'Sick Puppy'

1 Nov 201111
''Ah! It's the bass part from Mysterious Ways...'

With the 20th anniversary edition of Achtung Baby now released worldwide, in our latest clip from Davis Guggenheim's From the Sky Down, Bono and Edge recall the birth of a classic track.

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Sick? Lonely?
well, hello, what's going on, not any news in October 2012, I feel you've forgotten us, you promised a sweet gift sometime ago with the songs from 360, is there any chance you'll be telling us soon what it'll be about? In the meantime, I'm checking out this wonderful video from last year. Could we have Sick Puppy in a beautiful b-side, soon? Please?
Tina marie
O' I love Bono so much... Please tell him I love him... I'm so confused about this crazy world!!! I don't know much??? I know how to sing??? I don't know much??? But, I do know this??? I care for Bono and the rest of the band more then I care for myself sometimes??? It's a bad habbit of mine... I wish them much happiness!!!
It is exciting to hear about how U2 develop their songs by changing titles, lyrics and sounds. Their work is always a fruitful learning process that opens new sonic territories. The groovy bass lines and distinctive drum parts form the essence of that incredible track.
The moment after this clip, I think, is central to the movie - when [Bridge 2] becomes 'One' - amazing!
Pupp love
Sick puppy meets sick kitty - meow .....
father christmas
i want this my father,,,im a u2 fan about this time...achtung baby time,,,and this u2 album change my life ever,,but ive a problem,,,i dont ive the money no too by this,,but in christmas time i want,,thanks too all u2 fas this band and zoo tv change my life ever..u2 portugal always u2u2u2u2
mysterious way
Bono is so funny when he is embarassed so so cute
Dear Santa
Will start saving my money to buy this for myself for Christmas love it
Mysterious Ways a.k.a Sick Puppy
Sick Puppy ( a.k.a.Mysterious Ways....) is problaby U2's most sexiest song!!
Avion Espia
The mysterious distance..
Between a pup and a woman. It´s very interesting to hear the sonic evolution from one sound to a hole song. And that bass line. On of the best ever. =)
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