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17 Nov 201154
Matt McGee of fansite atu2.com is the latest guest writer to come up with their own personal wishlist for 'U22'.

Matt's been to a few U2 shows over the years and when the 360 Tour opened in 2009 he harboured a secret desire for 'a Zoo-TV like tribute to everyone who wanted a greatest hits show.' That explains the 'monster' 'U22' set list he's come up with below. Does it scare you? Or do you love it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

'So this is how Dr. Frankenstein felt, isn't it? But instead of building a monster from disparate parts, I'm trying to build a Best-Of-U2-360 setlist, pulling in songs from three quite different tours that spanned more than two years.

Let's see‚ I'll take the heart of this tour and match it with the brains of this other tour, and then throw in some of the muscle from that other tour. Voila! Our 22-song creature lives!

I'm not usually big on debating set-lists, dreaming up set-lists, or anything along those lines. I prefer to count myself blessed that U2 is still touring and that I'm still able to see a few shows each time. But here's a confession: before the 360 tour began, I secretly harbored a desire for U2 to start each show with a barrage of songs from No Line On The Horizon, a Zoo TV-like salute to everyone who bought tickets wanting a greatest hits show. So, now that U2.com has invited me to play Dr. Frankenstein and build my own version of U22, that's how I'll begin! Ready to meet my monster?'

1. No Line On The Horizon
2. Get On Your Boots
3. Breathe
4. Magnificent
5. Unknown Caller
6. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
8. City Of Blinding Lights
9. Beautiful Day (the Mark Kelly version)
10. Your Blue Room
11. Zooropa
12. Until The End Of The World
13. Bad
14. Where The Streets Have No Name
15. One
16. One Tree Hill
17. Ultraviolet
18. The Fly
19. The Unforgettable Fire
20. Moment Of Surrender
21. Out Of Control
22. '40'

Matt McGee is Founder and Editor of www.atu2.com and author of U2-A Diary (Omnibus Press, 2008).
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Nice job Matt
I mean, nice monster.
please do another dvd for 2010 and 2011
Please do another dvd for the 2010 and 2011 legs of the 360 tour as well.
please do another dvd for 2010 and 2011
Please do another dvd for the 2010 and 2011 legs of the 360 tour as well.
adzzzzzd- Wire
I've got it on disc live, but never seen it live
they should do a DVD as well.
I hope there will be a DVD to go along with this as well
Anyone ever hear wire live?
id say so...
Got to hear Your Blue Room, and One Tree Hill in Chicago. I would even like the Chicago version of Bad where it took a few seconds for Edges guitar to get going. I saw Bono mouth to Adam. "Bad." So I think they weren't going to play it and then did. I heard it was on the set list, maybe they were planning on doing YBR instead and then on stage went back to Bad. Who knows, but I know what I saw and it was special performance...
LOVE for No Line on the Horizon!!
That's a great list, and I love that you started with NLOTH songs! It's an AMAZING album, just like all the others. We all, like you, feel blessed that U2 will still be touring and making amazing music. I LOVE U2!!!!
Not even a considerable track? None the less excellent, magnificent. Anything works and your selection is just as good as any. U2 your words and inspirational tenacity has given me and my family great motivation to be ONE!
Wonderful setlist
I love all those No Line songs in there! Hope to hear them on the live cd.
Almost the ultimate songlist..., but take Your Blue Room out en put Kite in and instead of Get On your Boots add Gloria. Bingo!!
Very interesting and enjoyable setlist,
...Get on your boots is so strained. Even Better would be a better choice. If the CD contained more songs, there could be With or without you, Hold me, Stay and Elevation.
Congrats Matt
Very enjoyable setlist. Not crazy about boots, but hey it was a constant during the whole tour, but would slot maybe Even Better or Spanish Eyes and Beautiful Day should never have been allowed to be played.EVER.. The fart i just let go just now sounded better. Anyway the rest is great, well done
You my friend have hit the nail on the head!
Just perfect Matt!
I wholeheartedly agree with Matt on this one, nicely done. This setlist is what I´ve been looking for, I would buy it, no doubt! MT
unforgettable fire is there! Apoogies :-)
I love the monster
Like Matt McGee I am also glad and grateful that U2 still tour. Whatever songs they play, I love the energy and intensity they put in their music. But of course I also have some favourites I would like to hear on the cd. Luckily he has chosen some rarely played tracks like the melancholic One Tree Hill. Matt McGee;s emphasis on the amazing material of No Line On The Horizon is great. I also selected all tracks from U2;s latest album, because during the 360 Tour I was a bit sad that U2 had given up gems such as Unknown Caller.
This is it.....
...the perfect setlist!
Simply Awesome
Perfect...the ideal U22 Setlist...fingers crossed the cd is very close to this
this is great. although i wlould like to have ''yahweh'' instead of ''your blue room''.
this is great. although i wlould like to have ''yahweh'' instead of ''your blue room''.
Ain't it cool?
Well, Ain't it?
Your blue room
saw this hidden gem in Chicago and what a treat it would be to get this in the live cd. Great set list though and would maybe only substitute Boots with the Unforgettable Fire
Great set list from a guy who knows U2 songs. I saw 20 360 shows and this set list would have been the best in that order. Out of Control , Bad, 40, Ultra Violet, Breathe, No Line etc - absolute gems. Can't wait for the next album and tour. Sick of reading the crap that U2 are going to break up. Why would the best band in the world, with the biggest fan base in the world break up? No chance!!!!!!!
I'd be happy to see that show
Great Setlist. Would start with Breathe though. Such a powerful way to start a 360 show.
Nice one
Great to see streets in there ill go with that set list ;)
To ReFox
Couldn't agree more. Think outside the box on this guys, this is "our" cd. Let's make it special when it comes to some of the rare gems rarely heard live.
Classic U2 Song
I've seen U2 on every tourn since 1985 and would love for them to play A Sort of Homecoming.
I'll buy this one!
where do I sign? you can take out Boots and I'll be happy!
I'd Pay For This one
Awesome job, Matt. I would not change a song or order. I'd buy this one. Perfect.
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