Red Hill Mining Town (2017 Mix)

21 Mar 201755

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Steve Lillywhite's 2017 mix of Red Hill Mining Town is set for a limited edition release on picture disc to mark Record Store Dayon April 22nd.

The 12" disc features two classic Anton Corbijn photos.

'Red Hill Mining Town', originally inspired by Bono’s reading of 'Red Hill: A Mining Community' by Tony Parker, is known as 'the single that never was'.

It was going to be the second single from The Joshua Tree but at the last minute was put to one side in favour of 'I Still Haven't Found What I’m Looking For'. The rest is history...

The vinyl will be available at all participating Record Store Day stores. More here.

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Can't wait to hear it live on Amsterdam and Brussel
One of my favorites.....
But original release far better.
mmm not sure
Whats up with the cheesy synth horns? So distracting....
Sung better
I like it more than the 1987 version. It seems to me that now Bono can truly master this tune without strain, whilst the original one was too much screamed. Looking forward to hear it at Croke Park :)
my favorite song
The lyrics in this song are so favorite song ever by you guys! I can't wait to hear it live!!!!
loved the joshua tree version sooo...
I am sure that this cut will be even better than what's on the original album! Can't wait to hear it to decide. your music inspires us soo much!! you are all a muse in your own sense. thank you!!
U2.Com Gift
Make it this as most of us do not have a participating Record Store near us. Thanks. PS Bono's voice sounds good here. xo
U2 Rocks
Love it!!
Red Hill
Very nice but I happen to agree with a lot of people - it lacks the energy or power of the original - a song that does put a strain on the vocals
Flash player? Really?
Please stop using flash player.....lame.
Looking forward to May 20 & 21.
Subscriber Gift?
Sounds 'interesting'. Good but I think the original had raw energy and passion required for such a strong song. Bono 2.0 as someone called it just ... doesn't sound the same. It sounds like a cover devoid of emotion. And sounds like the original vocal in the chorus? ;-)
Same as before
As an avid collector no doubt this will have to be brought via Ebay just as Wide Awake In Europe. That cost me £80.
How do I get this?
No Record Store Day stores near me :(
Great mix and would love to have the ori
The new mix sounds fantastic and I hope they have a B side mix with the original vocals of Bono, which I felt had much more emotion in them
Blue Monkey
My Favorite Song Off Joshua Tree
Yes, this (now) is my favorite song off Joshua Tree. When the album first came out, it was Bullet The Blue Sky. I can't wait to hear Steve Lillywhite's new mix!
clapton is god
DEAR #U2. Pretty Please...
can i a have one...just one,,......,one all is all i need yeh yeh yeh :)
Wish they would use original vocals on r
It is great to hear these new mixes of the old songs. But adding new vocals takes away from the pleasure of hearing these tracks remixed. He still has a great voice, but it's different to the one he had in 87, and that takes away from the pleasure of hearing the original song cast anew.
Want it!
This is Bono 2.0 or 2017.
I really hope that my records stores are able to get that masterpiece!!!!
Return to a deep well,
It is amazing that after 30 years a record become see an hole new light. The Joshua Tree, was for me personally the first L.P. I bought from a friend, Bjorn, who did not like the album. I was falling in love emedetly with this album. Personally I think U2 can not reach so far anymore. This was and is the best of the best, the rest was a joke: Love and Light from a deep well on World Water Day 2017: all the best. Detlev Lassche for the Vertigo Hunter. Miss You Sugar. .. ... .... .
Unbelievable! Can´t wait to get a copy of that great vinyl!!!!!! It´s hard to get one, in know….but hope dies last, right? And btw: Bono´s voice is incredible!!!!! L O V E it!
Very nice mix
I really enjoyed this, I can't wait for the re-release!!! The Joshua is a great album!!!
Red Hill 2017 mix
How many copies will be available worldwide
UK only
Any plans for releasing this in the US at all?
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