Stepping Out In Ireland

12 Apr 201317
It's Walk In My Shoes day today with Adam joining Royseven, The Original Rudeboys, Kathryn Thomas and others in raising funds for St Patrick's Hospital Foundation and its mental health services to vulnerable young adults.

Across Ireland people are hosting funky shoe days at work or school, organising sponsored events, volunteering as street collectors... or simply making donations. Now in it's second year, Walk in My Shoes aims to encourage people to talk about mental health issues and raise funds for support services for those who can't afford them.

Find out what's happening or make a donation or check in on Facebook  or Twitter (@WIMS2013).

The idea came from a young service user at St. Patrick’s University Hospital who said he wished his friends could ‘walk in my shoes’ so they could gain a better understanding of mental health difficulties. Suicide is the number one cause of death amongst 18-25 males in Ireland, with over 75% of mental health difficulties beginning before 24 years of age.

'Growing up is hard enough to navigate without any health issues,' explained Adam, an ambassador for Walk In My Shoes. 'Teenagers need a lot of support, and vulnerable teenagers even more so. By helping to give every vulnerable teenager someone to talk to about their concerns, Walk In My Shoes is doing very valuable work.
'I'm happy to raise awareness and funds and I hope everyone will join me in wearing stylish and mismatched shoes on April 12th.'

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I was there
Was a good turnout although Adam was not there...i spent a few days in Dublin with some awesome Zootops we were there too see a great Irish band called Friends of Emmet. I wandered up to St Stephens Green and watched the walk spoke to a few people there and then done a report for the radio station i am on.
seriously does my head right in!. I have a low tolerance for it, i can't even drink any soft drinks of any kind with caffine and thats pretty much most of them. I get really anxious and its a horrid feeling. These kids drinking energy drinks all day freaks me out. You dont get 'hits' for free, theres always a price to pay in the end. Nice to see someone doing something positive about mental heath and even better its a top guy from our band.
Really nice and fun!
Thanks Adam for helping young people who needs it with such a cool project! :)
Angels walking on...Ireland
My bass god as usually helping people. Love it! When would we learn?
American is Walking too!
Adam, I'm wearing my funky footwear today too!! Sending love and support from the USA for Walk In My Shoes!
Funky Friday, Indeed
12 April, sporting funkiest footwear ever. Adam Clayton, thanks for being the U2 king of cool.
Happy belated Birthday
Happy Birthday, Adam. Walking in my shoes is a real cool projekt! Be blessed
Happy Birthday Adam. Cheers! hug Tiago Ferraz U2 Bass Cover - Brazil
Walk to humanity
With his involvement in this wonderful project Adam contributes to a more human world where young people find much support and understanding. Great initiative!
I'm with ya, Adam!
Last year I gave in honor of your birthday, and I'm doing it again this year! I'm happy to see you're still with it. Keep up the great work! (Fantastic picture of you with this news report! Wow! I'll take a signed 8x10)
Good going, Adam!
Sounds like a very worthwhile "cause" to be involved with. The work you guys do outside of being rock stars is one of the reasons I love U2. But the music is always fantastic!
Walk On - Stay safe tonight.
And I know it aches, and your heart it breaks, and you can only take so much - Walk On. Thank you, Adam, for not leaving this issue behind. Good Man. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The future needs a big kiss, sorry, shoe
Good to know that my musical gods are here on earth trying to help out society. Hopefully more countries would join his cause in the future. Pity I can't see this show in Mexico, lots of young adults and teenagers would benefit immensely from this...
Adam's Journey
Lets hope theres a big turnout for this event ,CMON GUYS guys ,get on your boots:)good on ya Adam :)
Great cause
Well do Adam & the rest of the people who make this happen.A huge thank you.
Very, very kind
A great initiative. Comes from a warm heart without a doubt. Greetings from the Netherlands, Tom
Holy Joe Mo
my favorite bass player
Thanks Adam, You are the best! Your friend, Holy Joe
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