'October, when the trees are stripped bare…'

12 Oct 201615

‘October, when the trees are stripped bare…' The second @U2 album, produced by @sillywhite, released #onthisday in 1981.

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While there are many U2 songs that I've listened to and enjoyed over the years, Gloria is my first love. I remember as a teenager seeing the 4 Irish lads singing on the barge and was hooked then and there. Watched hours of MTV to see that video over and over again. Just hope someday to be able to hear Gloria live as I haven't yet at the concerts I've been to. But hope beyond hope it will happen in 2017 in Cleveland.
What these comments say about the band
Reading these comments moved me deeply. Their tone shows the type of people who are drawn to U2's music and message – and by extension to the musicians themselves. There is an honor, sincerity and caring here that tells all. Gentlemen of U2, I hope you take the time to absorb this as a reflection of your journey on this earth – as a unit and as individual souls. What a gift.
never let go
I cant help but echo the sentiment expressed by other posters below. This album is like the ink well from which U2 draw - it is dark and angled, but somehow sparkling and prosaic. It lacks some of the refinement of future endeavours, but therein lies its strength. By the time Tomorrow and the following titular track are reached you have been taken on a soulful journey. The pulsing riff and drumming of Jerusalem lifts you and the contemplative Scarlet reinforces the spiritual journey. A great album. Intended or not, it is one of their best
Spoke to me
I was born on the 2nd of October, so I've always taken this album personally. I first heard it when I borrowed a friend's Walkman and this was the cassette in it. I was 17 or 18 enjoying the end of a glorious summer at a Scripture Union camp on the beautiful island of Arran. Those were indeed halcyon days and this was the soundtrack of my coming of age. The rawness of what I heard resonated in the depths of my soul. U2 and I were one. Now all these years on, still appreciate the band I grew up with and am God willing, growing older with. Messrs Hughson and Co. Thanks for the memories. Keep up the good work.
Will You Be Back Tomorrow? A Scarlet pro
Every U2 album is it's own beautiful thing of artistic expression and music compilation, but October has a special place in my heart because it just screams out the message of faith juxtaposed by the walk of humanity. I only realized it after several albums later when Achtung Baby and Zooropa opened my eyes to it with Until The End of The World and Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car. It was a truly, "Doh!" moment. By then my perception and sensitivity had matured in all things Christian and revisited the albums repeatedly constantly discovering new layers. But October was always a bit more reverential with many profound and tender moments along with many lashings out in between. U2 turned rock on its head with their spiritual and humanistic spin revealing the sexiness of it all. It's no wonder they became one of my top 10 favorite bands.
Underrated Album
For some reason, U2's 2nd LP seems to take a lot of flack and I just don't get it. It's such a solid album with some real personal messages. Gloria, I Fall Down, Fire, October, Tomorrow, all excellent. If you haven't listened to it in a while, do yourself a favor, turn down the lights and give it a spin on the 'ol turntable.
john raymond
My first U2 album
I bought this album the day it released and must have played it 100 times during the month of October! U2 saved my faith. Rejoice! Probably their most underrated and under appreciated album. I Fall Down! Then saw U2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Fountain Street Church on December 5, 1981. I will never forget it. Gloria!
As good as it gets........
Ok, this was the start for me way back in 1981. I'd heard 'Boy' and thought that it was impressive for a debut album album but 'October' changed everything. This grabbed me and didn't let go. From the opening bars of 'Gloria' it captivated me right through to 'Is that all', 41 minutes and 5 seconds of magic. It has always been my favourite album by any band and always will be. I still play it at least once a week and the memories come flooding back of listening to the album in my tiny box bedroom on vinyl and knowing that this band and this record would be part of my life for ever. My desert island disc, that is all.
The Beginning
Like some other U2 brethren, this album, and the video for "Gloria", was the beginning of my 34 year journey as a U2 diehard. I can still remember watching this for the first time and hearing Adam's bass solo segueing into arguably the most beautiful guitar part of Edge's career followed by the ending chorus. That was it. I was hooked completely. The album is underrated and is a favorite of mine. Scarlet is such a beautiful song, yet daring, because what band would have the guts to put that on an album. U2. And the journey continues.
S French (Roko)
A masterpiece a head of it's time, and y
One of my fav U2 albums. Hard to nail down why, this album just grips you in it's darkness, a sad and very emotional journey. I discovered this album in 1984, not long after being introduced to 'Under a blood red sky'. My most played album of U2's first 4 albums. Gloria, Threw a brick through a window, Rejoice... still rank up there as my fav U2 songs. A masterpiece a head of it's time, and yet, gets put at the bottom of the pile in magazine reviews of U2's work. That's a tragedy, and an oversight. But, to real fans :-) we know better.
First U2 gig
First time I seen U2 was on the October tour in Dublin 1982 at The Royal Dublin Society Concert Hall.I knew nothing of the band prior to this. A friend of mine who was a bit more clued in on up and coming bands asked me to go along with him. I didn't know any of the songs but what impressed me the most was Bono's connection with the crowd and how the crowd appeared connected with the band. I enjoyed the gig and bought the Vinyl in the hall way on the way out which I still have today.Needless to say I have seen the band on every tour since that gig. I occasionally listen to the album on my ipod depending on my mood. My favourite tracks are Gloria and Tomorrow. I was hoping that the band would have played Gloria on the Innoncence + Experience tour as I hadn't heard it live in such a long time. May be next tour I will hear the words "This is Gloria" !
The Days of MTV
This was the beginning for me. I was 14-years old. MTV had just started. And I was fascinated by this barge video of a band from Ireland.
With a Shout
Listen to it again... ; )
A lovely, moody little album. It would never top my own personal poll for favorite U2 album, and yet I enjoy so much of it. A good developmental stepping stone, progressing from 'Boy' and growing towards 'War'. An important album.
I listened to this album yesterday for no particular reason. It is amazing how their music and lyrics have transformed to what it is today. They've kept the same basic sound but have incorporated sophisticated equipment to produce it. And the lyrics have more depth today. But its great to hear October when they were young lads.
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