Songs of Surrender: Out Now

17 Mar 202340

Songs of Surrender: Out Now

The wait is over.

Songs Of Surrender, a collection of 40 seminal U2 songs, re-recorded and reimagined for 2023, is released today. 

Curated and produced by The Edge, on Songs of Surrender the band revisit some of their most celebrated tracks including 'With Or Without You', 'One', 'Beautiful Day', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'Invisible', for a musical reimagining resulting in a completely new recording of each track.

Purchase and listen here.

Also premiering today, 'Bono & The Edge, A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman'.

Let's take it from the top!

Bono and the Edge make a return to Dublin with Dave Letterman, reflecting on their journey as musicians and friends. Directed by Academy-Award-winning Morgan Neville, the Disney+ Original special features never-before-seen footage and interviews detailing their songwriting process and the inspiration behind their greatest hits.

Available now, only on Disney+

Not forgetting…

…. Bono. The Edge. Zane Lowe. The Desert. 

Bono and Edge join Zane Lowe on a road trip across the desert to discuss Songs of Surrender and reflect on their songwriting, their faith, and their journey together as both bandmates and friends.

Full Interview Available on YouTube

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A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman
I wanted to watch the documentary before listening to the new album. Amazing insight into the new versions of the great hits that made the band who they are. Can’t wait to see the full version of the live event. Don’t keep us waiting too long, get this show on the road. Looks fabulous. Well done bhoys.
Happy St. Patty's Day
Thank you for the Tiny Desk Concert - what a great St. Patty's Day gift - the back up singers are awesome - so are Edge and Bono - of course!
Great News! Happy St.Patricks Day to all. I am here in Galway to celebrate this special Irish Blessed day. The craic is lively for sure. Will be heading to Dublin Sunday then to Dalkey where I might just get lucky and enjoy a pint with B man and "The Egg:" lol. Yes this re-imagined SOS turned out great. TY for the teasers. Peace
Bait and Switch
I was honestly expecting more. They sorta mailed it in and am a little disappointed. By the way, it's not "U2" if it's not the same 4 one would expect. And for all the haters, I've seen them live 50+ times, including at 12 years old when my older sister took me to see them--in a church in Michigan--and Dublin.
Campfire with the boys.
The beautiful vinyl box set arrive today. And really fall in love with this sound of silence. Feels like the doin this for the hugh fans My wife and i join the album this afternoon. If you listning to the songs with Bonos voice of peace you can't stop singing......
Ramesh Paramjothy
Great gift
My dearest wife bought this and arrived today , can’t wait to listen with few whiskey
Almost Like New Songs
The SoS is like a reunion with old friends. but wow! They are lookin’ pretty awesome… like whole new people! Thanks, Edge for shepherding these 40 gems
Amazing gift to the fans
Loving the album. Such an intimate and close experience with the music of U2. The interviews are outstanding. Wonderful gift to the fans
U2 All Day!
Watching A Sort of Homecoming and going to listen to Songs of Surrender! Great Friday!!! U2 all day and everyday!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to U2 and all their fans!!!
The wait is over!!
Today is an awesome day; not only we gets to finally hear in it's entirety "Songs of Surrender" but at the same time we also get a documentary called, Bono & The Edge/A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman. I can't be more than happy. U2 is and still is the BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
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