On Yellow Vinyl, Zooropa at 30

5 Jul 202337

Zooropa, the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Gatefold, will be released in a transparent yellow vinyl pressing to celebrate three decades of the band's Grammy-winning eighth studio album. 

Arriving this October, this special release coincides with 'U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At The Sphere' opening in Las Vegas on 29th September. 

Pre order Zooropa - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl and Gatefold here.

And starting next Wednesday, 12th July, join fans around the world for a global stream of ZOO TV: Live From Sydney.

Showing 1: July 12 8PM BST / 7PM GMT
Showing 2: July 12 8PM EDT / 12AM GMT
Showing 3: July 13 8PM AEST / 10AM GMT
Showing 4: July 13 8PM GST / 4PM GMT

A limited-edition merch capsule collection (available for one week only) to mark the 30th anniversary will be available only until midnight PST on 13th July.  Pre-order here

'Zooropa... Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright…'    
Why was Zooropa such an exceptional album?  You tell us!  
Add your reviews and memories in the comments below.

Produced by Flood, Brian Eno and The Edge, Zooropa was released on 5th July 1993 on Island Records. U2 began writing and recording Zooropa in Dublin in February of that year, during a six-month break between legs of the industry-defining ZOO TV Tour.  Initially intended as just an EP, Zooropa became a fully-fledged album with 10 tracks – including singles 'Numb', 'Lemon' and 'Stay (Faraway, So Close!)' - recorded in just six weeks, making it the fastest U2 album ever produced. 

Inspired by the band's experiences on the ZOO TV Tour, Zooropa expanded on many of the tour's themes of technology and media oversaturation. The album went to Number 1 in Ireland, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. In 1994, Zooropa saw the band collect the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

FORMATS - Zooropa - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Gatefold

2 x LP Info:
·       Deluxe gatefold package on foil board
·       Newly added photo of the band by Anton Corbijn from 1993 on inner gatefold
·       2LP pressed on transparent yellow vinyl
·       2018 remaster – the original album tracks across 3 sides, with two additional mixes on side 4

1. Zooropa
2. Baby Face
3. Numb
1. Lemon
2. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
3. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
1. Some Days Are Better Than Others
2. The First Time
3. Dirty Day
4. The Wanderer
1. Lemon (The Perfecto Mix)
2. Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix)

Pre order Zooropa - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl and Gatefold here.

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Love this album & concert was out of this World
My Zooooooropa !
30 years ago, I had my head full of music after the Paris show two weeks earlier, and I was about to see them again 2 days after in Marseille on July 14th. Great nights !
Can't wait
My favourite
Zooropa was my first U2 album ever. Back then when there was MTV on my small screen, I saw the video for Numb and was hooked, then Lemon wich I really liked, then Stay ... I fell in love. I was longing for that video, waiting every day ... and was hyped and excited when the Edge started playing that mini barrel organ and then I sunk deep into that wonderful video, beautiful song and extraordinary lyrics. As a german I felt a special connection to that video - although I'm not from Berlin. This video, this song - a perfect match. Still my favourite Song. I went and bought that album, fell in love with that soundscape (well, the wanderer needed a little of getting used to). It opened up the whole U2 universe for me. That was my starting point to get to know U2 and all the stuff they did before. Oh man, and I loved it. Thanks Wim Wenders for making me a U2 fan with that wonderful video. Still tears in my eyes everytime I see it... even after all this time...
Very awesome!
Its one of my favourites!
ZOO TV Live Stream
July 12th is my birthday! Thank you U2 for a Live Stream on my Beautiful Day! It's the next best thing to a show in person. Can't wait for October at the Sphere!
Faulty or Not
I remember buying the cd format I rushed home and played the first track At the time I honestly thought I had a faulty cd disc because of long intro into zooropa I always by passed as I thought it was faulty How wrong was i Looking forward for this Lp only negative side is postage
The riskiest album
"Zooropa" is my third favorite album, after "Acthung baby" and "The Joshua Three". I think it's the riskiest album in terms of public acceptance. It has many peculiar and not very catchy songs. The most beautiful for me is "Stay"
Zooropa 93 ; )
And ZooTv part 2 in Europe ; ) And ZooTv part 3. 4 . 5 ... Sydney ; ) Just 30 Years Ago
Great Album, Great News
One of my favorite's album and Great show in Sydney 1993. to many remembrances. I cant wait for the vinyl.
U2 is my therapy!!
U2’s music has been the soundtrack of my life. It appears every album has been in sync with all my trials and tribulations. I have seen U2 over 30 shows in the past 40years. I am going to Las Vegas in October and hoping to get tickets for December one show. Due to the cost of tickets and packages for air and hotel, I wish I can see more concert shows. After their residency I hope u2 does goes on tour.
Is there a link to join/stream the conce
My first U2 concert was Buffalo's Shea's Theater. They balcony was bouncing up and down! They shut it down because they needed to do a structural review to ensure it was safe!
Zooropa forever
I cannot believe that this amazing album is already 30 years old! It sounds so modern still. An all around brilliant piece of art. Amazing lyrics cartied by U2’s amazing melodies and sound. I trust that U2 will play several songs from Zooropa at the Sphere ❤️. The song Zooropa in that venue will be
Three EPs
First heard it on an early morning RTÉ radio programme; “Well that’s different” was D.J.s conclusion. Not every composition by U2 is great, … some of them are brilliant. Had the Zooropa album been released as an EP, which EP would be the better; Side 1, 2 or, 3? 3, 2, 1 would be my vote. ZOO TV live performances of Dirty Day and Stay are virtuoso and can’t be bettered. I do like the reimaged Songs of Surrender versions of these songs; but what first came to mind was the quote, "I don't think the lyrics are worth a sh*t to be honest if you ask me, ... I think it's all about the drums." L.M.J (1992). Some U2 albums demand to be played at full volume, ZOOROPA is one.
Love every thing U2
I have loved U2 since I was a teenager growing up in Jamaica and discovering new music both from my island and from far away places. While at school in France in the 80s, I had the great pleasure of seeing U2s Joshua Tree as my first concert and have been a huge fan since. Truth be told , Zooropa has not been an album that I have owned but I am excited to change that now Thank you U2 for your years of listening and being a voice for your countless fans You are most loved!
My youth
I grow up with all music from U2! I love zoo tv ! And I love zooropa masterpiece of my generation ! Cant wait for see again live in Europe!
Mr Macfisto
I was 13 when I first heard Bono belting out Sunday Bloody Sunday, waging school I was. I heard it as I was approaching my friend's house at that time, and it blew me away. I knew there was something about this band. Now, when Zooropa came to Melbourne, I was there, and it was the best concert I have ever attended. Mr. Macfisto and the group who put that together were quite literally telling us many things about the future, and now that Mr. Macfisto has returned, I hope he unleashes a nightmare for politicians all around the world. I wish I could be in LA to see one of the shows.
July 12 stream!
U2 is amazing and world class - join the stream
The Soundtrack to My Youth
I've been such a fan since they played at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis in 1982 and my older, (and SO much cooler) brother brought home a bootleg from the sound guy. Zooropa was a total zig for the band and I happily went along for the ride, even if it took me a while to "get" it. Great artists keep you curious and U2 never disappoints.
Zooropa 30 Years
Looking forward to July 12th to see NYC streaming U2 concert! Thanks for the Zooropa global streaming.
Fan in Texas
Looking forward to seeing the the band in Las Vegas!
Viva Zooropa
Loved this album. Very excited to see the livestreams!
Zooropa July 12, 2023 Livestream
I love Zooropa, have 2 versions of this fabulous album, & missed the tour! How can I watch this upcoming live stream? As, no instructions are stated for this. Thank you!
Such an enjoyable and unexpected follow up to Achtung Baby which is as fresh today as it was 30 years ago. So glad to see it celebrated again and hope some of it makes an appearance in the Sphere.
"The right shoes"
I was in my 20s, working in NYC, struggling a bit. I took "you've got the right shoes to get you through the night" as my personal rallying cry. Such a brave, remarkable album, start to finish. Stay, Lemon, Daddy's Gonna Pay, Dirty Day — these are some of the songs I point U2-curious people to.
love this but
I love vinyl and this record. I just hate these short sides. You have to flip the record every 12 minutes. First world problems I guess:)
'Zooropa' is one album I play a lot and I mean ALOT. I had it first on cassette, now on Japanese CD. There is a thrill to hearing it every time, it never gets old. I don't care what critics may say about it, it's a 'left turn' towards 'techno' and if there's one thing about U2 is that they never stood still. I personally think it's one of their most unique albums. All the experimental touches, the electronic and synthesizers flourishes, the airport sound recordings, the looped chimes, everything about it is charming. Then there's 'The Wanderer' with lead vocals by none other than Johnny Cash himself. A 'spiritual' song for sure, he and U2 make a natural mix here. 'Achtung, Baby!' is my favorite U2 album (and my favorite from the 90s decade altogether) and 'Zooropa' is a nice surprising 'detour' or at least an exercise in an experimental or 'left-of-center' direction. When it came out in 1993 I read that this was supposed to be an EP but became a full-fledged album, giving the Zoo TV tour 2 full albums to support. I am glad it did. I had seen U2 before during the 1987 'Joshua Tree' tour and I wouldn't get to see them play any of this nerer stuff until the 1997 'Popmart' tour. It was worth the wait.
Zooropa Zeal!
My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary by going to the Sphere show. I am so excited to listen to this re-release. I look forward to the livestream next week! Hannah in Louisville
I never heard it
I'm a fan of U2 but I was busy being a hooker when this album and Zoo TV came out, I only ever heard the song Lemon. Now that I'm 58 and have the luxury of listening to music and reading books I'm excited to get to know this time in U2's career. Life is good.
Would love to own a streaming copy
Are there plans to make this movie (and other concert films, including Rattle & Hum) available to purchase, all in streamable full HD? At the very least make it available for us paying U2.com subscribers?
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