Load-In, Load-In

23 Nov 201015
The stage is set, the crew are in position, it's all systems go for Thursday night in Auckland, New Zealand.

The U2360° Tour has landed down under.

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Lets make some noise
Looking forward to next wednesday in melbourne, good old fashion rock and roll, because we like it!!yes we do!!Darren, Whyalla,5600 in gods country.
I wish Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam and all their fans from the other side of the world many, many wonderful, intense and unforgettable experiences! MAY YOUR DREAMS BE REALISED! U2 IS THE MIRACLE WE ALL COME HERE TO FIND! REJOICE !!! :-)
Theyre heeereee!!!!!
Pick my daughter up on Sunday for her 1st ever concert next Wed in Melbourne.Cant wait doing both melb shows.BRING IT ON !!!!!!!
You're so far away
Let's go!! Good luck all. People in Auckland, you're gonna go crazy. I'm soooo jealous!!
You're so far away
Let's go!! Good luck all. People in Auckland, you're gonna go crazy. I'm soooo jealous!!
no title
cool video, just wish it lasted a bit longer...
My Jollies are shaken
Wow finally its here, my Jollies are shaken already. Great vid i look forward to seeing it in the fleash. o the Boys of U2 i look forward to sharing a couple of awesome evenings with you all and welcome again to the lovley shores of NewZealand Kind regards "Anvil"
With my office just a stones throw from Mt Smart and with the wind blowing the right way today, I had the privilege of hearing what is the sweetest sound to grace NZ shores for quite some time as Bono, Edge, Adam and LM JnR did their sound check. JayZ was there to to mix it up a little with a very cool rendition of Sunday Bloody Sunday amongst others. Ive been hooked since Zooropa at Western Springs in '91 as a wee lad when I jumped the fence. Now I have my 7yr old son hooked and one day I'll bring him to the gig so he can see just why his old man is such a fan. CYA 2moro night.
love U2 but....
please be kind to us at such a terribly sad time for all of NZ. I'm so sad for the miners in Greymouth, that I haven't given much thought to my Red Zone tickets that I so should be excited for........I KNOW U2 will pick me up
Hard work but a lot of fun
It'd be quite an experience to sit around for a few days watching all of the cminsg and goings of a load in (not to mention catching the sound checks). Bring it on Melbourne!
gettin' closer
I can't wait till the band get's to sydney! I am very very excited - just getting chills thinking about it - may you rock hard in NZ - see you soon! LOVE YOU U2!!
Hello U2!! Can't waited for Thursday's concert..getting soooo excited!! Hope you guys are gonna play One Tree Hill, One and New year's Day. My 11yr daughter looking forward to it as well Cheers for now
U2 Cravings
So exciting !!! Have been craving our daily dose of U2... J & M & L (Adam's Girls)
Finally, the recovery in Auckland, New Zealand. I would like to be ... U2 I love you forever: =) See you soon, kisses. I will follow through "U2.com "..... loveandpeace83 (U2--forever^^)
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