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10 Jan 201019
The Irish Film Institute in Dublin's Temple Bar was the location for a charity premiere of the Davis Guggenheim directed documentary. On a frozen night Edge provided some warm words - and good gags - before the screening: 'Jack White and Jimmy Page couldn't be here tonight but I don't think you'll miss them too much!'

With Bono, Gavin Friday and other friends in the house, Edge made special mention of a couple of teachers from Mount Temple Comprehensive, where Larry, Adam, Bono and Edge first rehearsed together - and which features in the film. 'They were the leading force in getting the band going in the first place.'

After the screening, Gavin told Hot Press he'd been impressed. 'I thought it was brilliant. I'd been a little bit worried about the way it might shape up, but it works and it works really well.
'What's great about it is that it's a film about music. When you think of all the crap we're subjected to on television at the moment, and the awful state that the music industry is in, this is totally refreshing.
'This is what it is really all about - or should be. They're talking about musicianship, about creativity. I think it's a wonderful film.'

In case this is all new to you, the film brings together Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White to share their passion for the electric guitar.

'Discover Jimmy Page's first appearance on TV as a skiffle-playing adolescent. Revisit the humble venue for U2's first gig - a playground ledge in Dublin. And learn how to make an electric guitar, Jack White-style, with a piece of old wood and some rusty nails.'

It opened to great reviews in the US. 'In nearly every moment, an incredibly rich mix of their music, groundbreaking, defining, which alone would be almost enough,' said the LA Times. 'That it comes with a righteous story too is a lovely bonus.'

Check out the photos in our It Might Get Loud gallery and the official site which carries details of the DVD which is now released in North America.

It Might Get Loud is now showing at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin and from later this week at Queens' Belfast. In the UK you can find it in Norwich, Brighton, Birmingham, Southampton, Oxford, Aberdeen, York, Henley, Cambridge, London (Greenwich, Brixton, Hammersmith), Liverpool, Derby, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester.

Read about 'It Might Get Loud' in our earlier story and get a feel for it in this advance trailer.

Also available on DVD in the US from 22nd December

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Give it even louder!
I`ve became a big fan of your work over the last year and been to a lot a U2 concerts..this documentary is a gift from two gitar hero`s Jimmy Page and you ..never the last was i impressed by Jack White .. brilliant aswell!! It was amazing Edge ,thank you. You could suggest to Larry do a documentary about his love for the drumms ..and i would love to see him with Chad Smith(RHCP) and Jason Bonham son of the worlds best drummer ever John Bonham!! Beeing a really big lover of Led Zepplin.That would brilliant ...!
thank. YOU!
I'm 13 and I play the guitar but recently I, for some reason all of a sudden, have started thinking I am not really any good at guitar because let me put it in a few words I am atrocious at writing songs. however after watching this I feel changed and that I can create songs I just need to preserve. thankYOU. You've changed guitar playing forever. by the way your riffs are killer keep them up :)
that´s a good one ,bro!
that`s me playing the guitar!!!
'będzie głośno'
The film is fantastic, I play a guitar so opportunity see Edge's, Jack's and Page's play is just dream :) They're my Heroes.
talking a bout jimmy page ,a will to get things done the silent witness the architect mastermind of ledzepplyn ,fortunate to work with the greats and practice the universal law of of reciprocation ,giving unselfishly. in the late 60s people were waking up from the flower power days of confusion drugs and spiritualism ledzepplyn were on the cutting edge of what the people wanted to hear and display it with true craftsmanship and being able outshine plant on the certain occasions .his instrument was his voice ,page could walk down the neck of his instrue ment like a high class model on the cat walk,due to the darker side of zeppelin and the mantle flame of full throttle drugs and mr crowly ,ledzeplyn didint appeal to all that was their market , while the Beatles sang love songs they represent the Norse Harley Davidson with the man while page this each burning tear drop on thy heart and there will remain,nor ever brush it off until the pain that caused it is removed, the law of laws is compassion beautifly expressed in the voice of silence they emraced thier destiny and didnt look back until they had reached pinacle and still chose spiritualy leap to thier next mountain, and now read the pages
Cool insight...
It was cool to see the school and classrooms you attended class and played in. You really should sing SBS with you as lead! What an awesome version! Great words on "Clarity of vision" from a great thinker! You should get involved with the climate clock design, it is a global initive, it's an old link but I think with your standings you could get an invite to current projects:)( xoxo
An amazing film.... !
Watched it ... loved it... downloaded it from I-tunes! ... Thought it was amazing.. as usual... thanks, The Edge... and God Bless!
I Love when they show a picture of an Gibson Explorer (The Edge's guitar) in the store, and Where The Streets HAve No Name in the trailer *.*
It Did Get Loud
Watched this movie @ home with my surround sound system and it got real LOUD throughout my whole house! I had a blast & even Grandma Jackie loved it. Great documentary!! If you haven't seen it you need to go buy it because you don't know what you're missing. Edge rocks!! You're the best Edge!!!!
It Might Get Loud
I just had to watch it first thing this morning! It was intriguing how three genius guitar players share their backgrounds to which they arrive at their expertise and brilliance! Growing up in different environments and eras but yet one common denominator pulls them together. The sound, the chord, the guitar= perfection. Brilliant!
Christmas Day
We watched this on Christmas Day and my kids endured it for my sake. This was refreshing. While not a big fan of the others, I found insight into the Edge enlightening and it almost made me a fan. After watching, "A Day in the Life of The Edge" and this rockumentary, I may be convinced that Edge is more than Bono's shadow on the stage; a brilliant musician in his own right.
it might get loud...
In my dream I was drowning my guitar. Waves from the guitar, waves of joy. Everybody having an edgy time.
gaun the edge
im in new zealand but scottish born an ive got that feeling again that i had just b4 rattle an hum the movie was released.the same feeling i had in 1977 b4 star wars was im buzzzzzn to c this rockumentry.dont know much about jimmy paige an have heard the white strpes guy b4 but the edge sends me to another dimension man.he is other guitarist sounds like the edge.god bless u 4 ur uniqueness edge.when is it available in nz anybody know ?
Such an inspirational film! Enjoyed it so much. It brought out true artistry & love for music & guitar playing! (My 11yr old & 8yr old sons were inspired too)
Edge rocks ....
Have only been able to see a part of this documentry, but very much enjoyed what I saw. And,seeing Edge live and yielding his magic with his guitar was just that...... magic !!! J & M & L (Adam's girls)
a great film
i already watched it... i really felt connected to them, learn a lot, like and how to deal with problems in composing process and all about guitars world.. it was such a fantastic inspiration..!!! edge rockS
Only a fan of the Edge
I watched the movie just to see the Edge and hear his history with U2 and music. It was very cool to see Mount Temple, the concrete stage where they played, and the infamous bulletin board. The Edge shows what a truly humble spirit he is and such a gentleman.
Larry's note pinning incident is monumental... Thanks for seeking...Otherwise "Edge could have been a Banker" Yeah Everyone... Banker...True shocking quote from It Might Get Loud...Great Documentary that Rocks... : ).
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