'See you guys...'

13 Mar 200955
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Awsome idea
...but the next time I'll hold the camera lol
All roads lead to where you are
Thank you Larry, Edge, Bono and Adam for your deep admiration to your fans from the orphium to the back stage door in Somerville, all roads lead to where you are, when your here,,, I'm never coming down , did'nt win tickets but we heard your offering to us can't wait till september, what aboutplayingunderThe Hype at the paradise ,,,,, hmmmmmmmmm,,,, before gilettestadium,,, with love,,,,,, Larry you are beautiful truly ,, thanks for coming down to shake are frozen hands, edge thank you for making is so surreal taking your hand that plays the most riffs,,, love you guys,,,, can't say thanks enough
Your view of us
It's amazing for us your audience to see you again promoting on the road!!! It's weird to see the crowd from your perspective... all those screaming people and flashing cameras... so that's what you see when you see us. "smurf up the front, give me a wave..." LOL
a lively bunch
this video diary that you and the band are doing is just great. It gives us u2 fans an insight to what its like being in U2. Keep it real!!!!!
Ahh, Boston!
Great to get a perspective of what the band experiences. Tks
Cool video! It's interesting to see the crowd from that point of view. I feel I was in the car. Please U2 come to Peru!!!
Good entry but way too dark I'm available for light if you need help
Lights go down on Boston?!?
Good video!Bono is making progress as videocamera man...but...maybe just little more light!!;) I'm waiting for the next video diary!!
The girl?
Who's the nice looking girl in the back of the Car with Bono?
Boston ride home
Hi Bono! Hey - nice video entry there you fun irishman. This was my favorite so far, getting Smurf's view of the proceedings! You're technique is improving - I even liked the intentional audio problem to make it feel more like a home movie! cool.See you soon. Kevin in Springfield, MA
madness! mayhem!! and bono doesn't miss a beat. U2 and U2.com just get better and better (if that's possible. thank you.
Keep them videos coming
Great videos Bono, thanks for all the excitement you bring to my life . 2009 has kicked off beautiful thanks U2/ U2.com
Along for the ride...
Great to see the love from the inside perspective! All the shouting "We love U2!" Always wondered what it was like sitting inside the Escalade! Love the Smurf!
Pop star
I got the wrong job... I should have been a rock star.
Living The Journey
Magnificent job, keep them coming. I feel like i'm living theU2 Journey.
Love the flip ...
Thanks Bono love your flip ... can't wait to see more, and what about Adam's stuff he was flippin all over NYC ...
See you in September
I live in Wilmington, Delaware, but I'm saving my four purchases for BOSTON - favourite city in the states!! Love evertything about Boston, except the Pats. - Go Colts!!
RocknRoll Doggy
The coolest man in the world
All kinds of questions
Hi Bono, is it true that you spend 90 percent of your time in the back of black cars? :-)
What a great feeling!
I love these diaires, so real!
thanks u2
kewl. are we really a messy crowd? messy,please define.
u2 ka
Eyes on the road!
Outstanding to get this prospective of life on the road with Bono and the boys! Keep them coming. It's very interesting to see it from your vantage point. And YES to all the Jeff's out there that drive these guys around "Keep Your Eyes On The Road"
Hey Bono, You really enjoy this, that's for sure. Boy, you look relaxed! hahaha. Looking forward to more diaries. Let us all share you're wildest ride ever! Get on your Boots!
Thanks But can't see anything!
You need a little light...Should've taken Willie along with you hahahah
all the shouting were so loud..
Beautiful video again, it is a bit dark, but so exciting atmosphere and real joy. Can't wait to watch the next....
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