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10 Feb 2011283
This tour started way back in June 2009 and now here we are in February 2011.

But every time the tour opens up on a new leg, the band, as Edge says, think about 'changing things up'.

Last year, hundreds of you told us of  songs you'd like them to put into the European leg - an unplayed track from 'No Line' or a classic from an earlier album.

But no-one could have guessed that a handful of unreleased tracks - North Star, Return of the Stingray Guitar, Glastonbury etc - would arrive in the show nor that Love Rescue Me, which hadn't been performed for twenty years, would make a reappearance down under.

The year before no-one predicted that Ultraviolet or Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me would become 360 showstoppers.

So what would be a great surprise to hear in the show in 2011?

Let's do what we did last year: what's a songs you'd love to see in the set, that hasn't turned up on the tour to date ? One song only and why you'd love to hear it.

(Click on a city in these 2009 or 2010 dates to remind yourself what songs have been in the set in the tour so far.)

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Chicago '11
Id love to see Ultraviolet in the encore with the steering wheel mic, and Bad, since thats the one song everyone wants to hear
Jesus Christ
Would bring a Bruce Springsteen "Seeger sessions" vibe to the show I assume - and there might be a few more songs rarely played that could fit into that, too. Preferably in NJ, as the song was written in NYC:-)
Mr MacPhisto
yes, I know it's not a song, but what I reaaly would like U2 to do live is... Something like ZooTV back in 1993. Just a bit you know. Mr MacPhisto making his return, and a few songs from Zooropa-Achtung Baby era, like Lemon ( wich is my favorite song ever ) I want McPhisto back for a little while ! I want that beautiful cynicism and irony back... I want U2 to go back for a while at that era on the 360° tour...
Wake up dead man ( album version ! )
If U2 played that song as close as possible to the album version ( and the entire song ) it would be amazing. It's U2's most unknown masterpiece, one of their greatest musical creation ever. It's so deep ! And it's like Lemon ina way ( wich would be amazing too, played in 2011 ^^ ) because it's a huge stargate to a hole new world, a hole new dimension, during the lenght of the song. Play it, album version !
Im from Colombia, for the first time Im gonna have the pleaure to see u live in Miami... I would love to hear WINDOW IN THE SKIES awesomeeeeeee song!!!
Stand Up Comedy
One of the best songs on NLOTH. I don't believe its been played on any of the legs of the 360 Tour so far.
too many
There are so many greeeeat songs that have been played live only very few times. How about "who's gonna ride your wild horses", "a sort of homecoming", or "indian summer sky"? Would be great to hear some of these forgotton songs!
Kite into the electric co
Would be great to hear kite go into electric co, two complete different sons but they both have a large crowd potential! greetz Roy from Holland
Hawkmoon 269 Encore
Hawkmoon 269 should be the final encore opener replacing BOTH HMTMKMKM and Ultraviolet. If you've seen the live in Sydney 1989 or Perth video from that same tour, you'll know why. C'mon U2, start taking chances again. Follow the example of groups like James.
Anything off Pop!!!!
Wake up Dead Man, Mofo, Please, Do you feel loved. Also, Even better than the real thing, Acrobat, October, Gloria, Zoo Station, Red Hill,
bad in the us
Will be attending the show in Nashville on July 2, 2011 which happens to be my birthday. I would love to hear Bad. They did not perform that in the US in 2009. I saw them in Houston. One of my all time favorites is bad, and of course 40 is an absolute classic.
Hawkmoon 269 Encore
Hawkmoon 269 should be the final encore opener replacing BOTH HMTMKMKM and Ultraviolet. If you've seen the live in Sydney 1989 or Perth video from that same tour, you'll know why. C'mon U2, start taking chances again. Follow the example of groups like James.
All I Want is You!
just like in Slane Castle, on the dvd Go Home (2001). All I want is yooooooooooooooooooou!
Vagner Giacomazzi
A Sort of Homecoming
It's a very singular song. I think will sounds great in Brazil... if you, guys, can play it in Sao Paulo-Brazil, I will be very happy =)
i love this song and hearing it played in concert would be awesome!
Love and Peace
Love and Peace or Else would be great to hear again :)
SATY (Faraway, So Close!) and PRIDE (In
I want this music! Play in Sao Paulo, Brazil 9th april
Songs must be played in Argentina 2 apri
Silver and Gold, The unforgettable fire, The electric co. STAY !! and All i want is you
Songs of the 90's
Any song of the 90's. These albuns were the best and U2 keep trying to forget them sometimes.
US request :-)
Have had the absolute pleasure of four 360 concerts so far, and the plan is to expand with 3-4 concerts in the US and Canada this summer...plan to make it the best overseas summervacation ever. Would love to hear Edge sing "Van Diemens Land" and Bono "Sweetest thing".... cannot wait to see my 4 favorites again.
a sort of homecoming!!!!
a sort of homecoming for montreal '11
any songs from Pop it would be a wonderful surprise PLEASE remind POP WE love it!!
An Cat Dubh-Into the Heart
Please play it in Mexico City on the 11th or 15th, I'll travel from Guatemala to make true my dream of being in a U2's concert!!!
Sao Paulo Apr 9 - 10
Bullet the blue sky and THE FLY PLEASE PLAY Both! and FEZ BEING BORN TOO!
Songs for 2011
1. Bad 2. Diamonds on a ring of gold 3. mothers of the disappeared
Read this comment!
i would like to hear KITE, Window in the skyes, or STAY. i think these songs are deeply emotional, and none of them had been played in Mexico! I like the brand new songs, but they´re songs that you only sit & listen, and U2 likes this emotional conection with the audience.WE WANT SONGS THAT WE CAN SING ALONG WITH THEM. besides it will be Bono´s birthday, so, something special will happen with the crowd! Adam, Larry, Edge & Bono, if you read this, you know what has been your best artwork, and these 3 songs are not so much to ask. I would really die if i hear SO CRUEL live, but i think this is not a song made for playing live... so whatever you play...Please make the the show in Mexico something unforgettable.
For brazilian soul
Window in the skies is a beautiful and wonderful song!!!!!
steve boyle
stand up comedy. has to be rocking track live i wish it was played live when myself and my wife pam saw the band at wembley august 09
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