Lucifer's Hands in New York City

24 Jul 2015

'Punk rock party in a suburban home
Everybody’s famous here but nobody’s known
We got no music cos the speaker’s blown apart...

Lucifer's Hands on the 'e' stage tonight as the band continue to mix up the set list on the fourth of eight nights at Madison Square Garden. Here's some of our highlights - if you were at the show, add your own reviews and post your photos below.

This after I Will Follow:  'Hello. How are ya? Let's have a look at you. Hmmm! Wow. Let me see. Do we know you from somewhere? Thats right… we live here! This is Madison Square Garden. Adam Clayton has brought his own antique door knobs..
'Yes… we’ve moved in…'

'Here I am age 18 in the box room of Cedarwood Road writing a song to try to impress a girl called Alison Stewart. Our daughters are here tonight. Trying to impress them now.' Song for Someone tonight was a song for everyone.
'If there is a light you can’t always see
And there is a world we can’t always be
If there is a dark that we shouldn’t doubt
And there is a light, don’t let it go out...'

Marcella is up on stage for Mysterious Ways and Marcella has all the moves, along with her national flag that reads, 'We are waiting, U2 in Colombia.' We've never been to Colombia, Bono tells her, but that would be a 'special thing for us to do one day and perhaps you'll come back on stage and tell the good people of Colombia that we're at their service.'

Another surprise. The Sweetest Thing, with Bono on the piano. 'I went from a one  finger guitar player to a one  finger piano player and it feels really good...'

Before leaving the 'e' stage, a potential collaborator is spotted in the audience and after a quick Edge-Bono conflab, All I Want Is You is into the set list and Paulo from Brazil finds himself on guitar. Looking like he can't quite believe it. As Bono riffs from Van Morrison as the song closes, Paulo is also 'floating into the mystic'. Until Bono tells him he can keep the guitar at which he explodes with joy.
Lisa (@princess3730) was also happy that All I Want Is You turned up: '21 shows and U2 Has never played my favorite song and they play it tonight! THANK YOU '

Lots of shout-outs to lots of special guests in the house tonight. Among the ones we heard were: 'Jimmy Page right in front of you' during Beautiful Day which ended with a snatch of Led Zeps 'Good Times Bad Times'; Jimmy Iovine and Nancy Pelosi during the intro to Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion; Jay Z at the end of 'Streets' and a line from The Alarm's Blaze of Glory somewhere  in 'Bloody Sunday' - must mean Mike Peters in the house.

What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos here.


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