More From Grammy Night

10 Feb 2006
Backstage news and cool shots from Grammy night. When Edge came offstage after his fret-blistering performance in the Hurricane Katrina tribute at the end of the show (check our 'guitar-legends' snap with Bruce and Elvis) Grammy Night '06 was still young!

Joining the rest of the band and management who were celebrating in the dressing room (you could hear the cheers from the U2 dressing room in San Francisco when we won 'Album of the Year') who should turn up but the shy and retiring Kanye West - along with his mother and girlfriend. Kanye too did alright for awards on the night, but as Bono pointed out onstage, Kanye is 'Next!'

There wasn't a lot of time to savour the moment: everyone had to brave the press line where the flashbulbs were popping and questions needed fielding from the battalion of reporters. And this time Larry got a chance to speak - earlier his moment had been cut short! Then there were interviews for TV networks including with MTV, vh1 and CNN. (Catch that last one here, it's got, er, pizzas in!).

It was A-List City wherever you looked at The Staples Center and the band bumped into Jay Z and Faith Hill along the way who, like everyone else, were delighted that the Irish had done so well. We thought we were all done until we realised we had lost the singer - not for the first time. No worries, turned out he'd joined in an interview with Kanye!

After that it was off to a party hosted by Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine at the Tom Tom club in Santa Monica - and anyone was was anyone was here. Dr Dre, Green Day, Keane, Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen and the radiant Patti, Sheryl Crow, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and various Coldplay types dotted about the place. Even though it was now in the small hours, what with the pool and the dancing, the phone calls home to Dublin, the champagne and the was a pretty great way to get ready to fly to Mexico!


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