Light My Way

27 Sep 200962
Stunning photo by Dana Edelson of the band performing Ultraviolet for Saturday Night Live last night.

The laser jacket lit up the stage and if you've been to the show, you'll remember Bono swinging and singing on the illuminated microphone ...

As well as Breathe, Moment of Surrender and Ultraviolet for the TV audience, the band slipped in With Or Without you for the studio audience. Did you catch the show? Tell us what you thought.

Watch the band at Giants Stadium

Catch Bono at the end of the second Giants show
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Breathe live is like hearing the voice of God!
Sweet Show!
I saw the songs and finally got to see bono in his laser jacket up close!! Really cool. I love the song Ultra Violet and was really excited that they played it!
U2 AWESOME SNL poor Judgement
As a long time SNL viewer, I would like to make a comment on the abbreviated aired performance of U2's third and final song, Ultraviolet-(Baby,baby,baby light my way) on Saturday September 26, 2009. You messed up! Arguably the most popular band in the world was cut off at the stroke of 1 AM (EST) in the middle of a fantastic song - my favorite, by the way. The next thing on was a commercial for an NBC show. Understandably, you want the CARRY OVER audience to see what NBC has to offer. However, it is my belief and my 17 friends who watched U2 on SNL beliefs, that NBC has some real dysfunction (to put it nicely) going on ... because our favorite show with our favorite band was cut off. "Why did they cut it off, dad?" was the #1 comment at 1:00.30 AM EST. It seems that whomever the decision fell to on cutting this show off doesn't care or doesn't want to care about your viewers opinions. Hell, my friend's son who is 15 knew NOT TO CUT OFF or GO TO A COMMERCIAL until the performance was over. A damn shame on NBC's part missing a HUGE television moment!
Light my way!
What a rip off of what was going to be a truly "magnificent" performance! cut off before the end!
Fantastic as usual
It was exciting to watch and get a glimpse of what we'll see in Las Vegas. Not enough concerts in Canada but hey, I'll take a vacation in Vegas any day. Can't wait.
Great performance
to bad the mix was poop poor especially on BREATHE, a super song was lost. MOS, brilliant, again the mix was off. Loved ULTRAVIOLET, the effects notwithstanding. Rating low due to poop poor mix, a 5 on performance
Loved the performance, especially of Ultraviolet, but cutting it off at the end was a crime
It was unforgettable!!
Great performance AS ALWAYS!!! I Attended my first U2 concert LIVE, YEAAAAAAAAH, in Giants Stadium and it was the blast!!! I waited the whole day for SNL and thanks to U2, it was worth waiting for it just for U2!!!
The band was Awesome.. I got all filled up with goosebumps.. Lookin so.....!! forward to the Rosebowl Concert in Late OCT. I cant WAIT!
I Was There!!!
I got in line on Friday at 11 PM to get stand by tickets for the show at 7 AM on Saturday & I was lucky enough to get into the Dress Rehersal. Being there I can tell you the band had a great energy & seeing them in a venue with less than 300 people is simply amazing...something I will never forget. They played Breathe a 2nd time for us for the taping which was even better than the 1st time. The only bad side was NBC Execs would not allow the audience to get to their feet when Bono was asking us all to stand during the songs. If you stood they would tap your head to sit down. Still a great performance that I will never forget!
Left Me Wanting More.....
Stayed up way pst my bedtime to see U2 on SNL. I haven't watched that show in forever. The sketches were horrible. U2 was great. NBC shouldn't have cut them off. What did Bono say when he rapped? I loved that, he's so sexy....
Can't wait until NC!
Great performances on SNL! Please play BAD in NC on Sat. ! I wish u would play for 4 hrs!!
Unforgettbly En Fuego
The band was on fire for SNL. Best performance of Breathe I've seen on video. Looking fwd to seeing them live in Vegas next month.
Not NBC's fault dudes
U2, amazing blokes they are, always perform extra songs for the "in-house" audience, always. Every single other past performance of U2 on SNL was exactly the same, not sure I understand why so many of you are mad at SNL--or NBC. I was simply grateful that I got to see a glimpse of UV at the end! I was glad they let it play as long as it did and frankly so happy for those U2 fans in the audience got to see WOWY too. It is a treat for them, so don't be jealous or upset that is the way it always has been. It would be awesome if could get us the footage, but I understand if you can't. Breathe was amazing, The Egde really melted faces with that performance. And I never noticed that Larry sings on MOS...I have watched the tour so far but never realized he's such a big part of the harmony with Mr. The Edge. The Edge has really got the most amazing singing voice, I have really been wowed by him this tour especially. Bono was very passionate, it was a riveting performance and I could feel his emotion right in my livingroom. I taped it and will watch it over and over. The actual SNL comedy show, save the Weekend Update bit, was just terrible I thought. I'm with the rest of you about that part. Thanks again U2 for such a wonderful treat early Sunday Morning!
Too much rap
Bono sounded drunk! They messed up part of the lyrics too... He was rambling "slide....slide" talking over the music in MOS. Yuck. Ruined the first MOS on national TV. Ultraviolet was AWESOME though!
U2 on SNL
Thought U2 was great!!!!! Thought SNL was stupid, thought NBC was stupid for sutting them out and not let them finish the last song. Hey U2 would love to have you in Cleveland in 2010!!!!! Cleveland Rocks U2!!!!!!
I waited all night on the snl standby line. I was lucky enough to get in the rehearsal show. It was fantastic. I also met Bono face to face and shook his hand up near Central Park before the show. He was very friendly and it is a moment I will treasure forever.
U2 GREAT, SNL a joke (not in a good way)
U2 is the best band to ever be on SNL, and stole the show. The only reason why people watched SNL instead of MADTV on that night. Great song selection, I was so happy to see Ultraiolet, reviving that song was one of the best "surprise" songs in 360, along with Unforgettable fire.As for the SNL show, other than the opening skit, the scenes from SNL were awful. There was not one laugh after the first skit. other than Meghan Fox, thecomedy skits are not worth watching. I am also outraged that the SNL staff put the closing credits over U2 playing. The even more disgraceful thing was that they cut U2 off when they had 2 minutes scheduled of SNL. I think the way SNLhandled U2 was disrespectful, just put the credits on the side, and don't let the actress Penelope talk, and make room for Ultraviolet, and with or without you. From now on I'm only watching MadTv, until U2 goes back on SNL, and personnally I think SNL needs to change a lot abou their show.
to bad NBC chopped Ultraviolet....ruined it
SNL performance
Mesmorized! Absolutely stunning!! Puts all other bands to shame! PERFECTION!
Loved the Show, But
Can't believe they cut U2 short from the home viewing audience. Gee, it's 1am, like anyone would notice or care about a little run over. How Corporate! That must be why their ratings are so low. U2 was the only reason I watched the show. They had a chance to shine with the hottest act of the last 30 years and they put out the "Ultraviolet" Light.
The Embodiment of Ultraviolet
I had the joy of seeing Ultraviolet on SNL. This song has been a treasure in my heart for years. I never imagined I would flip on the TV to behold an ultraviolet disc orbiting the microphone like Saturn whilst Bono clings to the mic with red lasers shooting out of his arms as he swings around the was as if he transformed into one of the shimmering chords of the music and floated around the room like an echo.....sounds wild and strange perhaps, but visually it brought you into the imagery of the music itself - they portrayed what the music LOOKS like. It was stunning. One of the coolest things I've ever seen a band too. Period. I'm obviously biased because Ultraviolet has been a personal favorite for so long. That song has met me in some of the lowest and highest places of my life. They brought it to life before my very eyes. MUSIC RULES!!!!
Enjoyed seeing U2 on SNL, but HATED the addition of rap to the great new songs. Hope Bono doesn't add rap to any of the songs next month when we see the concert. It's a shame to have a beautiful song like MoS and then ruin it with rap..... At $250/ticket, it would be a bitter disappointment!!!! Stick with the great U2 sounds that we know and love! If we wanted to listen to rap, we wouldn't have bought tickets to the show.
U2 Three times in a Month!!??
Thanks for the tip off in NY to watch U2 on SNL this week! Was glad to see the band packed the laser props (& apparel) for the SNL stage set. If they could only see it in the stadium venue... My sister & I traveled 1450 miles to watch Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry rock thier favorite US house. Can't wait to see them again in Oklahoma in the upcoming weeks!!!
3 Songs on SNL...good show! Loved remembering them sing those same songs in Toronto earlier this month. I sang along with them on TV and then to myself the rest of the afternoon. I was a U2 fan before No Line; but now find myself playing it over and over on my Itouch and in my head.
Loved it, but...
I totally loved the performance, but... I feel a little, well VERY disappointed... Missed out the tour in North America (not because I wanted, of course) and I was kind of hoping next year U2 would at least go back there, ...or maybe go back to Florida at least... and seems to me like you guys forgot about that tiny, but faithful piece of land called Latin America... Please don't let me down!! :'(
3 Songs on SNL...good show! Loved remembering them sing those same songs in Toronto earlier this month. I sang along with them on TV and then to myself the rest of the afternoon. I was a U2 fan before No Line; but now find myself playing it over and over on my Itouch and in my head.
Great Performance
It's a shame that it got cut off.
U2 on snl
One word: Amazing. The boys were outstanding. I was just at the SNL studio this past summer on the tour and it was so tiny! Not much room on the stage. I'm glad to have been to a studio like that where they have performed many times. 3 songs! No other band can do that. U2 rocks!!
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