Manhattan Diary

4 Mar 200969
Bono's keeping us a video diary, and with No Line On The Horizon released today, here's his first entry . .

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So cool, feel like a companion on the journey, a great idea Bono. Thanks!! xx
The Real Griffo
Way cool, way cool!!! It's like getting to see one of my best friends every day even though your out of town. Can't wait to see more Bono. Love & Peace from The Real Griffo
u2 Way
I was front row of the unveiling of the street. Bono I had my camerea in your face..ha Love the new album!
Keep it coming
Of course, I enjoyed this and I'll look forward to more. I do have to say that I've also REALLY enjoyed that Adam has taken the lead - so to speak - in producing the short vlog stuff so far.
As soon as that "U2 WAY" sign comes down , im climbing that damn pole like King Kong and putting it back up!
Feeding our hunger
All of us starved fans are certainly getting our fix this week and it's been a thrill! I love the video diary idea; would love to get the band's perspective on how thesongsare being received this week... I plan to keep checking back.
Brilliant idea!
I do hope Bono sticks with it, to the best of his ability.
Camera man
Bono, as a singer/composer you are MAGNIFICENT, but as a camera man... Great video! Enjoyed every minute of it! :) Ana Vitti - Ultraviolet /Brazil
I hope he does not mean 4 entries for the whole This is a great thing he is doing and I look forward to it. The new album is awesome as usual :o) John, Brooklyn, NY
Karla Anne
thanks for doing this
our love knows no bounds. there is no voice i'd rather hear this frosty morning. xoxox
Thanks for bringing us on your trip Bono! Loving the up-to-the- minute feel of the new look site!
New Tour
Hey! Great job on New Album, Bono!!! I will definitely visit one of your concerts. Would you paste in the old song "Acrobat" onto any of your concerts? It's a favorite song of millions of your fans, but has not been played for years. Thank you for being. Sergy, Russia.
Bono street man
...but not videocamera man!!;) You may learn with time...Good week in a sunshine snowy NY!
Thanks Bono!
Good work! Will be fantastic to follow your video diaries & feel that little more involved. And listening to that gorgeous accent is no chore either!
Much appreciated Thank you!
Thank you Bono! Please keep on doing that when U2 are on tour! That would be cool and fun. This is something that I think all members love! :-)
great video
I just loved the video. What a fabulous year ahead with Bono and No Line on the Horizon. The movie is like being part of the family!
thanks so much for making the effort to post this. you are true inspiration bono and i love seeing you upclose and personal. please continue these posts even as the times get crazy w/ album & tour. we love you!
Diamond Lil
Bono video
Ha ha, I love that I'm not the only one who is handheld video challenged. Great vid Bono, can't wait to see more over the next year. I wanna know where you got your glasses, they are too cool, I want a pair! Luv ya from Phoenix, AZ. Lil
can you imagine?
just driving down the street, you look at the car next to yours and some ass has his camera out the window, and it's Bono! CRASH!!
keep em' coming
Wow, I'd LOVE it if this was a regular thing over the next year, what a fabulous idea! Fun, spontaneous, intimate...Thank you and don't stop! (But try to keep the camera pointed at your face:))
Nice one
It's a talking chin.
One step closer
Great vision;and not just from the camera. U2 fans have always been part of 'their' world, but now we get to really see 'a moment in time'. Excelsior!
Can't wait
never a day without Bono :)
Luv it
Love the band, love Bono, love the new album, and love this idea! I will be checking in everyday :)
Cool idea !
Hello ! Hello ! Thecamera moving remembers me a place called Vertigo. Great idea Bono. As a U2 fan I am going to stay tuned to see new videos.No line on the horizon it´s a great album. Congratulations boys, cheers from Brazil, Luiz Fernando.
great to see
Love the idea of a video diary, hoooray. Just gotta work on keeping the camera up a little LOL.
No Line on the Horizon is HERE! Yay! Cool Video Diary B-Man. You are a great cinematographer, hehe. Looking forward to more!Thank you and PEACE!
Bono the videographer
Hi Bono! don't worry, you'll get better the more you do this... just like singing... Kevin in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Love It
I can't wait to see the next installment. Only reason I didn't give a 5 is because camera was not full on for a good portion.
Thanks for the video!
Thanks!! This will be fun...looking forward to seeing the follow-up video blogs. Also, thanks for another great album!!!
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