Number One

31 Mar 20235

Number One

Songs Of Surrender has topped the Official Albums Chart in the UK, making it the band's 11th UK #1 album

The album debuted on the U.S. Billboard charts at #1 on Album, Rock, Alternative and Vinyl charts as well as #5 on the Top 200 chart. 

The record also secured the #1 chart position at home in Ireland as well as AustriaItaly, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland, with Songs Of Surrender also hitting #1 on iTunes in 35 countries around the world. 

And here’s what some of the reviewers said. (Add your own reviews in the comments below.)

"A stunning showcase of milestone moments and more."

"More than just an acoustic greatest hits, the band's latest [album] is uniquely revealing and emotionally resonant."

"What is left when you strip everything away? A voice raised in hope, togetherness, a song. Perfect!"

"A reminder that …U2 have exceptional songs in their back catalogue"

"U2 reworks past in thrilling Songs of Surrender"

"Four decades on, U2 is still redefining the parameters of their music."

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Colours that have never been seen
As I continue listening to those 40 songs I discover more and more gems. Classics I have known more than 30 years now appear in a new light. With its atmospheric sound "Where The Streets Have No Name" is a great surprise offering wide open spaces and some moving new lyrics. In my opinion U2 showed much courage by omitting the song´s characteristic guitar notes. I also love "Electrical Storm" and for me its sudden change of the key is like a different colour. Despite the band´s new fondness for a softer tone some straightforward rock songs like "Vertigo" and "I Will Follow" sound quite powerful on the acoustic guitar. With the difference between the earthy music and vocals sung in falsetto "Desire" brings moments of thrill, too. The piano is another wonderful instrument The Edge now uses more often and plays in such a lyrical way. Bono´s commitment as a singer is extraordinary as he fathoms his full vocal range, shaping some melodies even more elaborately than on earlier versions. Songs Of Surrender is an amazing album continuously touching me through its deep emotion, beauty and intimacy.
Congratulations!! #1 :-)
Will we ever get to hear the songs the o
So.. I consider myself a huge U2 fan. Some of the songs that were redone were my favorite songs of all time. My kids can even hear the first few notes playing somewhere and say “mom - listen -it is your song”. But… these aren’t mine. It is very obvious they are U2’s and they can do with them what they want. I would love to enjoy the new versions someday. It makes me so sad to think I may never hear my favorite songs live again. The new versions aren’t these same songs. I am glad so many people love the album. Feeling a little sad about the whole thing actually.
Great after all!!
First I hated the idea of an album with re-imagined songs. After the release of One and WOWY I was worried even more. After the release I was surprised by a few songs and now, after different listens ( with headphones) I think it's really great! Edge's vocals sound great and his voice should be used more next to Bono's voice. Electrical storm sounds fantastic, Where the streets is a favourit with those dark synths. UTEOTW and the Miracle are on high rotation and Red Hill mining town sounds so fresh. So glad this album has been released and looking forward to the next album. Hopefully really soon!
Surprised? I'm not surprised!
Not really surprised. I as a life long devoted fan took a little while to transform my own thoughts and realize the outcome of SOS. Was it a good idea? Really guys, is this where it's going? I believe the MSG Sphere announcement kinda helped with the re-imagined songs. Success! Kinda trippy to hear the songs played this way or this arrangement. I was all over the place with thoughts and wonder as was alot of fans and the shite talkers. So SOS hit #1. That's incredible! Not Surprised though, the re-imagined songs takes me to another place for sure. TY agin and see you on the RED Zone. Peace
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