Original Night in Mexico City

16 Feb 2006
A huge night in Mexico City at the wonderful Azteca Stadium, built in 1966 for the '68 Summer Olympics and still one of the largest stadiums in the world, with a capacity approaching 115,00. Not quite that many here last night, given the small matter of the Vertigo outdoor touring stage, but all the same one of our biggest audiences of the entire tour and what a reception for the band.

Right from the off in City of Blinding Lights the audience was singing along to every word and when Vertigo was counted in no-one in the place needed Spanish lessons. This was without doubt one of the hottest starts to any show on Vertigo 05/06. And the band had also decided to ring the changes, with a lot of new touches in the show.

The Boy era tracks were not here tonight and Mysterious Ways arrived suddenly and groovily after only three songs, quickly followed by Until The End of the World both of which have been appearing much later on the tour so far. Still Haven't Found - was this the loudest singalong of the tour to date ? - ran into Beautiful Day, updated in honour of the people and the place.

'See the world in red in green
Mexico City
Right in front of you
Shine Mexico
Shine Mexico
The soul of Mexico...'

It was quite a take-off moment ('Folk songs don't you love them ?') as a snatch of The Beatles' Norwegian Wood led into a beautiful Original of thenSpecies. Sometimes found the opera in the Mexican soul before the whole place exploded for the trilogy of Love and Peace, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet The Blue Sky.

The 'CoeXisT' rap also got a reworking tonight, with references to an end to conflict between Palestinian and Israeli and in neighbouring countries like Nicaragua: it was a journey to Nicaragua and El Salvador in the mid-1980's
that proved the original inspiration for Bullet.

'No more
No more
Let's send out a signal from the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City
No more
No more..'


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