October: Your Three Favourite Tracks

11 Oct 202129


Arriving in the world on October 12th 1981, the band's second studio album marks its fortieth birthday this month.

When it was remastered a few years back, Edge recalled the period of its writing like this.

'It was obvious to everyone that we were driving with two wheels over the edge of the cliff, and it drew from us, and particularly Bono, a level of creativity that we had not seen before.'
'Like all great rock,' ran the review in the English music title Melody Maker in 1981, 'you feel you must have heard these songs somewhere else - and yet they're unlike any other that you can think of.' 

Producer Steve Lillywhite recalled the record in the band's magazine Propaganda.
''October was the most difficult of the three three records I did with them basically because of the well-chronicled story of Bono losing his lyrics during the American tour. The fact that the first album had a bit of success in America meant that the band toured over there for a long time to do the groundwork. When they came back and it was time to do the second album, nothing was ready!"
Of the eleven songs on the album, some like Gloria and October have always kept a place in the band's live set but if you had to choose only three tracks to keep from October what would they be?

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Tomorrow. One of the songs that I heard the most in my adolescence
3 tracks- Is That All?
I would struggle to limit it to 10, let alone 3. Still one of my favourite albums, from the opening chords of Gloria to the closing questions in Is That All? a truly outstanding album. A song for every mood and every occasion. Went for Rejoice, Tomorrow and October, but it could of been Scarlet, With a Shout and Gloria.
Guitar Edge!
Always regarded as a step back after Boy and not up to War greatness, but I love the guitars on this album! Gloria is a masterpiece so is October... and Tomorrow probably the most celtic U2 song ever.
October 3
Gloria I Fall Down Stranger in a Strange Land
Lost Sailor
U2's Most Spritual Album
This album spoke to me as I was discovering my spiritual identity and path to Christianity as a teenager in the 1980's. I don't play this majestic album as often as I should in my U2 rotation. Gloria, October, Tomorrow, Rejoice, and Fire and standouts for me. I am going to pick Rejoice, Fire, and Tomorrow as my 3 tracks. I have mourned the deaths of my parents with Tomorrow playing and still do decades on....Rejoice and Fire are two of the hardest rocking songs in the U2 Cannon. I would love for U2 to play Rejoice and Fire next time out. I doubt it will happen but after being a fan for 35 years in 2018 I never thought the lads would ever play Acrobat live either. Never say never.
To choose only 3 forever is impossible! Today I would say Gloria, October and Fire. But my choice could change tomorrow, there are so many incredible songs here. KJ Buono
Love this band
This songs sounds so good
One of my favorite album of U2, better than BOY and WAR in my opinion. GLORIA is a song I'm still listening now, TOMORROW also. OCTOBER is pure. STRANGER IN THE STRANGE LAND is maybe the first political song of the band, and it rocks. REJOICE, GLORIA, SCARLET, WITH A SHOUT are SONGS OF ASCENT. U2, Will you be back tomorrow? GOD Bless U2
Scarlet October
Very personal for me. I can only hope it rings for others the same way. Easter people rejoice.
Only 3?
In this order: I fall down Rejoice Gloria Life changing album for me.
Most underrated album
Everything about Tomorrow makes it my outstanding song from this album. The mood, lyrics, the haunting uilleann pipes and tempo of the song. My other 2 would be Gloria and Rejoice.
Difficult choices.
Gloria, Tomorrow and October. Gutted I can’t pick With A Shout and Scarlet too!
Easy choices
Gloria Tomorrow October The three best songs . Not even up for debate!
My three songs I’d keep from October??
I chose Rejoice, Fire and Tomorrow. Rejoice: each U2 album has at least one hard rocker and this one is it. I put it up there with the intensity of Wars “Like a Song, or The Joshua Trees “Bullet The Blue Sky. Fire: it just stands out as a rare gem from this album. That burning fire swelling up inside you till you can’t contain it any longer. Really fits in with the concept of religion on the album. Tomorrow: I loved the guitar work from The Edge from the moment I heard this song, but it really took on new meaning when my Aunt passed away at the age of 50. She was more of a second mother than an aunt.
October = Songs of Pilgrimage
The songs from the 'October' album was a big part of my pilgrimage to faith as a high school youth. The songs from 'October' are like the Psalms. Songs of joy, praise, grief, frustration, doubt, and hope. While 'Gloria', 'October', and 'Scarlet' are my 3 favorites from the list, I also have to write-in 'A Celebration'.
Tomorrow is a song that escalates in a marvelous way, Gloria is an Adam's thing and I Threw A Brick is a representative song of the album and its energy!
Fab October
Great moving album, like others could have ticked all songs. this is raw and young U2 !!
Autumnal vibes
My favorites three tracks are - October - Gloria - Rejoice In that order for me. Essential listening for sure.
My Top October 3
I voted for: I Fall Down, With A Shout and Scarlet. I love all the songs on October these are my favorites though ✌
Happy anniversary
Why don't we get a new deluxe box for this great album? U2 seems almost the only band who doesn't release those things regularly. Could be great in these times to look forward to a new commercial release. Last was ATYCLB with no exciting recordings. Sorry for complaining, but it's a very dull time to be a u2fan at the moment...
Absolute no. 1 for me is Tomorrow! So emotionally sung by Bono. Great, great sounding guitar with bag pipes. One of their best songs to date.
Absolute no. 1 for me is Tomorrow! So emotionally sung by Bono. Great, great sounding guitar with bag pipes. One of their best songs to date.
A hard one
Best three tracks? That's tough. For me, this album is characterized by fiercely intelligent lyrics delving into the no-go topic of spirituality, undergirded by bombastic drumming, atypical mid-range bass and stratospheric guitar. It had to be 'Gloria' (and I suspect it will be for most people). I loved the powerful simplicity of 'October'. Finally, 'Rejoice' - this was the clincher: 'I can't change the world/but I can change the world in me' (even though Bono turned this lyric completely on its head in a later record).
Gloria... "Rejoice!"
Gloria remains a favorite. It is both a moving hymn and a powerful rock song. October is steeped in melancholy and especially great in concert when it segues into New Year's Day. Finally, I have always been touched by Scarlet. "Rejoice," indeed!
My last ranked album, yet I still love it! So lucky to have a band so great that even the album I rate as last is still a great album!
Gloria just Glorious
To me this album bring incredible memories when I was 16 in 85 I discovered U2 October this album is the most religious yet spiritual record ever made, not a bad song on it and the Video to Gloria is amazing. I run U2coholics and I am one
October will always..
..remain one of my favs - great record - I choose Glora because it was this song that made me into a fan and till today remains as one of my personal favourites. Tomorrow because of it´s uniqueness - I love how haunting it sounds and the great lyrics. Chosing a third one was difficult, as I quite like all of them, but Rejoice was my choice because of the drum solo I love.. go Larry !!
Gloria is epic song I threw a brick a rock song Tomorrow sample but beautiful
Need more than 3
Love this album. I can not only choose 3. I tend to go back to this one more than War or Boy
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