Playing Today: 'U2 Go Home: Live From Slane Castle'

10 May 202034

Playing Today: 'U2 Go Home: Live From Slane Castle'
From September 2001, the first live concert film to feature the band playing to a home crowd in Ireland. 
Update - This screening is now over. Stay tuned on plans for more.

Our latest lockdown live show… and a special celebration on Bono's 60th birthday!

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Use the hashtags #U2SlaneCastle and #U2getherAtHome and #Bono60.

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Olá Bono Parabéns pelo seu 60 anos Que Deus abençoe você sempre ! Sou muito fan da banda u2 desde 1985 Obrigado por existir e fazer parte da minha vida muito Obrigado
U2 Family
Proud to be one of the newest members of the U2 fam! I know you guys are tired from so much touring, but I CANNOT WAIT for you to come back to Dallas, Texas!! I'll welcome you with open arms guy's! Love you all and always have!! Definitely the absolute best band in the world, HANDS DOWN!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!!
My local
I'm lucky to live beside one of the best outdoor venues in Europe . Seeing U2 play there when it was possible was beyond words for a fan .
Thanks for this concert !!!
Thank you for broadcasting this concert. It was magnificent and very intense with the castle in the background. Thank you ..., thank you, thank you and thank you again!
Test Comment
This is awesome!
What an amazing concert. I do wish I had been there. It is unbelievable even via dvd or a screen (when it was screened for example before 360 gigs somewhere).
"One" and "Walk On" says it all
This was the best U.S. Mother's Day present! "One" makes me cry every time. It is the message we need now more than ever. Thank you to all 4 of U2, for your brilliance with music that "lights our way", and helps me, to remember to "Walk On." I hope there's a concert at Slane Caste again- I'll be there! Happy Birthday Bono. Love all of you! CarolJ
Smile on the face!
One thing that keeps this fan of 30+ years coming back for more U2 is the sheer joy that 4 mates seem to share when performing live. This radiates through the crowd and ensures any U2 live show is an event, a gathering of like minded people having fun and being happy, and this is not to be sniffed at these days. An upside of the enforced seclusion is that the boys may come back refreshed and emboldened with more songs and an appetite to go back on the road. Happy Birthday Bono you old bugger and thanks for the many happy memories you have given me, David R. St Albans, UK
Magnificent and emotional concert!! ♥
Thanks for sharing this amazing gift!! Although ATYCLB is one of my favorite albums, this is the only tour I have missed since ZOO TV Tour, much to my regret; my father passed away that year too :( This record helped me to WALK ON in those hard days...and years. BONO, your strength, courage and mettle are worthy of admiration! I hope you and Jordan had a beautiful Birthday ♥ Thanks U2, thanks for being part of my life. And please, stay safe and healthy you all. With love from Cádiz :*
Roz Mckenzie
Thanks for sharing! Nothing better than a u2 concert! Always makes me feel good...Played u2 today while painting my house then watched #U2SlaneCastle Love you guys
Tremendous and heartfelt
Thank you for providing this stream to celebrate Bono´s 60th birthday! With the castle in the background U2 found impressive surroundings to deliver such a memorable show in their home country. From the beginning this film captures the crowd´s enthusiasm and U2´s great musicianship. It´s heartwarming to see the joy Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam express as they play "Desire" standing close to each other and the fans. I´m particularly fascinated by "Until The End Of The World", with Bono and The Edge creating some of the most breathtaking and ecstatic show moments. Bono´s courage to share so much of his personal life with the audience gets evident when he tells the story about how he thanked his father for lending him 500 pounds in the early days. Later a bittersweet version of "Kite" lets us feel the sorrow he had to go through after his father had passed away. From constant live classics to more rarely played gems such as "Wake Up Dead Man" this concert film brings us many moments of emotion, humanity and fun.
Thanks from.all caregivers
Bono, I'm a nurse nurse and through me, it's all my fellow U2 fans who wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you, your family, your friends are okay. This birthday is very special for your 60th birthday...You'll remember it for a long time! We hope, as caregivers, that governments around the world realize that health care systems are bleeding. We have been working with limited or no resources... We no longer want to choose who should live and who should die for lack of means. We hope as citizens that human beings will come before profit. We hope as citizens that ecology will come before economic interests. We hope as citizens that the next world will question itself. Our present society has become obsolete. During all these weeks, very hard, the music of U2 has been my oxygen bubble. It allowed me through the concerts of the group by broadcast by fans to make beautiful encounters thanks to the live comments during the broadcast. As a fan, I hope that the values that the band has been promoting for years will be ours in the years to come... Every time there's been a hard blow in the world, you've been there... I'll never forget the concert in Paris on December 6, 2015. You took us in your arms, you gave us back the energy to forgive. Today we need you even more. We hope to see you on stage once again. We miss you so much!
Thank U for this gift!
Thank you for sharing this gift with us on your 60th birthday! Long time fan! Slane Castle is on my bucket list! But right now, my living room will do! What a great escape this was to watch! ....Hope you all are staying safe and healthy and hope to see you all again soon! -KK in VA
Thanks for sharing. Awesome! #U2SlaneCastle #U2getherAtHome Happy Happy Birthday #Bono60 Brilliant life Brilliant Band Enjoy x
What a concert !!
What a band ! What energy, power and emotion ! What a singer ! Doubtless one of the best concerts of U2. SO much fantastics songs. I would have liked to be in Dublin in 2001 ! Thank you for this gift.
Hieperdepiep voor Bono,.
Happy birthday Bono, i wish you a lot of energetic years and more concerts like this one. Love the Slane Castle concert a lot. Special the "out of Control" piece in it.
Great concert
Super performance by U2. Great memories that evening in that wounderfull location in Slane, best venue in Ireland,
Aged To Perfection
This concert is one of top loves of my U2 DVD collection. A simply wish of gratitude to the band for making the best music all these years. To Bono, A Blessing that May You Enjoy Another AWESOME Journey Around The Sun! Love, Ruby 2sday!
Best concert ever!
Love them! thanks for sharing Happy birthday Bono, happy to have you in a way in our family!
Together Again
Thank you for bringing the U2 family virtually together again. Yet another welcome break from this shelter in place situation we all find ourselves in. I sooooo look forward to the day when we can all get together again, this time live! Blessings! Todd
Brilliant memories
I watched it twice, remember the night so well, first time in Slane never to be forgotten, fantastic concert, you rocked the place, thank you U2 , and happy birthday Bono :)
Thanks U2!
Happy Birthday BONO! Thanks for the gift of Slane Castle!
Thank you for this gift on American mothers day. Happy birthday B thank you for the inspiration, motivation, and ofcourse the elevation! Stay safe my brother dreaming if the day we r all together for the pure joy again!
The greatest band of all time. The greatest drummer of all time. The greatest bass player of all time. The greatest guitar player of all time. Happy birthday Bono from my 5 year old daughter and my 7 year old son, the greatest front Man of all time.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Bono, you are a ball of energy, and we'll have the same again please for as many years more, thank you much love, very best wishes, Lisa Roseanna
Beautiful Day
Absolutely amazing!! U4 really are so clever, brought back amazing memories, thank you so much x Happy birthday Bono, you’re a legend
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Bono, you are a ball of energy, and we'll have the same again please for as many years more, much love, very best wishes, Lisa Roseanna During cocooning my 76yr old Dad did a clear out and found these pictures, just a few here of what covered my bedroom wall, thank you Bono, U2 for the best memories, bought Under A Blood Red Sky with my confo money, I was hooked, loads of love xx
I love both of the concert releases from this era - Something very magical and uplifting about them. It's a good time to revisit. Thank you!
conor kavanagh
Live At Slane A Great Gig
I was there it was the 1st time i had got to see U2 live. it was amazing. "Until The End Of The World" was a great standout moment. when Bono & The Edge went head to head out onto the heart of the stage. and of coarse "Out Of Control" was amazing, Bono thanked phil Linnot for letting us open the show. they were the support act for "Thin Lizzy" 20 years previous, when "Thin Lizzy headlined "Slane Castle" i am addicted to wacthing that DVD. #U2getherAtHome #Bono60
Happy birthday, B-man!
Happy birthday to the one and only true rockstar! May you live at least 60 more years to enchant us with moving lyrics and endless songs! p.s. please remaster all proshot U2 concerts to 1080p/4k and release U2:3D to subscribers :)
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