Lift Off! Here's What They Played.

30 Jun 200968

At Camp Nou, Barcelona, it's the first night of the new tour and here's what they played. Was it what you expected?

First show report here.

No Line on the Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful DaY
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Angel of Harlem
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding LIghts
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender.
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Snowpatrol got the ball rolling..
Came from Scotland to Barca for the gig, my gal was a U2 virgin but no more!!! Sound was incredible, stage and lights were fab, no complaints about any of the tracks played, loved every min of it. Thinking since we're here till Friday may try and get a ticket for Thursday!!! Wish they would come to the Iron Works in Inverness.... Favourite tune... One, cheers laddies!
someone forgot that there was onother album to put in the list????? maybe one of the best???
I was here!! And it was amazing, fantastic show, really, now i wait for tomorrow and repeat the great experience. Thanks!!
Dreaming in Barcelona
The First Night On Earth couldn't be better. Incredible playlist, F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C sound, beautiful scenario and Bono enjoying as a teenager. The best moment? Uummmm... each second. But Ultraviolet transported us to the best U2 live moments. Nothing else can be described. You need to see it to imagine the dimension of the show. Ahora Barcelona siempre estará unida a la historia de U2. Thanks for that night guys!!!
What a set............
If they change "a little while" into "Stand Up Comedy" or "Bad"...... it would be even more than perfect.
Bad would be good, nay, Bad would be GRE
I love the setlist with one tweak; PLEASE add "Bad". If you would need to substitute it for something to keep the time down then I agree with blueandgoldfan about subtracting "In a Little While".
Just Fantastic!
2500Km done worthwhile,,, THANK YOU TOO!
very good set!
but no drowning man....drop in a little while for drowning man. then its a great set!. i hope uf and uv make it to the uk shores
Please stop
No more where the streets have no name!!! 22 years is enough!!! That's when I go to the loo at a gig.
Camp Nou
It was beautiful, but I was waiting for something more ... After all we were in front of a spacecraft... It was beautiful when Bono linked to space station
When I look at...
Thank you guys for the time of my life. The Edge, magnificent; Bono...on the other side of silence; Larry you got the rythm of my soul; Adam, the most beautiful smile I´ve ever seen.I loved how you played I´ll Go Crazy... .Big Kiss.
Kings of Barcelona
Great night in Barcelona. I'm still dancing and shouting. Big surprises I can't unveil.
Thank you
Thank you U2, for the last night, I don't have words for explain what was happen yesterday night in Nou Camp (Barcelona) SPAIN I't was fantacstic, wonderfull, MAGNIFICENT. Thank you very much
Best moments of the show
1: Unforgettable Fire 2: Disco version of "I'll go crazy...": Larry walking and running with a jembe hanged! 3: Questions to the international space station "is it really true that the earth is round?" 4: Bono wearing FC Barcelona t-shirt "the only team in world with Unicef logo on its tshirt instead of a brand"
Too many of the new album, surprise oldies, let be honest, this is not a fan set list, this is a COMERCIAL SET LIST. Missed Elevation, wow, they have like 120 better songs. If you want to look like if you are a fan during the concert just hear the new album and the greatest hits 80-90 and 90-2000. Bottom line, this is a bussines not a romance, you need to sell to the crowds. This set list will be the same for the rest of the entire tour, so do not be impatient, ja. I love U2 and I´ve been a fan since 19 years ago, and I would like so much hear at least these 6 songs during a show: Twilight, another time another place, like a song, love comes tumbling, when a look at the world and red hill mining town. I do not expect you are with me.
Amazing Start! The Evolution Begins!
I'm blown away by the set list! It's shockingly amazing that they played MLK and Unforgettable Fire! I'm curious to see how the set list evolves. I know they practiced Drowning Man. Hopefully, I'll get to hear it in Chicago, Dallas, or Houston! Play on!
New era!
How brave; what a choice. Completely unexpected, I can't wait to hear the new songs coming alive. Perfect!
Great list! Can't wait until October. What happened to Electrical Storm??? Larry teased us. Please, please add it to the list for Vegas or Vancouver. I'll be there!
Great set list - (was hoping they might drop a couple more of the standards this time around) - I've often said Unforgetable Fire is my favorite song of all!! Glad you guys got off to a great start!! See you in Chicago!!!!!!
Really good
Ultraviolet was in!!!! Thanks. I missed Elevation, but the list was brilliant
Missing a song
What about Elevation? That's a great song when played live. Love having Unforgettable Fire on the list.
Summer David
Bold and Beautiful
This has got to be the boldest playlist they have come up with! Some of their greatest songs are there. The boys don't cease to amaze me. Can´t wait to see them in the Windy City!!!!
silvia catia
Amazing !!!!
I loved it !!!!!! Finish if "moment of surrender! I cried a lot !!!! LOVELY ...LOVED... I LOVE so much!!!
I think I'm in love
Nice picture by the way. Based on the guitar Edge's playing, I believe they're performing Vertigo . . . I've fallen in love . . . If I die, do not blame them, blame my heart for loving the unknown . . .
Incredible show! I'm still shocked! U2 rocks! the scenary was bigger than I expected. I can't wait to see them again in London on August 15th!
Tears this night in Barcelona listening Unforgettable Fire. Fantastic concert. Thanks. Ultraviolet!!!
Hi! I was the last night in the show... it was beautiful! You even played one of my favourite songs of yours, "Ultraviolet". And many more... I'll be this thursday too in Camp Nou. I just think that the show have to be a little different, just with another songs like "The Fly", "Elevation", "All because of you", "Sometimes you can't make it in your own", "Stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it"... I really love this songs, and all your songs! But this way people can have a different show than this Tuesday... I just hope that you will play it! Especially "The Fly" please... Think about it and try to do it possible! We will thank you! :D
Hope they play this list in Dallas
Strong set! Hope it remains close to the same once it hits the states. Ultraviolet and Unknown Caller need to be mainstays!
lift of was great
out of space into this world, great, grand show. see you in paris, Marco
Can you believe Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet at the same concert? I'm so thrilled... Went to Boston last tour, hope they can come to Brasil on this one!!!
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