'So Cruel...'

9 Dec 201137
Davis Guggenheim's documentary 'From The Sky Down' about the making of Achtung Baby, is released on DVD/Blu-ray next week.

This haunting solo performance of 'So Cruel' is a taste of what's to come. (Please note: this video is not yet available in all regions.)

You can purchase (UK) at any of the below...
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Blown Away!!!
I have been a U2 fan(atic) since they began and in every song of theirs you can find something it relates to. This version of So Cruel is something else. It is heartfelt and spinetingling all in one. Bono has the voice from heaven. Long may it continue.
As one would expect!
Bono is the man as we all know!
Secret world
Well, OK Bono, but Edge impresses me!
I saw Edge´s solo version of Love is blindness in an empty theatre... That took my breath away, really! Do you always use a capotasto during Love is blindness..? I haven´t noticed. Bono, you´re a busy man as we all know, but rehearse all the chords for So cruel next time (in the re-release of From the sky down in 2031) and I will join the worship, but for some moments you even did some good guitar playing! Steve Lillywhite has to see it to believe it. Peace.
Is this whole bit in the film?
I remember Bono not singing all of this in the film, or am I wrong?
Not need to pay to see the video, just w
And I see many times...
Guilherme B Jardim
I pay and I want to see!!!
I cant see the video:( its not available in my region mmm too bad
Love it!
Goose bumps...this is awesome
Great Feeling!!!
Now I can play and sing this song, on my guitar. bono solo so cruel.
so cruel
simple exelent song
Perfect song
This song rocks I vote YES
Ever heard of a phone? You can actually talk to another person on it. Ever heard of a two way conversation?
this is so.... amazing, really breathaking... thanks! natasa
One of my favorite songs....and still it rips at my heart.
a gifted musical genius
I have been in love with this band since the 80's and madly in love with this man. He continues to blow my mind with his powerful voice and lyrics and the look on his face when he gets inside his songs. There is no other singer in the world that has a voice like this, so magical, so brilliant, so beautiful. When I am feeling down, there is only one voice that can uplift me, Bono, you melt my heart, you are an incredible man in so many ways <3
so glad i checked out the site before beginning work on a super early sunday morning. bookmarked. will lift me throughout the day.
Angel for our love
Thanks for posting this wonderful video! With the moving acoustic version of So Cruel Bono creates such an intimate feeling in the grand room of Hansa Studios. The bittersweet mood of that song expresses both beauty and all sorts of inner struggles lovers have to go through.
Jonathan De Souza
Release it for Christmas!!!!
It would blow all the manufactured cookie cutter music out of the water with its rawness and warmth. Isn't that what true Christmas number ones do? Can we start a campaign or something. The U2 fanbase alone would put it on top of the Christmas tree in most countries surely? J
Bono offers me a guitar equal, Please.
I'm trying to play this music at home with my guitar yamaha, However, when I see the video and see the most beautiful guitar. I wish one the same.
Sounds so good it hurts
Beautiful. Amazing voice. The inflections and control continue to be deep and powerful. The lyrics to all Bono's songs amaze me and this one in particular. Very Dylanesque. To watch him play his guitar, solo, is a tender treat. Can't wait for the dvd. Also can't believe the USA can't have it until after Christmas.
Love it!
I love this! I love the acoustic performances he and Edge do, but it's really great to hear him do one solo. Fantastic!
Slow down my beating heart!
Oh my god in addition to have a wonderfull voice, Bono can play guitar too! I knew he could but I never had a chance to hear him playing alone like this. God I love this men!
very amazing version!
I agree that we need to hear this live! next tour??? The whole documentary is so good. I hope that it wins an award.
Why wasn't this performed on the 360 tour? It would have made a great addition to U2 22.
BonoThe new King of rock and roll in my
If you were pushed over.. Weren't you meant to fall over and surrender (like to stations of the cross) Now no one would want to see anyone get pushed over, but it happens sometimes.. Maybe the still floating business is because you don't want any of the energy that made you fall in the first place effect any innocent bystander while you sort it out. Then while your doing that you find there is a higher consciousness which is more enjoyable so why would you want to ever come down? The same thing will happen again because, the same players are still on the ground including yourself, and seem unwilling to try a different approach. You do come down to function in your daily life but you find it draining to be around the same negative energy. So you stay with your own thoughts in the light praying that your reality will someday mirror your creation in your mind. Is that cruel? IMAGINE! You Mr Bono (with Ali's light) are a master player on the world stage... Where are we now?
So cruel
OMG, it´s so cruel to see it here and not have it. Awesome !!! BONO IS AWESOME. Can´t say anything else. My heart has melted away with that.
Remind me again...
Why didn't we get to hear every Achtung Baby song in the documentary? This is priceless
The guitar more beautiful world.
Bono you have the guitar more beautiful world. And of course the best voice in the universe.
I LOVE his voice
I love this. I wish it was longer so I could just sit back listen to his voice for hours. It just gives me chills.
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