'Lace Up'

1 Dec 200913
Bono's been in London to mark the launch of (NIKE) RED with some of the world's finest footballers including Didier Drogba, Joe Cole, Andrei Arshavin, Marco Materazzi and Denilson.

The first product launch is (NIKE) RED laces, specifically designed for football boots... but apparently Bono's been wearing them regularly on the 360° tour.

Nike will sell the custom-designed red laces under the banner 'Lace Up. Save Lives,' and the proceeds will be split between the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and football-based community programmes aimed at educating people about AIDS.

The plan, said Bono, is to 'turn up the heat' on politicians over the HIV and Aids crisis in South Africa because it's possible to turn the situation around, especially with the world's focus on South Africa ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

Check out the RED blog.
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Snowball effect
Wow, im sure Bono and everyone who helped create the (RED) Brand are over the moo with how it has just snowballed ito something massive,very cool and more important raising millions of pounds to help fight poverty and disease in Africa. Im a proud owner of a (RED) Nano iPod,which people always comment on, also a wicked pair of (RED) converse. Bono is a genius!!!
a goal for the AIDS combat
It was a great act to the combat of AIDS, I'm from Brazil, here football and Aids combat are seriously, and think that the football united with the Aids combat can change the mind of the people and governants, save U2.
Chelsea is my favorite football club! and it is so awesome to see Didier and Bono teaming up for something so awesome! So weird, I was wearing my John Terry Chelsea kit when I read about the (RED) Nike laces on the news! I am gonna go and buy some laces for my football boots right right now!
buy (RED) today and everyday after
I use my (red) Starbucks card daily, have my (red) shirts from the gap, along with my (red) ipod and my (red) Dell netbook. I love that when I buy something, it's making a difference to so many people who, if they lived in America, their ability to receive life saving drugs would be so much easier. I'll buy the (red) laces too!
World Aids Day
I just bought 3 pairs of laces. I don't have football shoes but I will find some creative way to wear them.
Lace them all
Great opportunity. The worlds biggest sports event in 2010. Promote the Laces with the FIFA president, world press conference, or surprise him. Lets see if he is still smiling. Make a list! every country in the competition, press conference in each country. Get them all to wear them. They were a GOOD LUCK charm for Drogba. 3 great goals, his own words. The delegation is working. HIV and AIDS is on the increase in the west again. Not good. too much complacency! Get the Irish Rugby team on board next, then tennis, then golf. Maybe the French football team too ;) Thierry in Red laces? why not. Glastonbury? GREAT move. Make it VERY special there. Live you-tube around the world for this gig? YES! Let the world into this great vibes event, the festival will love it. But make it spiritual. It's the greatest festival in the world, an example and inspiration. Play songs we haven't heard in years, some acoustic, a gospel choir, then Rock the foundations. Be seen hanging out, see some bands, pitch a tent. The Red campaign is getting bigger, and thats great. 'Moment of surrender' should be a single!
We support Red Don't U
We support RED - Take a good look around you and consider supporting -http://www.u2tourfans.com
Lace up for AIDS
The shoelace promotion is a very good thing, everyone could use new shoelaces and in the process they are helping the RED organization to someday eliminate AIDS all together, throughout Africa and the world.
how do you say?
Thank you Bono, again, for your endless commitment over helping the needed ones! How do you say thank you in African??
Wot a legend Bono is. Where do his ideas stop...? Will definately buy some.
World Aids day
Im for sure going to buy these today :)
I wore my (red) Inspi(red) shirt today, bought (red) coffee from Starbucks, bought my (red) Christmas cards at Hallmark, cleared out all the (red) shirts at the Gap in Pasadena on the day of the Rose Bowl show, and I'm in the (red)zone for THREE U2 shows this summer! I don't play football or soccer, but I will probably buy some of the laces TODAY! Valentina
World Aids Day
Great Idea about the Nike shoes! Hoping the heat is turned way up & those in South Africa suffering with AIDS become a priority during the World Cup! Yeah Bono!
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