Live From The Rose Bowl (To Everywhere)

25 Oct 2009245
'What time is it in the world and where are we going?' Bono asked after 'Get On Your Boots'. Tonight it was every time on the clock, depended which country you were in as the U2 360°: show went out live on YouTube to millions of viewers on seven continents.

A record-breaking 97,000 fans watched the show live at the Rose Bowl and we've been getting messages from fans all over the world who were enjoying it live online : you were watching in China and New Zealand, in Iran and in North Korea, in Russia and Latin America, in Canada and right across Europe.

From Iceland ('Definitely the greatest economy class I have ever had...') to Peru ('amazing, incredible and exciting...') the whole world seems to have been at the show.

'It's like we are all there at the concert,' said Baadsilver on our Zoootpia live thread 'We ALL have our hands in the air and are singing... crazy tonight for U2.'

Or as one smart Tweet put it, 'This has to be the best U2 concert I have never been to.'

From Breathe to Moment of Surrender, felt like a moment of rock'n'roll history tonight. If you were watching somewhere in the world tonight, why don't you tell us what it was like in the comments box at the bottom of this page - and don't forget to include which COUNTRY YOU WERE WATCHING IT IN.

If you were actually at the RoseBowl post your own review and add your photos on our tour page, or catch the rebroadcast here.

Meantime, even though you know this, here's what they played at the Rose Bowl tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
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It was incredible morning for russian fans when we saw this great show on-line! "Faraway, So Close"!;-) Thank you and we are waiting for Live in Moskow!=)
No line on a Hor I Zon
Truly!!! with U2 there is no Line on a horizon! I love you... I love the fellings that you plant in my hart and my soul... And I am thinking abaut this questions: "What is the time in the world? What we gona do with it?" I know... I still do not know... but I am trying to share my love, my feeling, my emotions... And I can only hope that I will manage to put them in other peoples harts!
Only to be with U2.
I'm in Rome. I woke up at 4 am just to be with you too. Wonderful, fantastic, magnificent. As always.
oh what a night (ehhh morning) , absolutely fantastic as it felt like i was back right in the middle of the concert in Sheffield. It was definetly live in Scotland.
vito ugolin
Only U2 can do it ......
Amazing, I travelled from Dominican Republic on Oct the 12th to see the concert in Dallas, where I enjoyed the show at much, It was a great experience !!! but I could not believed that I had the opportunity to watch the 360 show again online and alive in my house in Santo Domingo; repeating this great experience. Only a band like U2 can do this for their fans.
Thanks for rockin' my apartment!
I cranked up the volume until 3 in the morning here in PA. This is my very first U2 concert EVER and it was free! i liked city of blinding lights,vertigo,ultraviolet(light my way),Breathe,Elevation,mysterious ways,magnificent,no line on the horizon,and i liked when space oddity played before they came out. CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT ON DVD! :D
Totally Impressed
I saw U2 opening night in Chicago and it was amazing and granted there is nothing better than the live experience, but this might have been just as awesome! The whole idea of so many people tuning in to see the show made it feel like for two hours and twenty minutes everybody was joined as one across the world. What a good feeling for sure! It was also cool to experience the claw and the screen from a distance because in Chicago, I was about three rows back on the floor and it was difficult to take in...not complaining by any means! So, props to YouTube for broadcasting the show and thank you to U2 for putting on the show and for never ceasing to amaze me after thirty years...they still sound good, look good and can definitely still rock out....absolutely love you guys!!!
ELEVATION from across the country!!
I really love U2 and have since way back. Finally got to see my first live concert in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta back on Oct 6....I said that now I could die happy!! But then, I watched the concert at the Rose Bowl on YouTube.....and what do you call it when you are happy beyond belief? I'd say that's deifinitely ELEVATION! This band makes history not only because of their wonderful music, but also because thay can bring so many people together....if not physically, definitely we are all feeling bonded together with our neighbors from all over the globe! Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry....I love you guys for all you are, all you do, and all the joy you bring, especially to this fan in South Carolina! mwluvsu2
Simply the Best Band!
Thanks U2 for giving us such great music and awesome concerts!!!! The best in the world!!!!
I've just read A comment by andresbcn made on 27 october,you could'nt be more wrong,i cant believe what you want from this tour,the set list is fine,as is bono's voice,the energy he puts in night after night is 2nd to none,he sings every song with a passion,i've seen this tour all over europe and its changed many times,as often as,joshua tree tour,zoo tv,pop mart,elevation,and vertigo,so no disrespect,you dont know what your talking about,stick to dylan or pearl jam please.Or buy yourself a ticket for Barry Mannalow. U2 BEST IN THE WORLD.
Thanks to this wonderful band by this! The show was magnificent. Congratulations! Silmasam
The view from Sofia, Bulgaria was Magnificent. I saw you guys on the Vertigo tour 4th Oct in Boston, and than again in Zagreb, 9th August...and now from LA, thanks to you tube. I hope i get some tickets for the next summer in Athens and Istanbul. See you in 2010 again.
Many thanks to this band in this spectacular! Congratulations the show was Magnifico! silmasam
What a beautiful morning!!
In a few seconds I was awake!! At 4.30AM I tuned in. JUST SPLENDID!! The kids enjoyed it too!! Thanks & lovely regards from Belgium
Best thanks from Finland!
Thank you U2 for the great touching musical moments early in the Monday morning! Best wake up ever! I have been smiling and humming those songs since concert. I will see you first time live here in Helsinki 2010. Have a Nice Autumn and Keep on Rocking!!!
Live from The Rose Bowl
I seen it from youtube it was greath.I bin to the concert in amsterdam 21 juli.
A good show review
It was nice to curl up in my overstuffed chair and watch this near-perfect video stream with my hubby (twice of course, while texting and notifying all our friends to tune in as well). We had just attended the Charlottesville show (Red Zone) and Phoenix (front row GA) earlier this month. It was nice to get a different perspective on this show without the crowds. The 5.1 surround sound was shaking our house that night. Thanks, U2.
Still high!
What an amazing show! How do they make 96,000 people feel like ONE! Best show ever! Thank you for an incredible ride!
I was at the Rose Bowl for this show and it was MAGNIFICENT!!!! Thank you U2 for your wonderful music. I am so happy to have been there for this groundbreaking show!!!
Thanks for sharing U2
Awesome!!!Can't wait …I still remember the moment when i saw U2❤performance Vertigo tour 2006. Come back to Japan. 
From Switzerland, fantastic show. Thank lads
carolyn forster canada
What a great show. Do it again!!! Thank you so much for coming back to Toronto. I can't wait! It will be my best birthday ever!!!! Continue to love and inspire us.
saw them in Milan last july and now on u2ube!! Simply Magnificent, there are no words to explain how i felt this summer and again this time... great idea to let everyone see your wonderful show, free and also at the same time: i think no one has had a show with more over than 60 million attenders!!! GREAT!!!!!
The concert was awesome as always, but i'd like to congratulate the initiative of the broadcasting at YouTube, it was really a turning point. Thank you again guys, you rock! I've been to the shows at NY and DC in september and now I could see it again from by bedroom in Brazil. Hope they came to play here alive at Morumbi soon =)
Off the hook!!
I've seen U2 twice (in Poland)... Also, I have tickets for few shows in Europe 2010... Although, the youtube broadcast was amazing... Bizzar situation, and due to the time differences seemed to be unreal.. Like a dream :) at 4.30 AM in Poland. The best beginning of day ever!
I loved U2 for 25 years thru 7 tours and 13 shows; I tracked this amazing tour of love every day (at work) I saw the show in Dallas and took my wife to her first in Norman and our hearts pounded all night. we watched together on our computer in Oklahoma at 11PM to U2 from LA and relived all the love. We sang along to our favorite parts. Couldn't sleep all night and buzzed my way thru work on Monday. one word MAGNIFICENT! thank you for coming to NORMAN. We will never forget it! thank you for LA and the world.
U2 Do It Again!
Wow on the whole show. I Can't wait until the dvd comes out. I won't be able to catch a show next year but at least I can watch this! Thanks again guys.
Moscow, Russia
TRUELY AMAZING!! HUGE THANK YOU to U2 and YouTube for this awesome opportunity to see U2 in concert again! I was reliving the concert I had been to in Boston on Sept.20th while sitting in the office in the center of Moscow and working at the same time:)!! Kind of surreal but in fact true!!! Still can't believe the boyz will be coming to Moscow next year, never thought this would actually happen! Waiting for the pre-sale date now:) Thank you Bono, the Edge, Larry and Adam for sharing your talent, love and energy with millions of fans across the globe and time zones!! You are MAGNIFICENT!!
I have seen the show this summer in Amsterdam and Gelsenkirchen and that where amazing and joyfull nights. Sundaynight I woke up at 4.30 and had the whole experience again in my living room in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Thank you U2 en You Tube for making this possible. Keep on rockin.
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