19 Jun 2009


'My visits to New Orleans gave me a firsthand look at the devastation which tragically destroyed the lives of thousands. The area's rich and spirited culture must continue to be restored. Providing musical instruments through Music Rising will not only help the professional musicians but all the churches and schools in need... Music Rising is dedicated to helping (people) regain a foothold on their future but will also ensure that one of the Gulf Coast's greatest assets, its music, will rise again.' The Edge.

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Music Rising was launched to rescue the musical culture of the Central Gulf region of the United States from the destruction caused by the catastrophic hurricanes of the summer of 2005 by replacing musical instruments lost or destroyed in the deluge.

It was created in November of 2005 by The Edge, Bob Ezrin and Henry Juszkiewicz with inaugural partners Gibson Musical Instruments, Guitar Center Music Foundation, MusiCares and Musicians Friend. Through contributions of these and others, Music Rising provided replacement instruments to 2,700 professional musicians from the Central Gulf region. That was Phase One.

In September 2006 Music Rising began Phase Two with a performance by U2 and Green Day at the Superdome in New Orleans saluting the people of New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints who were returning to their home building for the first time since the devastation. Phase Two was dedicated to helping churches and schools who were affected by the hurricanes to rebuild their music programs by replacing the instruments that they lost in the devastation.

Music Rising has helped to give music to tens of thousands of Parishioners and Students in the region but the work is not finished. Phase Three is dedicated to supporting Community Musical and Cultural Organizations and Events.


16 Jun, 2024

Mofo is the sixth release in this year's series of digital Deep Dives and B-Sides.

12 Jun, 2024

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Desire in Las Vegas.

3 Jun, 2024

A thousand shows and counting. Showtime with A J Rankin.

29 May, 2024

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Live from Vegas, 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World'


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