Live From Wembley: Listen Again

22 Dec 200922
Last night BBC Radio 2 broadcast a one hour special from U2's 360° Tour at Wembley Stadium this past summer.

You can now listen to it all over again on the BBC iPlayer.

Bring back some good memories ? Let us know what your highlights are in the comments below.

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Nice One!
Band timing was spot on...Vocals were smooth and clear..sound clarity spot on..should be made into a live disc..
what an amazing atmosphere;been to the friday {14th) show and already looking forward to see them again next year in belgium!!!!
I went to the cardiff show the week after this one, but still brought back memories of the show, my first ever u2 concert, and probably the best night of my life!! I hope they bring out a dvd of the tour
Really a great live show!
On this tour I attended Milan 1 and this night: Wembley 2 has been a special concert, probably the best setlist of 360 tour. I still haven't found, new year's day and an incredible bad were the highest moments. Make a dvd of this night would be a magnificent idea!!
The best 360 show !!
Great to hear that this show was recorded. This was my 19th U2 show and I doubt whether I will ever see a better U2 show , it was unbelievable. The band, especially Bono were on top form. Having seen five 360 shows and listened to every boot of the others , this night was easily the best of the tour. Phenomenal !! I feel privileged to have witnessed it, it encapsulated why I follow this band, the greatest live band in the world bar none !
BEST U2 Concert EVER
I have been a Fan ever since the Unforgetable Fire and have been to every tour since all over Europe Australia and the US. I was at Dublin 2 and Wembley 1 and 2 and also New York 1 for the 360 tour and have to say that this show U2360 Wembley 2 is the very best U2 show I have ever been to. The set list was spot on, the atmosphere was amazing and the Boys were on fire that night. Please, this concert should be heard in Full. I cant believe that the BBC did not play BAD. If you get a chance, check it out on YouTube
CPH thanks!
Perfect with an early Christmas gift. Specially when it was possible for everybody to listen to the live broadcast. Not like the broadcast on youtube, which were limited to specific countries. Happy Christmas :-)
Live from Wembley
superlative and intimate!
Stand still...
NLOTH still an album to discover and be played in show. Please U2 still hungry... For 2010.
There has never been a better live band. Great recording.
Thank you for this great recording! It is sounding great, i wish i could have been there! I was in Milano and it was fantastic. I'm really looking forward to your 2010 shows! I'll be there - for shure!
Great highlights
Really good choice of tracks to highlight this show - well done would be great on a cd! How about it U2.COM???? Please
great memories
Beautiful night...brilliant to hear some of it again
Best show EVER
I went to MANY shows but this one is my FAVORITE, even better than AMSTERDAM!
This would make a great live cd/dvd
I wish that I had been there....great sound quality, and Bono sounds amazing, as does the rest of the band and the audience!! LOVE IT!!
CYCLICAL same same
Yep... Cyclical same same effect...U2 360 office dancing brain candy yoga down replay...Thanks BBC Radio... Yikes Crazy bongo beat gotta go : ).
Wembley-2: this one pop's out...
Wembley-2. I was there, in the RedZone, and as a U2 veteran- if such a thing exists- (fan since the BOY tour) I -and many others that I speak- think this was a very special night. Some evenings on a tour are just more magical than oters. Amsterdam-2 was one. This one was also exeptional. .The setlist (!) Bono, firm on a relaxed way, giving it all and more.. the fans responding just that litle bit extra, giving the concert the opportunity to leave the ground.. I guess you just had to be there to feel it, to understand it. I really think U2 should consider to make Wembley august 15 a DVD. Without a movie director, without all the Hollywood -extra- lights etc: this evening was U2 on Their Best and a DVD would be the best gift to their fans all over the globe imaginable. Common' guys, you can do this. Give your subscibers a bonus DVD, six months after the realease of Rose Bowl.. :-))
Wow, awesome istening - i was there on the 15th. Loved it, went on the first night of the tour and they played better than in Barcelona but that is to be expected. Went to Sheffield and that was possibly the best i have seen them. The only down side to this night was the first 4 songs, they are some of U2's best work yet mostly everyone was sat down which put a dampner on the evening until beautiful day then people realised they were at a rock show watching easily the best and most inovative band in the world, keep on rocking boys. See you in Toronto.
Was this the 14th or 15th of August show? I was there on the 14th!
What A Night.
U2 Wembley wow what a night,thanks Radio 2 for allowing me for an hour to remember the night I became part of the U2 360 show.Being in the round and a few feet from the stage with Bono,Edge,Adam,and Larry moving around us 360 it felt like we were part of the show revolutionary a first U2 doing it again keeping things fresh 30 years in the business but still breaking new ground keeping things fresh and new its so great to be a fan of the biggest and most influental rock band in the world.A band who made it in 1988 and have been at the top of their game since then and will be for a longtime to come long may it continue.U2 the undisputed champions of the world.
u2 live
sounds very good. Is there a live dvd on the way. Or a good live cd? I miss the live cd's from the last tours. Under a blood red sky, ratlle and hum and then there was silince on the live cd side.
One of the Best Recordings Ever?
All in all a superb listen. Devastatingly good. No need to say more
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