'Manufactured light'

16 Oct 2023

'Manufactured light'

Eighth show at Sphere is a rambunctious affair, and a marriage proposal is on the table.

'Irish spirit is in the house!' Bono announces early, 'And it's in flirtatious form. Let's get married later!'
'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' replaces 'Angel of Harlem' in the 22-song set, which also includes snippets of Buddy Holly's 'Not Fade Away', Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic', 'When Two Tribes Go To War' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood' and Donna Summer's 'I Feel Good'.

What Bono said

The lead vocalist was in chatty mood, particularly between putting the 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World' balloon away and introducing  'All I Want Is You.'

'I'm not quite sure of the symbolism of the balloon, but I think it's got to burst, is the point. And I must say it takes a lot of work and a lot of clever people to make that magic trick work,' he reflected. 'The people who built this place… we asked the builders and the engineers and the clever people, would they go for a drink with us back in May, and we found a place called Bahama Breeze – you can go to the Caribbean just like that! Anyway, I might have brought a few balloons home from that.  On that occasion we didn't get married IN Las Vegas, we got married TO Las Vegas….'

'Sphere has been a great gift to our band. It could be a cave, it could be a club in Berlin in the '90s, an Elvis megachurch. Later it will be a cathedral of the natural world…but really, it's all just manufactured light without the thing that happens [between] U2 and our audience', he said. 'It's a bonding. It's deep and it's lasted a long time. And for those of you who are new… would you let us put a ring on it, on your finger? You, younger ones... or older ones.'

Shout Outs

'To Terry World', a reference to Terry Lawless, legendary keyboardist and programmer.

From the socials

'Best choir in the world singing again with the best band in this & any other universe! Still haven't found... but we did & found everything we were looking for. #U2 #U2Sphere #U2UV' — @HerzensSonne22 on X '

10/13 Sphere-trying to wind down. I've heard 5 of the 6 shows played…and have been screen grabbing thinking I could leave the alone seeing the show in person. No such luck. Nothing I've seen or heard about #U2/UV compared. I thought I was ready, I'm seriously speechless!' — @BernheimBiz on X

'Question: how can you be inside and outside at the same time? Only @U2 and #SphereVegas know. Incredible!' — @dananews3LV on X

 'Replete. My cup is full and runs over. The U2 show at Sphere Las Vegas astonishes, thrills, uplifts, delights, and also holds rapt with an improbably tender intimacy. You can hear Bono whisper - the sound is so pristine and clear - and even sip his water, it seems. Edge is alchemical. Adam is so funky and my insides vibrated to his bass. Larry, love and miss you, hope your recovery is coming along; Bram, you are doing great!! Congratulations to the inspired crew and team for creating a next wave masterpiece….'  @Ashley_Judd on Instagram


'I think Bono is having too much fun with these songs during this segment....   Having the video for this is really nice.' — SFTV

 'Super silly mood tonight!' — Canadanne

'Nice ending there!  Can't wait to find out about that mystery song from the turntable portion of the concert.' — U22009

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.


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