Poll Archive 6: Adam's Bass Lines

13 Mar 201112
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Happy Birthday Adam.
Happy Birthday Adam. Cheers! hug Tiago Ferraz U2 Bass Cover - Brazil
Be4 Now
Lemon in the poll; Stay overall
Adam, you're incredible! Lemon is my favorite bass line in the poll, but, ironically, Stay (Faraway, So Close!) is my all-time favorite bass line/song/lyric/etc.
Great Bass Lines!
While those are all great bass lines, especially "New Year's Day" and "Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World", I think "Dirty Day", "Beautfiul Day" and "Love and Peace or Else" are some other top bass lines. But there are so many, it's hard to choose the absolute best. Keep up the great work Adam!
Greatest Bass Lines Ever
Adam has the greatest bass lines ever, there are so many songs that his bass lines make so much contribution to, New Years Day is the most noticable and probably one of the greatest, but I think my favorite is Walk On only because the message behind is song is equally as powerful as the bass lines......We love you Adam, can't wait to see you again this summer....J & M & L (Adam's girls)
New Year's Day - YYZ
Please U2 - play New Year's Day at your upcoming Toronto concert! We miss it!!
another time another place
guys, please play this song when you come to michigan this summer (in lansing) thanks!
adam´s best bass lines
what about bad ?? grace ?? last night on earth ?? gone ?? a sort of homecoming ?? another time another place ?? tomorrow ?? all great great bass lines !!!! see you next wednesday in argentina my friends !! thank you for coming back !!!
Try again
Dust off your POP cd, and crank up the volume on 'Do You Feel Loved'. Adam kills it!!
new year's day
the begining of this song is really awesome,and it's also my ringtone.
Get On Your Boots has a killer bass track. My van is gonna shake apart and I keep pushing my sound system to its limits! You rock bass man!!
Where's MOFO?!
Mofo should have definitely been included in this poll! Bassline on that song is unreal.
You forgot his greatest bass line ever!
THE THREE SUNRISES! Adam at his finest.
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