Road Trip

24 Mar 20235

Road Trip

Bono and Edge join Zane Lowe on a road trip into the desert outside Las Vegas to discuss Songs of Surrender and reflect on their songwriting, their faith, and their journey as bandmates and friends.

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Reverend T-man
Looking forward to a USA tour perhaps...
Hoping to see U2 go out on a tour after wrapping up in Vegas. Loved the interview with Bono and Edge. Very informative! Been a U2 fan for over 30 years and will continue to be until the day I die. Hey band, if you should read this, I can't tell you what your music has meant to me over the years. With the Joshua Tree offering me refuge at a time in my life when I needed it. The basic consideration one should give is that music reaches and rarely falls short. It can uplift and also bring asunder. Music is everything to me as U2 is to the world of music. Check out my band if you are interested, Copper Gypsy. Thanks again U2!!!
Bono and The Edge who we can justifiably call influential members of todays Rocks Finest come together to talk candidly and openly about how U2s songs come together and somewhat tell them who is boss. This is one of the most interesting and informative interviews I have ever seen with these Legends. Thank You Bono and Edge
Road Trip
Loved this interview relaxed, informative epic vibes. A to Z, U2
Really enjoyed this
Loved the intimate nature of this reflective interview. I have gained so much respect and insight into the creative process and collaboration with the Edge and Bono in the recent blitz of promotion for this album release. Thank you for the opportunity, gentlemen. ❤️
Beneath a desert sky
I love the archaic beauty of the desert and it's wonderful that this interview took place in such magnificent surroundings. As an image and metaphor the desert was essential for The Joshua Tree. This film beautifully captures a conversation with great questions and great answers. Bono and The Edge reveal so many insights into their work on Songs Of Surrender, their early material and the way they disengaged themselves from their overearnest image by making Achtung Baby. U2's love for experimental sounds and their new interest in acoustic instruments are proof of their ambition to continue moving forward. Bono's inner need to make music ist always audible in his soulful vocals. The words about how they found faith in each other and music move me. What makes U2 special is that they first found each other as friends who are always fully aware of the treasure to be in a band together.
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