!!! I'm from Croatia!!!!!!!!
Lovely strange great album
This is a strange album...U2 change their direction everytime but the sound is great...beautiful words...and I'm waiting for the concert!...I love you guys
rdt1 gets *****
credit where it' due - redux is a treat! exclusive, timely, newsworthy, fun. oh, and the album ain't bad either...
When they come in RUSSIA
The album is trully phantastic!!! But U2 wasn't in Russia since 1988/ it's too bad///
INCREDIBLE accomplishment!
Having been a true-blue fan of Achtung Baby for all these years, I must say that with each listen THIS album promises to take it's place in my daily feed! Beautiful, spiritual & exciting & MAGNIFICENT Great job boys, & thanks for all your hard work. You did it!
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