'Purely Spontaneous'

27 Jan 201526
'It's the lack of thought that's the thing... if you're not thinking then there's a whole other part of your creativity that is engaged.'

Edge sits down with 'Feedback Kitchen' host Mario Batali to talk creativity, play some guitar and share some fine food.

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U2 The Edge
The Edge, you are a great player and a great singer, his guitar solos are perfect and move me deeply, are "Spectacular". I mean really admire your work and the great person you are. The Edge plays guitar with heart and that's what makes you "The Best".
The Best Of The Universe...
it is impossible not to love, it is impossible to follow them, can not live without them, thank you and thank you for existing, ladies and gentlemen David Evans ...
Eugene Leach
Lovely voice, you definitely dont sing enough at concerts or on albums. The guitar is beautiful also.
Feedback Kitchen with Edge & Mario
Hey Edge, Mario !!! Spontaneous creation IS absolutely the best !!! What a concept, the Creator is expanding !!! Happy, Healthy, Joy !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!! ;-) Aaron
Dedicated to the person who inspires me.
Since I was a Boy, I was fascinated by musical style of The Edge. Thank you for sharing these magnificent melodies my Friend. The Edge.
A whole new version, yaay
Wow, amazing. It's so good to see this musical god at ease and enjoying a dish. And his voice, wooooowwwww, like in all the songs where he is always backing up Bono. Hopefully, one day, these gods, will decide to make a very special album where we get to hear more of The Edge and more acoustic sessions as well. And I agreed, it looks so simple yet so complex. Thanks for the treat :-)
Whenever The Edge and Mario wish to stop by my place, I have the whole plate of ginger snaps with their name on it.
Music and food!
Song was great, food not so sure? Interesting to hear Edge's philosophies, would like more of the same "one on one" episodes from the rest of the band members also...
Enjoyed this thouroughly
Good food, good music, good conversation. The food looked great (wishing for smell-a-vision), & the mention of the beautiful Oregon coast aka one of my favorite vacation spots & the delicious clams that are found there. But the song's the thing, and it was great. And yes, Edge, you can sing.
I love Edge x
The Edge, a beautiful man, a beautiful singer and an amazing guitarist !!! For me he has it all. I loved this version of running he did, gorgeous !!! He could easily do a solo project of his own, if he ever did I would buy it !!!! I love all of the guys but Edge has actually always been my favourite. Hope Bono is doing well, get well soon Bono xxxxx
on the edge
that was a fun way to start my morning off right. really cool insight.
Very cool !
I totally resonate the Edge's opening thoughts on the sub-concious. Now I'm hungry for music and food.
Over around
Astonishing. Thrilled seeing & hearing the song turned around. Beautiful. True. Getting to the heart and over beyond. Thank you. For me this is more than the album which was in my opinion very pushed and stressed and sounding like trying too hard even though loving a song. Personally I do think U2 have to face a chellenge of a lifetime now, meaning the live shows. If they have hidden themselves behind the amazing stage and now not young anymore what shall they do how they make it. This song here is the map and well deeply loving the band... they will figure it out for sure. But it is not easy. For the four, cheers. Five months. And then we'll see.
conor kavanagh
Loved It
The Edge real modest. definitely can sing. "Running To Stand Still" Beautiful Version. loved "Sunday Bloody Sunday" The Popmart tour. The Last verse of "Miracle Drug" what a man Guitars, Vocals, Piano, effects Delay Pedals
Still Running .... Still Running .... St
Still Running .... For Edge indeed !!
Loved it!
This was fantastic! Yes Edge you can definitely sing... I would so love to hear this song on tour!
Entertaining and Informative
When I heard Edge say he can't sing, I knew he was being humble before he began. "Van Diemen's Land" has long been one of my favorite U2 songs. Imagine savoring such ultra-gourmet food while listening to him perform a cheerful number at the same time!
Scott Cleaver
Passion (Music & Food)
Thanks guys that was awesome and looking forward and taken to more new places with this band :) Beautiful Scott
Can we have this song in tour??
Always loved Running to Stand Still, expecially after seeing it played live in the ZooTv Tour. This song gives always chills in my spine and this version had me shaking. It seems that U2 songs ask to be played stripped down. Are the guys preparing an acoustic tour??? Please play it in Turin on Sep 5th.
That's a lovely interview, and it's always so cool to hear The Edge talk and play by himself. I disagree with that last statement though: presentation IS important, and fortunately U2 as a band know this very well.
You definitely can sing Edge!!
I really enjoyed this!! Thanx Edge!! Running To Stand Still....what a beautiful song still to this day. Great interview!!
Running to the Kitchen...
Nice version of Running to Stand Still. I almost went into a Trance there, despite already having meditated today. I thought the Edge was with the Italian footballer 'Mario Balotelli', as i have never heard of this chef guy, but wow, i am starving after watching him cook that meal. Jalapeno Pesto?? Beautiful. I shall be mixing some of that together and throwing it into the Wok next time! Enjoyed that. Great Music, Great food. Adam and Larry, the pressure is on for your individual submissions! I hope that the band will have something to contribute towards the Referendum coming up in Ireland in May, for "Marriage Equality" in support of our Brothers and Sisters. Let's push things forward! Thanks Edge
The Edge is right !!!
Edge, I agree: Don't think, Just feel !!!
Great moment
Wonderful... Love this song!!!
Super Yo
"Still Running..."
Beautiful version of "Running to Stand Still".
Edge, oh Edge
Loved this! And yes, Edge, you can sing. Thought it was absolutely lovely. Again, like Bono's A-Z, love this more personal look at what the members of the band are doing.
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