On White Vinyl

7 Oct 202022

On White Vinyl
From 'I Will Follow' to 'Shadows and Tall Trees' it was forty years ago this month that the band's debut album Boy was released. 
If you're old enough to have bought a copy at the time, chances are you bought it on vinyl and in your local record store. And to celebrate Boy's fortieth, the album returns next month in a  special limited edition release on white vinyl to mark Black Friday and Record Store Day UK.
Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin and produced by Steve Lillywhite, Boy was originally released on 20th October 1980 and features the singles 'A Day Without Me' and 'I Will Follow' as well as live staples 'Out Of Control' and 'The Electric Co.'.
The limited edition white vinyl pressing includes an additional double-sided poster plus a lyrics/credits insert.  The release is exclusive to independent retailers for Black Friday, November 27th, 2020. Find a participating shop. 
12" Info
• 1LP 180g white vinyl
• Double-sided poster (B2 size, folded)
• Double-sided lyrics & credits insert (12” x 12”)

Did you buy a copy of Boy when it came out first time around ? 
Can you remember where and when…and what it meant to you? 
Tell us about in the comments below.

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eric naulaerts1
i bought it in Turnhout, Belgium
A student tipped me for the band u2. I watched a part of a concert in Brussels of the Boy tour on TV and bought Boy as my 5th ever lp, after Bob Marley - Uprising, The Cure - Seventeen Seconds, UB40 - Signing Off and The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys. I always found it weird when the B-side ended with what later appeared a piece of Fire. My favourite song was A Day Without Me and An Cat Dubh with Into The Heart. The Faith Tour by The Cure was my first international concert and the Rock Werchter edition of 1981 with Dire Straits, Robert Palmer, The Cure, Elvis Costello, Toots & Maytals and De Kreuners was my first festival. After that summer I went to see the October Tour in Herenthout on a sunday evening. On monday i was late at school, the only time in my whole career, but hey, i went to u2!
Top album.Listening to it now. The start of the success. I really miss looking forward to a U2 concert. Achtung Baby literally saved my life when I lost my brother in 94.
Sunrise Records
Please give us chance to buy!
I have the old paper case CD of BOY from my undergrad days in the early 80's. I live in Korea now and I have no way of buying this version of Boy LP since no physical stores on this web site. Please consider selling to members with address in country with no physical shops and limit to 1 per member. Many fans just want at least 1 LP. I would buy 2 if I can so I can listen to 1 and keep the unopened for collection. Please let me buy 1 as a fan.
I pre ordered Boy 1980!!
Small town Sweden, East Coast, 1980. 17 year of age, very much into new wave Skids, Cure, Simple Minds, you name them. All of a sudden one evening Radio Luxembourg aired this fantastic song called I will follow!! The rest is history. I pre ordered Boy from my local record store. Really one of the first takers Of U2 in Sweden. I still have to this day, a much cherished belonging. Still playing the songs and Out of Control was beating my car speakers as late as yesterday. Long may it last!!!! I’m still there. Saw U2 live last in Berlin 2018.
Rare find
Living in South Africa in the 80's there weren't many places you could get U2 records but there was a small record shop in Johannesburg called Moola's (incidentally he also imported Doc Martin boots that were hugely popular at the time) so when I saw this record on the shelf I bought it without hesitation and brought my U2 record collection up to the staggering count of 3, having purchased The Unforgettable Fire a few months earlier after it's local release and Under a Blood Red Sky a year so before. The rawness of the band in those early days are probably what hooked me right there and then, having already moved them to the top of my list with the Live performance at Red Rocks. I'm now in my fifties and they still make me feel like a kid when I'm lucky enough to put those old records on the player and turn up the volume.
Boy himself
What had become of the boy who’s portrait was on the album sleeve - does anybody know? Hope he’s OK. Would have been a great salute to this person (grown into a 40+ years old man) if U2 would’ve put his contemporary portrait on the sleeve’s backside of the re-issue, provided he’d fancy that (and receive some royalties too). Anyway, he should be proud to be part of this classic album.
Hello and Inhaler
I have been following you since 1981-1982 when you came to Ohio (Cincinnati/Columbus) area to play. I've loved your music ever since. Funny how times flies. Your music has gotten me through both the ups and downs of my life, and I enjoy hearing some Beatles influences in your music. I also LOVE the cover you did of T-Rex. Finally Marc Bolan is in the RR Hall of Fame. (I sure wish Mick Ronson would also get inducted. Anyway, I have also listened to Inhaler and they are great! I'd like to hear some of their tunes on XM Radio U2 Station, if the boys approve. (Plus adore your kids on the cover of Innocence and Experience.) Anyway, God Bless..I've known you 40 years. Hope for many more. Love and God Bless you.
I think it was my second LP back when I was 15 years old. My lifelong treasure now.
The first time I heard "I Will Follow" i
I was in college and went to a party where a live band was playing covers of familiar tunes. When they started playing I Will Follow it immediately caught my attention because I had never heard it before and it was such an amazing tune. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was walking past a record store and I again heard I Will Follow but it sounded a lot better than what I remembered from the party a few weeks earlier. The store had the album's cover on display by the band U2 who I had never heard of. Being somewhat of an airplane geek and knowing the history of the U2 spy plane and Francis Gary Powers getting shot down while flying one over Russia I was intrigued and immediately purchased the LP; I'm forever glad that I did. I Will Follow - YES I WILL and YES I HAVE!!! I loved every song on that album and every song they have written since. I have seen U2 a few times live the most recently on their 30th anniversary Joshua Tree Tour - 30 years after I first saw them. And the 30 year old concert shirt still fit! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-fans-celebrate-u2-joshua-tree-concert-1987-2017-1.4113385 https://twitter.com/ChadPawson/status/863199517092360192?s=19
Thor u2
I bought this fantastic album when it was first released in October 1980 and has always been a firm favourite of mine. I love coloured vinyl records and have collected all of the band's reissued editions so far and hope that you release the final few still to be issued in this way especially Achtung Baby. Well done!
a french boy
I bought a vinyl copy in the 90s I first had a cassette in the 80s today again after 35 years I'm still a fan of the band I was pleasantly surprised to see that this reedition will take place on my birthday on November 27th while waiting for news of a future album COMMENTS
Back in the Dark Ages
I was 12 when Boy was released and as a kid growing up on Long Island, New York, I missed the initial release of this album. Two and a half years later, when War was released, my beloved uncle said "there's this great band with a new single - you should listen to it." He was referring to "New Year's Day." As soon as I heard it, I wanted all of their "old" stuff. So off I went to the small, local record store, long gone and name long forgotten, babysitting earnings in hand. And so it began. . . . .
Supporting the local band Always something about them Remember Seeing them support thin lizzy at the first ever slane concert and thought they were special even then Jim Ryan
Best Christmas present ever
I got Boy for Christmas in December 1980 after my boyfriend recorded it onto a cassette from his copy of Boy which he bought when it was released. My mum didn’t have much money at the time and I said that as long as I got Boy I didn’t need anything else for Christmas. I was fifteen years old at the time. Boy has been simply the most played album that I have ever owned as it was constantly played from the moment I unwrapped it on Christmas Day. That album has been one of my most treasured possessions as it takes me back to the days of sitting on the floor in my bedroom constantly playing a Boy on my record player as a teenager. I still own that copy of Boy and forty years later at the age of fifty five I’m still as much in love with U2’s music as I was then. I still regard Boy as one of my best Christmas presents ever.
Bono's voice was like a girl,
Edge his gitar was like an agresive pitbull, Larry's drum kit was like a second hand pan set, Adam's hear was out of contole and by myself: I was 8 years old and did not the EXIST of U2 what became the loudest band on Earth and will be my favorit band till I die. Love and light, Detlev Lassche
I received a promo copy to review as I worked in the music business when Boy was released. I loved what I heard so much that the stylus skipped on the LP as I jumped up & down with joy! Needless to say, it received a stellar review & I have been a massive fan ever since that day! ❤️⏺️
I have bought BOY OCTOBER AND WAR albums on the same day , in 1985 And too when they were ressiued and remastered BOY is a fabulous debut album, made by a very talented young Band : )) I love every songs of BOY , especially electric co !!!!
I was 14 years old and was the first person in Co Kerry to 'BOY' the album
Ero giovanissimo
Gli U2 arrivarono come un pugno nello stomaco nella discografia mondiale. Comprai il disco nel 1995 quando. fui folgorato da The Unforgettable Fire. Che dire? Of o volta che riascolto i primi album sento sempre un'emozione diversa. Sono pezzi immortali
Stiletto Damaged Boy
Here's the image of the tiny stiletto dent left by my then girlfriend in 1986,.. Why would my 16 year old self, leave the cover just lying on the floor?!
I actually got this LP when it came out, although I didn´t buy it myself. We used to live in Brasil back then, and when my mother came home from visiting her parents in Europe she brought me "BOY" as a present. She said : "your uncle saw them play at Pinkpop last month and he thinks they might actually become something.." how right he was !!! And I´ve been a fan since then :-)
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