'Songs Are Everything' (Full length interview)

16 May 201312
'I've been working for Nelson Mandela since I was about 18 years old. and Mandela says... poverty is not a natural condition. It is man made. This is your chance to eradicate it... I've always been on the justice kick rather than a charity one. '

Bono is the guest of The Charlie Rose Show tonight and highlights have aired on CBS This Morning. As well as talking about his political work and the  role of the US in fighting global poverty, he reflects on how music changed him and on songwriting, his 'drug of choice.'

'Songs are everything really to us in the band. People say that your songs, they're like your children. No, they're like your parents. Really, they tell you what to do, they tell you how to behave, they tell you how to misbehave, how to dress. Everything you do is directed by the songs. '

UPDATE: Watch the entire interview here. (new full length clip)

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In U2 we trust!!!!!
Thank you Bono for your words, speeches, teachings...thank you for everything. U2 RULES!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU ARE MY 4 BEST FRIENDS!!!
Learned More than Expected
I learned more about the global economic climate from this interview than from other sources. I was expecting to learn about the programs Red, DATA and One had in place to end extreme poverty. Bono's indepth knowledge of Africa mirrors his level of passion for this issue. Kudos to Bono for using his celebrity status for the betterment of mankind.
Can't wait the next album !!!!
Thank you U2 for giving me a great life!!
The best band EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great interview!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Bono!!!
Beautiful Bono, I know you'll never give up. How is it possible more people die via corruption, which other causes? Love you.
Wide Awake
Excellent Interview
Watched the full interview on Sky TV.To be honest I am not usually interested in the work outside of U2,but this was a well balanced interview,with well put answers by Bono.But I did have a smile when Charlie Rose asked Bono where U2 were in the recording of the new album,and Bono kind of side stepped it altogether,fantastic.Since the mess up with POP,they have never been pushed into answering direct questions on making any album,and just do it to suit themselves....this is why I love this band.
the best band 4 ever
amazing..u2 its ever the best band,,love you boys,,paul portugal
"songs are like your parents" (Bono Vox, 2013) - great!! ...reaching out for the upcoming album in dec '13!!!
the shev
this clip has everything
Thank you!
Amazing and inspiring as always. natasa
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