Miracle Video

29 Oct 20146
'I was chasing down the days of fear
Chasing down a dream before it disappeared...'

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signed goodies
Hi U2, Love the new album passionately and it would be great if we could maybe see a proper collectors edition, maybe like a box set of the album and other similar items, signed edition or other goodies, a lot of artists nowadays seem to be offering bundles for collectors, with T-shirt, lyric sheets, sometimes signed. Maybe some edges guitar picks, Larry drumsticks etc... You get the idea also could be a competition, I know there was a one with a limited edition of pressed vinyl lp. Hope I see some collectables maybe on here at some point love you Bono, Edge, Larry & Adam I'm a long standing U2 fan & I always will be xxxx
single what single?
It would be nice to have a limited edition vinyl and CD single for the thousands of U2 collectors. Great video and song though ☺
The Most Beautiful Sound I've Ever Heard
...was also in Norman, Ok. in the general admission area. Hearing the music live that I spent years experiencing through recordings was breathtaking. Bono's thought provoking & powerful vocals, Edge's icy chiming guitar, Adam's powerful driving bass, and Larry's explosive drumming had to be experienced live. Thank you guys for an amazing night!!!
Chadd Bryant
The Miracle Happened to Me!
Loved the video. Almost a celebration for the last 10 years - reminiscent of the Vertigo music video that I love - but also different and new. The new album was the biggest surprise of the year. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the test press version of the vinyl, the iTunes download, the normal and deluxe edition along with the white vinyl. Big fan may be an understatement. All coming from this small town in Oklahoma! Thank you U2 for coming to Norman on the 360 tour. I was able to buy tickets for all of my friends from our small town. 27 friends were general admission from Prague, Oklahoma! Lol. Love you U2! God bless.
Hey 80's! Remember us?
Digging that VHS quality LOL Nice one
Avion Espia
And we were pilgrims on our way...
Something like that happened to me 17 years ago, when I discovered U2. Cheers!
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