'Pirate Radio'

11 Sep 201412
More LP news coming in, here's some of the latest.

The Irish Mirror reported on the note Bono sent to Dave Fanning, upholding the band's tradition that the DJ gets first airplay of any of their new releases.

'For the attention of right and always honourable Dave the raving lunatic Fanning on the occasion of U2's 13th studio long player Songs of Innocence being dropped into his hands.
'Therefore honouring ancient tribal custom and verbal agreement. 11 new songs from the era of pirate radio.'

Lykke Li, who sings on the closing album track 'The Troubles', has been speaking to Rolling Stone about working with the band in the studio.

'We turned off all the music and sang only to the drums, so it was really getting to what the core of the song meant. I had a wonderful time.'

'The Edge wins MVP after one listen… although you can't hear much bass on a laptop.'
That was the snap verdict of long-time friend and studio collaborator Steve Lillywhite.  More instant reaction rounded up by Hot Press, who also caught up with another U2 legend, Paul McGuinness, manager of the band until last year.

'It’s U2 yet again doing their best work late into their career.'

Guy Oseary, who succeeded Paul as manager, talked to Billboard about the Apple connection with  Songs of Innocence.  'It all came together very organically.'

There's few better places to look for reaction to the new album than the community pages of Zootopia. Our Mods are curating the best posts, tweets and newsfeeds, as well as delivering some cool innovations themselves, like this slideshow of the digital book that comes with the LP.

'Songs of Innocence' is already in your iTunes library, waiting for you to download.

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Iris, cedarwood, raised by wolves. These are amazing! Texas is waiting for the tour!
U2 are back!! Make sure please that you come to Brisbane Australia .... really soon
the new EP
This may be the best collection yet. What an example of a band's musical evolution and maturity. Edge continues to be master of digital delay and Bono's voice permeates to the depth of your soul. Congrats gentlemen. You truly do transcend. Dr. Alan Shubert.
Weather Girls
Wow! what a beautiful surprise! from u2!! I couldn't of asked for a better present from u2! as its my birthday next wk...I <3 the new album :) especially a 'Song for someone' 'Sleep like a baby tonight' and 'Iris' of course beautiful lyrics! Thank you....forever u2 fans...Weather Girls! :)
Need a single!
After a few listens now the new album is growing on me more & more, just sad to think that we don't get singles any more, in a time when the charts really mattered we would have "every breaking wave" storming into the top five, if not number 1! U2 still have the magic for me, the greatest band in the world. Period!
Looking forward to hearing these songs l
Wondering when U2 will be on Letterman or Fallon! They are the greatest live band in the world. So looking forward to hearing Songs for Someone, Every Breaking Wave and Iris live! Listening to the album over and over. I have loved U2 for over 30 years and I they still have so much more to give us. I am so proud of them and how hard they work to bring us such passion.
The Troubles
"The Troubles" has to be used as the opening song in the next James Bond Film. It would just set the mood for the movie. Great album, I'm already catching myself humming the melodic lines after a few listens!
I don't see the big deal with "jamming this down the throats" of iTunes users. If you don't want it, don't download it. Btw, took a few listens and it is starting to grow on me. I need a physical copy to really crank up the tunes. Like the raw sound and hear references to earlier work. Great job. Time will tell if this is going to be in my favorites list with zooropa, baby and bomb.
To: Chris1079
I am 45 - I have loved U2 since I was 12 or 13 also. I have been to countless concerts around the world. Now - let me ask you a favour - go back... listen carefully.... put your headphones on - put on Iris... do it just once..... make sure no one is around because this song, if you hear it right, will take you to a place... just before you press play, think of your Mum or your Dad.. and 40 years ago... go on that journey.... press play.
This album is AWESOME!!!
I don't always write comments online but I just happened to read the comment of Chris1079. I have been following U2 since I was 15, you got me there, I too have followed them throughout the years, I listed "With or Without You" on my University application as the way I deal with stress. Just play and repeat. It became my lullaby to my first born, "Original of the Species" became the lullaby of my second born, and just today as I was taking them, now 15 & 13 years of age, to school, I played my U2 playlist in shuffle mode and both songs started to play one after the other, as if on cue some magical or blessed force decided to have these tracks play just for the three of us. The reason for the long story is because there is something special about this band. The new album is no different. It is special. The tracks are awesome, I have 7 favorites, and for me it is a return to original U2 in some ways. Are there new wrinkles, sure, but that is what makes them timeless and relatable to multiple generations. In life if we do not evolve, reinvigorate, and reinvent, we often get mired in negativity. U2 is back, they really have never left, and if we are fortunate, then we will be hearing more amazing sounds from them for years and years to come! I respect that not all music is for everyone and everyone's opinion, but the implication of your question to the band is not nice and they don't deserve that. Perhaps it is time, time for those who don't appreciate the nuances of U2's music and the hard work they put in to sustaining the balance of pleasing lifelong fans and appealing to new ones to move on to other bands. I am not one of those folks. THERE IS NO END TO LOVE!
iTunes fiasco.
You know the band has always been my inspiration and my only friend in the music universe. I have always admired U2 since I have known them. I follow and respect them religiously. So when I hear all these hateful comments about them it hurts me in a way that's indescribable. I was satisfied until the album was offered for free and the performance at the end of Apple ceremony. But jamming it down everyone's throats is beyond any U2 fans' to swallow. And besides, this gem of music and voice dooesnt deserve to be in the ears of people who don't appreciate good music.
I know that this is not goodbye
Since I was 12 I have loved you. I'm 45 now. I have followed, all over the globe. You were the soundtrack to my teens, and my 20s and 30s, the first dance with my bride (One, of course). And you are part of me and always will be. But the wonder, the magic, has gone. Songs of Innocence sounds like anything but, a corporateness I find it hard to believe in. I could say it's not you, it's me. But I wouldn't believe that either. After all these years, I wonder if it's time?
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