'Love Is All We Have Left'

23 May 2018

'Love Is All We Have Left'

'Nothing to stop this being the best day ever 
Nothing to keep us from where we should be 
I wanted the world but you knew better 
And that all we have is immortality …''

When & Where
Wednesday May 23rd 2018. Show 11 of U2eiTour  and second night at the United Centre which opened in 1994, Chicago. U2 first played here in 2001 and tonight they played here for the 19th time - more shows than any other artist.

Set List
Red Flag Day returns to the set after missing three shows, to the delight of many, including superman @theeeEdge on Twitter : It's baaaacckkkkkk, where have you been!!?? #BabyItsARedFlagDay !! Here’s the full set list

Social Posts 
Wisdom is the recovery of innocence at the far end of experience

Yes, #iwillfollow my band of 31 years. For spiritual nourishment, to fire up my convictions, to connect with social justice, to rock out, to dance, and per chance to pray. #povertyissexist

U2 Night 2 in Chicago. Best show of the 2018 eiTour!

Fansite Coverage 
U2gigs.com on night 2 in Chicago
Today, U2 performed their second of two concerts in Chicago. It is worth noting that these two gigs have taken place almost 35 years to the day since U2 visited Chicago on the War Tour for a show on 21 May 1983 and saw the exhibition that inspired The Unforgettable Fire. Reports from today's soundcheck indicate that the band worked on Red Flag Day, The Ocean, Raised By Wolves, and Until the End of the World. The soundcheck proved an accurate indication that Red Flag Day would be played. It had been omitted from the past three shows, and slotted into the setlist position occupied last night by Gloria. This is Red Flag Day's fourth live performance to date, and the first time it  has been performed without Gloria in the setlist—the three previous times it has been played, Gloria has also been in the setlist. Raised By Wolves, however, did not make it out of soundcheck. U2 continued with the extended Sunday Bloody Sunday outro leading into Until the End of the World, and tonight Bono recited William Blake's poem Introduction over the start of the song, in the spot where he usually shouts the "comfort me!" ending of the Psalm 23 snippet. 
Bono, in his Macphisto persona, slipped a little Frank Sinatra into his sinister intro to Acrobat tonight. Macphisto, with a cackle, told the locals that "I will always be with you, Chicago—you are my kind of town". At the end of the show, as he wrapped up 13, Bono made an allusion to Walk On, dropping in a mention of "home, that's where the hurt is".

Experience Of The Day
Mr.AdamClayton (via Instagram)
Yesterday we were able to tell Sebastian the story of #teamadam and gave him shirts for Adam’s wife and daughter which he handed to Adam in his car before they drove into the venue. During the show I managed to direct Adam’s attention to the Team Adam sticker we put on the rail and he recognized it! He gave a sweet little nod and a big ole smile. Our amazing friends got the whole thing on video and I’m so thankful for how this all played out.

What did Bono Say?
“Welcome to experience & innocence… this is the chapter on our very birth …you know…the sensation of whirling and loss of balance… meaning : this is the moment where it all went to our head… actually… MY head! Maybe Adam’s head.., Larry & Edge are fine!" (before Desire)

“Ashley Judd right in front of you” who is in the audience. “On her way to the Congo… we send her off with love… keep safe”. 

Shoutouts to the One Team, Gayle Smith & Bobby Shriver, also in the house

"I've been 11 for most of my life, but after some serious work of a spiritual nature I'm now 13” (intro to 13)

If You Had To Pick One Song
@ReginaIBCLC (Via Twitter)
‘From the first time I heard it, I knew #AmericanSoul would rock the @U2 house, and it did. Loved it! Last night was awesome’

Review On U2.com 
lipo65 : ‘I finally figured it out ! Songs of experience isn't just a concert or collection of songs, it's your most relevant manifesto yet’

@RED (via twitter)
Thank you so much @UnitedCenter employees for helping to support @RED and the fight to #endAIDS in honor of @U2 last night.

If you were at the show, add your own photos and reviews here


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